No one criticizes life

  Celebrity Huang Xiaoming’s last old variety show was ridiculed by the group. The show “Mingxue” became an entertainment phenomenon. He carried the show’s ratings with his own power and made his teammates feel good. Even the demand for the previous two seasons came up Already. He is like Murong Fu in “The Eight Dragons”, with the failure of one person to set off the tall and successful three protagonists Qiao Feng, Duan Yu and Xuzhu.
  The reason why the variety show on the star is “group ridiculed” is often that some words or actions have a strong sense of substitution, reminding the audience of someone encountered in life.
  Before the big S “hit” Aya, many people thought of their harmed friends, unconsciously injured, and angered the “weak” Aya. Huang Xiaoming’s overbearing president, Fan Er, is reminiscent of a boss or father who has just used it. Once in the collective carnival, the rest of the melon-eating crowd also swarmed up, “怼” became politically correct and fashionable, and if the parties did not appear to be big-hearted, they would also be said to have no entertaining spirit.

  The masses need irresponsible joy, but both comic comics and comedy movies are becoming more and more unhappy, like hard-scratching the limbs, and the “stems” that I found and summarized on the Internet because of the strong sense of participation, double the joy, performance If you are willing to cooperate consciously, it is more interesting to provide more “materials”. “Group ridicule” often carries a sense of superiority in intelligence, morality, or taste, and holds a group to attack a ridiculous person to conceal security, and their own unkindness can get a spiritual immunity. After seeing this absurdity, being ridiculed by the group may not be so uncomfortable. In “A Dream of Red Mansions”, Liu Ye was ridiculed by the crowd in Jiafu. The big guy was holding her for fun. Wang Xifeng inserted her full of flowers and dressed like an old goblin. He prepared a heavy ivory inlaid gold chopsticks. She clipped the pigeon eggs and asked her to perform a “prayer” Old Liu Old Liu eats like a cow “before dinner. Everyone waited to hear her say that the caterpillar was burned by the fire. But how did Liu Ye respond? She took out the cultivation of the old artist, performed generously, and was full of joyful atmosphere inside and outside Jiafu. The girls and ladies were as arrogant as if they had done something to kill the chicken. The noble Jinling Twelve Men laughed at the countrymen and couldn’t stop it. For example, the cups used by Miao Yu and Liu Ye cannot be used anymore and must be thrown away. Use behaviors to remind others to pay attention to the class gap and not to “cross the border”. This kind of behavior is dangerous to life in the film “The Parasite”-the male owner is just disgusting the driver’s semi-basement belonging to the poor. The scent was stabbed by the self-esteemed driver.
  However, Liu Ye seemed to have a magical body protection, and did not show discomfort, but he cheerfully appeared, “but everyone laughed.” Other people laugh at me too crazy, I laugh at others who can’t see through, she is cool and transparent, and makes people who laugh at her feel embarrassed.
  If you are in a river or lake, who can not be met with criticism? In the face of ridicule, you may wish to take the Jiuyang Shengong bodyguard: he forces him to be strong, the breeze blows the hills, he crosses by him, and the moon shines on the river. He came from ruthlessness, he was wicked, and I was so full of anger.
  The sun is new every day, and the onlookers always disperse, and after a while they will find the next pleasure.