Ozil behaves much like a fanatical “jihadist”

German Turkish-born star Ozil recently tweeted extremely vicious remarks attacking China’s Xinjiang policy, which aroused strong indignation on the Chinese Internet. CCTV Sports Channel canceled a live broadcast of Ozil ’s current Premier League Arsenal team on Sunday morning. Previously, fans of Baidu ’s Ozil bar also closed the post.

The central meaning of Ozil’s tweet is to incite the Muslim world to poke China on Xinjiang. He wrote the tweet in the form of a “poem”, full of venting of extreme emotions. He shouted “East Turkistan”, calling for “jihadists and jihadist groups that resist oppression”, and had a strong arrogance with terrorism.

This is also a shameless rumor about China’s Xinjiang affairs, which states that “the Qur’an is being burnt”, “Muslim scholars are being killed one by one”, Muslim “sisters are forced to marry Chinese men” and so on. Such rumors did not dare to make up even the most anti-Chinese western media. Ozil was so open-minded that it completely broke the bottom line for public figures to have a basic sense of responsibility.

Ozil presented a “difficulty” to the editorial department of the Global Times. He has the influence of a star, and you can hardly turn a blind eye to his widely-posted post. However, his performance was very low-level, allowing him to see his shallowness at a glance. If he was too serious, he felt that something was wrong.

This incident reflects that Ozil is a person who is very confused, has a very light influence on abuse, and is easily provoked and willing to incite others. Fortunately, there are not many such sports stars, otherwise sports will not be what people see today, and it will become a chaotic right and wrong field.

Ozil’s move completely ruined his image among Chinese fans and will seriously implicate Arsenal. Imagine a Chinese hostile to Arsenal. How can Chinese fans appreciate it through broadcasting? Arsenal were pitted by Ozil, probably more angry than Chinese fans, but they may not dare to attack in the context of Western public opinion. It makes sense that no team wants their players to be involved in politics.

Most western media reported on the turmoil caused by Ozil in a gloating tone, because the target of this attack was China, which encouraged the Muslim world to interfere in Xinjiang affairs, which is also what many western elites hope. But Ozil’s public call for “jihadists” and “jihadist groups” is also a chilling voice in the West. So in the first two days of the fermentation, Ozil’s behavior was not publicly praised by Western public opinion.

We hope that western public opinion will not go too far in the direction of gloat. Ozil’s post exudes the ideology of Grand Turkism and Islamic Fundamentalism. It is naked hate speech and extreme speech, which is also very destructive in the West. Ozil’s performance is like a full-fledged ball, which wall it hits and where it rebounds may not be under the control of the West.

The Chinese need to see that Ozil is doing a “clown-style performance” this time. We need to expose and approve his post, and there is no need to entangle him. On the Xinjiang issue, what that post can produce is just a little excitement on the surface, and it won’t have any practical impact.

The fact is that Muslim countries are not silent, and many influential Islamic countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia have recently signed an open letter to the UN Human Rights Council to publicly express their support for Xinjiang’s governance. That position cannot be changed by a tweet from Ozil.

Ozil was not objectively helping the Muslim world this time, but was acting as a doll for Western anti-China forces. We have to say that this person has limited use of the West.