What does a perfect body look like?

What is the perfect figure?

In 2014, the famous underwear brand “Victoria’s Secret” once tried to give it an answer-10 long hair, tall, long legs, and slim models lined up. The poster slogan “The perfect body (Perfect Body) “hit them. According to the “Victoria’s Secret” model selection criteria, they are all taller than 1.75 meters and their waist circumference must not exceed 61 cm.

This self-confidence comes from consumers’ “voting with banknotes” over the past 10 years, rising lingerie sales year after year, and underwear shows that have continuously set new ratings records, showing how popular this set of “perfect body” standards is. However, standards are not always the same, and the standard of thinness is being challenged by the new aesthetic system.

After the ad was released, it was quickly resisted. To express dissatisfaction with the content of the “Victoria’s Secret” ad, opponents created a tag on Twitter called #iamperfect, calling on users to upload various photos to express what they thought was fat, thin, short, High, disabled, ugly … all bodies are beautiful. “Victoria’s Secret” had to change the slogan to “A body for everybody”.

Obviously, the mainstream aesthetics of perfect stature have diverged. In the past, about the perfect figure, one or two muses can always be found, showing the most typical social features of each period: sexy and plump Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s and 1960s, and the neutral and heroic Cui of the 70s and 80s Twiggy, Kate Moss of size 0 in the 1990s, to Kardashian with bee waist and hips in recent years.

In the moment, who can be the representative of perfect body?

King Kong when congested and Barbie when relaxed
Yuan Herong’s wardrobe has undergone a “revolution” in the past two years.

Opening the closet, wide-leg pants, lace tops, and princess-style skirts gradually disappeared, replaced by different styles of hip skirts and gym clothes.

For three consecutive years, three hours of strength training a day completely changed Yuan Herong’s body and shape. When she showed it deliberately under congested muscles, the whole body was clearly divided and full: the shoulder muscles were bulging, lining her small head to less than one-third of the shoulder width, and her back tight Without a trace of fat, the thigh circumference is twice as high as a girl of the same weight when the muscles are raised.

In a relaxed state, the wide shoulders, thin waists and fat buttocks brought by the muscles make her full of feminine charm. “I don’t practice calves. My calves are particularly thin, especially when wearing a skirt, you will find my butt is very warped. The legs are thin and the waist is thin. I can’t tell that I am a hundred kilos.” Yuan Herong said that her waist was only 60 centimeters, but her hips were 98 centimeters, which is “very Barbie’s body”. For a girl of ordinary stature, with a waist circumference of 60 cm, the hip circumference is usually only 75 cm.

On Weibo, Yuan Herong is happy to show her muscular bodybuilding. After finishing the training at 9:30 every night, she will take pictures and share. Jiugong Gree is wearing a fitness corset, shorts and stockings. Each photo shows her abdominal muscles, strong arms, thick thighs, plump buttocks, and chest muscles that have been brushed.

On October 10, Yuan Herong tried to wear a wedding dress. The video showing the figure was posted on Instagram, an overseas picture social media, and it became popular. New overseas fans sent out a sigh of “Chung lee … is this you?” . Chunli is an iconic character in the Street Fighter video game. The game is set to be the “strongest woman in the world” with martial arts skills, and has cute faces and strong muscles.

Soon, Yuan Herong was tagged by King Kong Barbie by netizens.

“Heroin Fashion”
On November 20, the artist Yang Mi once again appeared on the Weibo Hot List because of his thin legs. In the photo, she wore a pair of black leggings and suede over-the-knee boots, skinny and slender. This seems to echo another Weibo hot search two days ago: “Yang Mi eats only one noodle.”

In the nearly 20 years of Chinese society, “white”, “thin” and “young” together constitute all the elements of a perfect body. Even for a long time, became the sole criterion for perfect body. This ruler measures all the way from female celebrities to ordinary young girls, reminding them at all times-to lose weight and maintain a sense of girlhood.

In the post bar account retrieved by a netizen through Zheng Shuang’s mailbox, Zheng Shuang developed a weight loss plan for himself from 48 kg to 42 kg. There is no meat and rice in the recipe, and sometimes even only one meal: “Breakfast: two sand Qima, a pineapple cake; at noon: fried condiments, fried fungus carrots, a box of red date yogurt; dinner: fried yam and red pepper. ”

The figure brought too much anxiety to the woman who became famous early, so that she had emotionally collapsed on the variety show: “If I became a fat man, who would like me?”

These women who pay attention to weight loss are not alone. Keep, a fitness software launched in 2015, currently has more female users than males (58% female, 42% male). In the early days of the launch, keep mainly promoted fat reduction and shaping courses. In specific use, the body parts that men and women pay attention to are quite different.

“Female users pay more attention to hips and legs, and men pay more attention to chest and arms.” Wang Heng, head of Keep’s content research and development department, and certified personal trainer of the American Physical Fitness Association, said in an interview with this reporter that “the vast majority of female users’ fitness The appeal is mainly focused on fat reduction and local shaping. ”

The well-known sexologist Pan Suiming published a 2013 paper “Social and Cultural Reasons for Chinese Women to” Blind to Lose Weight “in the 21st Century: An Empirical Analysis of the National Adult Population. Sample survey data, empirical results: Most women do not want to lose weight because they are really obese, but they tend to conform to the mainstream and fashion for the shaping and management of the body.

For the worship of thinness, the European and American countries that advocated diversity were not worse than China. The heroin fashion led by supermodel Kate Moss in the 1990s-pale skin, dark lipstick, skinny body, like drug addicts The same body-from the model circle all the way to all levels of society. “Paper people” became hot words to describe the most popular body at the time. According to foreign media reports, more than 50% of girls in the United Kingdom struggle with physical image; in Australia, eating disorders affect one million people and cost the economy 70 billion Australian dollars each year; and in the global “capital” of the fashion industry in France, Lawmakers have to pass legislation to resist “too thin” models and ban ads that promote “extremely thin” or dieting.

In modern society, the meaning of leanness has fundamentally changed. In classic art works, thinness is a symbol of death or illness, but in the 20th century, people gradually realized the dangers of obesity, and for the first time, the concept of “diet” became a well-known healthy fashion.

Correspondingly, thinness has also become a symbol of personal autonomy. Energetic faces, muscles without excess fat, and slender figures have become ideal models of female beauty in the new era. Especially in the 20th century, when the mass media was developing rapidly, the slimming stars on TV commercials and runways and the fashions tailored for thin women seemed to be weaving a social axiom: thin is beauty. As a result, weight loss has become the most popular topic for women, and slimness has also become a subconscious ruler for men choosing women.

Fitness tide, hip training
In recent years, more and more people abroad have begun to protest against extreme thinness, and a Brazilian model agency advises women to “don’t be anorectic.” French model Isabelle Caro appeared in an Italian ad, showing her skinny body and the consequences of anorexia.

A wave of fitness has emerged around the world, and a healthy lifestyle has become a new trend. Supermodel Giselle Bundchen’s vest line and bronze skin are highly sought after. She was rated as “the most beautiful girl in the world” by Rolling Stone magazine and favored by major brand fashion shows.

Hollywood actresses also followed, hiring fitness personal trainers, passionate about tanning. The rise of the fitness wave has led to the prosperity of the entire sports fitness industry, and sports shoes and clothing have also taken this opportunity to integrate into the fashion industry from functional clothing.

The success of the Super Red Kardashian family has set off a worldwide trend of “hip-hip”, and the demand for fitness classes to shape plump hips has increased greatly; hip-height surgery has become increasingly popular; padded panties that make hips appear more round The goods are hard to find.

In the past two years, Asians, who have always been conservative, have increasingly advocated “peach hips”. According to Women’s Wear Daily, Japanese underwear brand PEACH JOHN is in the 2018 swimwear collection. A collection of swimwear with a pleated design is introduced. Its design intention is to make people’s eyes shift from the hips to the back, so as to solve a major problem for women today-their sagging hips.

Before the brand launched this style, it surveyed 1,800 women between the ages of 10 and 60 as the subject of the survey. The content of the survey was about the troubles of women in modern society. In the survey, 46% of women said they care more about breast size, but 1051 people said that sagging hips are the most troublesome problem. This group of people accounted for 58%, far more than women who worry about breast size. .

In contrast, China ’s fitness and bodybuilding craze has come much later, and even now, slimming is still the most widely accepted body style. In 2015, the British drugstore Superdrug’s official website launched an experiment in which fashion designers from 18 countries were invited to retouch the same model photo.

The instructions sent to designers from various countries along with the photo are as follows: “Trim her body shape in Photoshop software to match the aesthetics of your country. You can adjust the dress of the model, but make sure that the figure is clearly visible. Nude is not allowed, except that In addition, you can adjust it as you wish. “This experiment hopes to study whether different countries and cultures agree on the physical beauty of women.

Based on the results completed by the designers, Superdrug invited professionals to evaluate the weight of a model 165cm tall after being PS, and calculate the BMI index. The results show that the Chinese and Italian models are the thinnest. They should weigh less than 50 kg after PS and have BMI values ​​of 17 and 18, respectively. According to the British National Health Service (NHS) standards, BMI below 18.5 is malnourished. Venezuela, Romania, Colombia, and Spain are fuller. The model has a BMI index of more than 24. The Spanish version has a weight of nearly 70 kg and a BMI of 25.5. It is overweight according to NHS standards.

“On Keep, the most popular courses for female users include ‘skinny leg training’, vest line training, and assault fat burning training.” Wang Heng, head of Keep’s content research and development department, said that the commonality of these courses has proved that thinness is still It is the goal pursued by Chinese women. “In the 2020 ACSM (American Academy of Sports Medicine) Global Trends Survey, ‘Weight Loss Exercise Ranked 11th, and In China’s Fitness Trends Survey,’ Weight Loss Exercise Ranked 1.

Yuan Herong has been practicing bodybuilding for three years. She told this reporter that so far, many people still cannot accept that women have large muscles. When a new girl in the gym sees her muscles, she will point out to the coach: Never practice like this. There are also occasionally insulting words on Weibo saying that her muscles are disgusting.

Out of curiosity, Yuan Herong found a few iron powders and talked to those people, and found that they were usually otakus, aged 29 to 42. “Can you imagine what their status is, the pressure of life, the pressure of the family, the marriage has reached this irrelevant stage, he would be willing to go online to see this.” Yuan Herong analyzed this reporter, “After watching He doesn’t want to exercise himself, and if he can’t reach this state, he is willing to spray people. ”

“With a smile, hyaluronic acid is piled on the face”
In 2016, the University of Texas did a study on perfect body, and found that the secret to sexual attraction is the waist-to-hip ratio obtained by dividing the waist size by the hip size.

The ideal waist-to-hip ratio for healthy premenopausal women is 0.67 to 0.8. Specific changes may occur in different periods and regions. This is due to evolution. Although humans continue to adjust the determinants of sexual attraction to adapt to local ecological conditions, they will eventually approach this value.

Dr Devendra Singh, the project’s project leader, wrote: “The charm of an hourglass figure has been ‘programmed in the human brain because it provides information about women’s age, health and fertility. Important biological information. ”

Wang Heng, head of the research and development department of Keep, also believes that in the short term, people’s pursuit of fitness goals will not change much. However, under the condition that the general trend remains unchanged, the diversified factors have also begun to highlight, and many female users have begun to pay attention to strength exercises such as “撸 铁”.

In October of this year, “Victoria’s Secret” signed a large model for the first time. British model Ali Tate-Cutler with a size of 14 was waisted 75-79 cm. Five years have passed since the protest against Victoria’s Secret ads. This company, which once represented the beautiful body, has finally compromised with a diverse aesthetic-no one can define a perfect figure.

Few people know that “King Kong Barbie” Yuan Herong has also been a “white and thin young” fan, hoping that his body is slim and beautiful.

Because of the part-time plane model, Yuan Herong had cosmetic surgery under the influence of this circle. She transformed her double eyelids into European parallel large double eyelids, each with a needle of hyaluronic acid in her temples, apple muscles, chin, and lips.

Now she regrets it.

As the standard of fitness slowly changes, she increasingly feels natural is beautiful. The double eyelids can no longer be modified. Yuan Herong can only find a way to make the hyaluronic acid in it gradually dissolve and absorb through the medical beauty, and return to the past.

“I don’t know why I used to have a sharp chin, so sharp.” Yuan Herong said, “With a smile, hyaluronic acid is piled up on my face, which is ugly.”