Man in tumor ward

  This is the most famous hospital in the provincial capital, and the ward is notoriously nervous. Respiratory ward is no exception. In order to save space, a large ward with seven people is crowded, and it is still difficult to find a bed. Each bed is changed like a lantern.
  The majority of patients admitted to the respiratory ward are lung cancer patients. There is a tall and fat middle-aged man living in the 5 bed. He is here to review. He is the only patient in the whole ward who does not need to take medicine to hang saline. He didn’t like to wear sick clothes, wearing a checkered pajamas brought home, dangling around in the ward, talking loudly, not looking like a patient. He also did not like to eat light sickness rice, and always complained. The wife listened to his complaints and smiled helplessly, so he went to the restaurant to pack some thick and dark dishes to relieve him. Sometimes the patient asked her to bring a dish, and to give money, the middle-aged man waved boldly: “What to give, to live in a ward, are all fate. This is in the hospital, and it is hundreds of thousands. It ’s not even money! ”
  A few days later, their daughter also came. The man was very happy and proudly introduced him to his patient. His daughter was in university in Shanghai, and her grades were very good! In the evening, a family of three happily went out to the restaurant. In the evening, the wife rented an extra-bed sofa from the nursing staff, and the mother and daughter squeezed together to sleep beside the bed.
  The next morning, the doctor called the girl out, and stood in the corridor for a long time. After the girl returned to the ward, a family of three sat around the hospital bed, discussing something lowly, even the man with a loud voice Suppressed the sound. The wife and her daughter kept sobbing and wiping tears, and finally, the man’s eyes were red.
  In the afternoon, I went back to the ward. The five beds were already empty, and the beds were covered for disinfection. Upon asking, the patient in the bed next door said that the man’s lung cancer had not only relapsed, but also brain metastases. There was no opportunity for surgery, only chemotherapy. They decided to go back to their home hospital for chemotherapy, anyway, the chemotherapy is the same, and it is convenient to eat and live in their hometown.
  This is what the man said in front of his wife’s daughter. Behind them, he told his patients, “This is the case with my illness. Chemotherapy is nothing more than a dead horse. I rely on me to make money at home. I ca n’t make any money now. People are short of money, what do these two women do? ”
  The five-bed man had just discharged from the front foot, and lived on a black, thin but strong middle-aged man with a thick gold chain around his neck. It looked a bit “social”. The man’s wife was also thin and black, with hard marks on his face. He was dressed as a cheap young man who did not match his age, a hot-tight tight-fitting jacket, a short skirt, and black leggings.
  The man came to the doctor for back pain, but he went to the respiratory medicine department, not to mention the doctor, even the old patients here knew that most of them were ominous. The man didn’t know the danger of the illness, and the patient, Kan Dashan, said that he had three children, two daughters, the youngest being a son, only 14 years old.
  A bronchoscopy is needed to confirm the diagnosis. This is a minimally invasive examination. It is relatively painful. Generally, patients have to push back in a flat car or a wheelchair. Only the man walked back by himself. The doctor came over and asked if there were any adverse reactions. He replied with a little disdain: “It’s all good, how can you react? It’s just a little dizzy when you just finished it, like drinking two or two liquors, it will be fine for a while.”
  Two days later, the results came out, and the diagnosis was lung cancer. Bone imaging was immediately arranged. It turned out that the bone had metastasized. No wonder the back pain. After the doctor informed the condition, his wife kept wiping tears, and even the man secretly turned around and wiped his tears.
  A patient came to comfort him, and he said in a sigh of relief, “I’m afraid of nothing, I haven’t been afraid of anything in my life! Alas, I am worried about my wife and children!” On
  the weekend, all three children came, the eldest daughter and mother stood Talking on the outside balcony, across the glass, tears were seen when the mother and daughter were talking. The younger sister and younger brother, one was in high school and the other was in second grade. The two children spent a little time in front of Dad’s bed. They were too bored. They took their father’s cell phone, and met each other to play the game.
  The man leaned on the bedside, silently watching a pair of children who were fighting head-to-head, with a sad tenderness under his eyes.