Staring at the screen for a long time not only hurts the eyes but also makes them ugly

   When the ancients praised the girls for their beauty, they used “bright eyes and good eyes” to describe the eyes’ hydration and brightness. However, modern people always stare intently at computers and mobile phones for a long time, coupled with the dry weather and severe haze, more and more people have symptoms of dry eyes, itching and pain, and so-called “Dry eye disease.” Affecting appearance more and more affects eye health … Which part of the eye and habits can cause problems and cause discomfort? Will these symptoms be relieved when they improve? Can you use some simple methods to assist the relief?
   “Tear film” is a thin layer of liquid on the surface of our eyeballs. The outermost layer is a lipid layer, the middle layer is an aqueous liquid layer, and the innermost is a mucin layer. It moisturizes our cornea like a mask. (Xiao Bian: In order to understand the content later, please remember this structure) This time, the protagonist we are going to introduce is the “lipid layer”, which is inseparable from the hero “meibomian gland”. At the blink of an eye, the oil is stimulated by a small amount of pressure and is secreted. Together with the tear fluid secreted by the lacrimal gland, it forms a “tear film”, which nourishes the surface of the eyeball. If this layer of oil is not secreted enough, a tear will form in the tear film, and the middle liquid layer will be evaporated. Subsequently, the innermost mucin layer will also run away, and the cornea will be exposed to the air barely. Already.
   More severely, the epithelial cells on the cornea may also fall off due to dryness.
   What behaviors or factors can cause dry eye? Environmental reasons such as dry weather and severe haze; overly feminine eye makeup; staring at the screen of a mobile computer or other electronic products for a long time, etc., in technical terms, when the “meibomian gland” is blocked and inflamed, We have a meibomian gland dysfunction. After that, dry eyes, foreign body sensation, vision fluctuations, blurred vision, eyes red, itchy, hot and painful, the main symptoms of these dry eye symptoms will come to you one after another.
   How to improve symptoms? First, gently cover the surface of the eyes with a hot towel for five minutes each time, 2 to 3 times a day; then, gently shave the eyelids and massage the upper meibomian glands; then gently pinch the lower eyelids and massage the lower meibomian glands; finally Rub your hands warmly and place them gently on your eyes, giving the eyes a slight and comfortable pressure. After learning these steps, we can try to promote oil secretion, improve blood circulation in the eye, and effectively alleviate dry eye.

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