See the “Living Goddess” with my own eyes in Nepal

90% of Nepalese are Hindus. They worship the incarnation of the Hindu goddess Kali, the “living goddess”. The locals call it “Kumari” (meaning virgin god). They believe that she is a symbol of the god of power. People believe that “the living goddess “It can bless believers from disasters and bring peace and prosperity to the country. When I was traveling in Nepal, I was fortunate to see the “Living Goddess” and also learned the unknown bitterness behind the mysterious aura of the “Living Goddess”.

When I was hanging around the temple where the “Live Goddess” lived, a Nepalese took the initiative to talk. He told me that for a while, the “living goddess” would stand at the window to accept the worship of the people. If she laughed and yelled, it would be a big evil for the worshippers. If she eats food with her fingers, the worshippers will break their fortunes, so live The goddess is usually expressionless when approaching the worshippers. He told me not to take pictures when I saw the living goddess, and to pray with hands folded.

When the living goddess appeared in the beautifully carved woodcarving window, to be honest I was not as excited as I thought. Because in my opinion she is just a little girl with gorgeous makeup and heavy makeup. She stood expressionlessly at the window without even looking around at the believers and tourists below. From her eyes, I could feel that she was not willing to stand in front of the window to worship, but the responsibility forced her to stand there.

It is said that the “living goddess” must come from a specific family, and the ancestors must live on the banks of the two holy rivers in Kathmandu-the Bagmati River and the Vistuti River. According to regulations, the candidate girl must be very healthy, never sick, bleeding, without any spots on her body, and without missing a tooth. Only girls with 32 characteristics can enter the final competition. For example, the neck is shiny like a shell, the body is upright like a linden tree, eyes and hair must be shiny and black, hands and feet must be long and beautiful.

At the same time, to be a living goddess, you must have calmness and fearlessness beyond ordinary people, and you must spend the night with the heads of sacrifice sheep and buffalo to prove that you are not afraid of darkness. The selection committee must pass a series of rigorous tests to select goddesses with superhuman abilities and wisdom.

The real life of the worshipped “goddess” is not as glorious as we think. Once established as a “living goddess,” her life changed completely. She was forced to leave home and stay in the temple. She could not go to school to receive education like an ordinary girl. Only during public holidays and parades could she show up publicly and accept worship from believers.

“Living goddesses” were sent to temples for worship from the age of three or four, until the first bleeding, and the mission ended. Any form of bleeding is counted. They will be strictly protected, and there will be almost no accidents such as trauma and bleeding. Therefore, the goddess career is generally not ended until the first menarche. After a 12-day resignation ceremony, they returned to their daily lives that they have not been familiar with.

Fading away the halo of “Living Goddess”, their lives become real and cruel. Because they have hardly read books, and they have long been out of touch with society, they have formed a huge psychological gap, and they have to go through a difficult period of adaptation to live an ordinary life.

In addition, they are generally difficult to find husbands and wives. On the one hand, it is difficult to integrate into marriage because of being petted since childhood. On the other hand, it is said that those who marry Kumari will die prematurely.