You do n’t count time, time counts you

A reader told me that she was on the blacklist of the company’s layoffs. If the performance has not improved in the next 3 months, she may be fired. I am very impressed with this reader, because she tells me her confusion at regular intervals.

At first she said that she liked reading, and asked me to make a list for her, but after the list was complete, she never read it. She said that there are too many things every day, and the book is in hand, and it will be interrupted before turning a few pages. Later, she said that she wanted to learn writing, but she didn’t know how to start. I told her to read more and write more. No matter how good the method is, it won’t be effective. But she also told me that this is hard to insist on, and the reason is that there are too many things every day.

When I asked her what she was busy with every day, she couldn’t say anything, so she just said that she was as busy as a war every day. I helped her calculate her time account. It turned out that most of her time was wasted by some gossip and gossip. When I answer a phone call, I usually talk for half an hour. WeChat’s friend circle will open up all the updates of everyone. When a colleague chats, she immediately interrupts the work at hand to participate …

The matter of planning did not exist for her. In her schedule, there is no plan to learn to improve her business ability and her own quality. In this way, time was wasted a lot. Not only did the things I wanted to do, but also accumulated more arrears, eventually pushing myself to the edge of dismissal.

I have a self-media friend with millions of readers. Her life and work are organized by her, efficiently and easily. No, there are still a few days at the end of last month. She prepared the 7-day National Day update in advance. I was amazed at her efficiency and asked her how she could do so much while working.

My friend sent me two watches and I was stunned. The previous table detailed the content to be pushed every day, which one puts audio, which puts video, and which puts purely reading pictures and texts … The latter table is a compact daily schedule for her. Wake up, what morning reading, what breakfast, what time do you go to work, how do you choose topics and write articles after work?

It turned out that when we were anxious to disrupt the battle for the scarcity of time, some people had already cut the 24 hours of the day into precise points and lines, and given them different tasks, without interference and order. Not only completed the work efficiently, but also fully developed the hobby.

There is a saying that goes, “If you win time, you win everything.” Efficient life starts with calculating time and winning time.