Mustard sugar

  That mustard candy was given to me by the grandfather, the oldest goat in Western Asia. He said that people who eat sugar will sneeze ten times in a row, and then they will forget who they are.
  Forget yourself?
  -What an interesting game that is, I think.
  I wanted to try this fun thing for myself. I was always a daring and naughty goat. I wanted to try any fun game in the world. But when I was about to peel off the glittering cellophane, I stopped and suddenly I had a bolder idea.
  I want to give this candy to a wolf. I want to know if a wolf who has forgotten who he is is going to eat sheep.
  So I ambushed at the road near the valley exit and successfully let a wolf eat my mustard sugar. According to Grandpa Jiu Jiu, the wolf should sneeze next.
  Sure enough, the wolf’s face turned red. “Sneeze! Sneeze! Sneeze …” He sneezed nine times in one breath.
  Great! There was a rush of joy in my heart, and there was one more! But the little wolf stood up, shook his shaggy head, and seemed to want to walk past the bushes in front of me.
  ”Hey! Wait, man!” I shouted desperately, “I still have a sneeze!”
  At this moment, a gust of wind blew over, and the bushes rang, and all the leaves fell down. Aside, my body suddenly showed most of it. I was stunned.
  It’s over! The little wolf saw me too. I closed my eyes and waited for the next second before he rushed up and bit my neck tightly.
  but. The little wolf was staring at me with interest. However, I found that there was no vicious light in his eyes, but a strange tenderness came out.
  Does the magic of mustard sugar work? I asked myself, no no no! He only sneezed nine times, and one more was intercepted by me!
  ”Hi! Brother Lamb!” He greeted me, his voice crunchy.
  There was a murmur in my heart, and he trembled and tempted him, “Who are you?”
  ”I’m Cooper, the wolf!” He was still a bit shy, his eyes slipped, “What’s your name?”
  I jumped in shock He didn’t forget who he was! “I … I …” My voice trembled and stuttered, “I’m a goat Sanxiang …”
  ”Oh, Sanxiang! What a nice name!” Little Wolf Kuba looked seriously With me, I think he must be looking for the most suitable position for me.
  ”I heard that there is a wonderful berry field over there, shall we go together?” Kuba invited me.
  I don’t know what trick he played, but how dare I refuse? I had to nod. Along the way I have been looking for opportunities to escape. There was a rushing river ahead, and I rushed past it desperately and jumped into it. I can’t swim, sobbing in the river. I think that even if drowned, it is better than being eaten by a wolf.
  Kuba turned back in surprise, jumping into the river at about the same time, and he wanted to pull me ashore. When he held my hand in the water, I flung him away. In this way, for a long time, I was finally pushed ashore. Kuba was kicked hard by me, washed away by the river, and disappeared.
  Great! I actually escaped! I was grateful, but suddenly felt weak and fell asleep on the river bank.
  ”Sanxiang! Sanxiang!” Meng Yunzhong heard someone calling me. I opened my eyes and jumped in shock, it was Kuba! He was wet and looked at me with great concern: “I was washed away by the water for a long time, and finally grabbed a branch and jumped up. I hurried back to find you, were you not drowned?”
  I opened my eyes and looked Holding him, “Why do you jump into the river to save me?”
  ”Eh … because we are friends!”
  I froze. After a few seconds, I understood that it was mustard sugar! Although Quba did not finish the last sneeze and did not forget that he was a little wolf, he forgot his nature as a wolf!
  In this way, I really became a friend with a wolf, a secret good friend. Gradually, however, I found that Kuba had changed. He became languid, and his hair was no longer shiny and shiny, always messy.
  ”I think I’m useless!” One day, Kuba said to me with frustration, “My wolf companions are very disgusted with me, saying that I am a waste …”
  I know that as a vegetarian wolf, he must be Lots of insults and glances. I feel bad for him. I bit my lip and quietly left Kuba. I was going to Grandpa Jiu Jiu to find an antidote to mustard sugar.
  ”There is no antidote!” Grandpa Jiu Jiu said, “I forgot myself, I have to find it by myself!”
  I thought back to those days when I was with Kuba, and I went back to Kuba very tangled .
  ”Come on, Kuba,” I greeted him, and made a secret decision in my heart. “I found the tenderest grass on the whole grassland!” Then, I handed a handful of grass to his mouth, “Quickly Eat, you are hungry! ”
  I bent my finger and hid in the grass. Quba didn’t know my mind, and he really opened his mouth and bit the grass hard.
  ”Ah!” I screamed in pain. My blood flowed into Kuba’s mouth. At that moment, Kuba’s face was frozen, and his eyes began to flash light. That is the light that belongs to the wolf.
  I know it was my blood that awakened Kuba. He turned back into a real wolf, a wolf that could eat sheep.
  At this moment, I was pulled up abruptly. My companions were not assured that I was with a wolf and followed all the way. After seeing this scene, I came up and took me away.
  Later, I left the West Asian steppe and never saw Quba again, but whenever I saw my broken finger, I remembered the cute look of Kuba constantly sneezing when eating mustard sugar, and I was alone Smile.
  Caramel from Fairy Tale