Maiden’s Song

Every week, there is only a day and a half of rest time. She spent half a day cleaning, including cleaning herself. She washes her hair, bathed, washed clothes, and cleaned the room. It was a small apartment, not even an apartment. There was only a separate door that separated her from the others. The company has a collective dormitory, a large suite with three rooms, four people in each room, and even a living room with two male colleagues. The collective quarters are crowded, noisy, and all kinds of chaotic smells and sounds. At weekends, the smell of girls washing their hair and bathing is mixed with the smell of smoking and drinking, which makes people feel suffocating. What makes Pandor unaccustomed is that every weekend, strange men and women come to the dormitory to spend the night. The depressed and hasty breathing makes the dormitory full of ambiguous breath, and also makes others restless. During the two months living in the dormitory, three male colleagues touched her thigh one after the other, taking advantage of the vague drunkenness, reached out tentatively. She could only beat her hands, move her legs away, and smile. None of them are bad people, she knows. Like them, there is a certain desire in her body, and the worms bit her bone marrow, making her itchy all over. The dormitory is transitional. Once settled, many people move out of the dormitory. According to company regulations, collective dormitories can stay for free for six months, and after six months, they have to find their own place. After living for two months, she couldn’t live any more, she couldn’t stand it. The girls of her bunks brought her boyfriend over every Saturday. Every Saturday, her bed shakes rhythmically, and even with a lot of headphones on her side, she can hear cheerful shouts. When they fell asleep and calmed down, it was time for Pandora to get up. She saw two beautiful young men, their bodies embedded in each other’s flesh, like a biting pair of scissors. There were many boyfriends besides, and they were divided after college. Occasionally, Pando remembered the look of his boyfriend. He had small eyes, always squinting, as if laughing. His temper was mild, and there was no reason for the two to break up. They were far away and gradually faded. One day I discovered that I hadn’t contacted for almost half a month, and I knew it was a point.

The apartment that is rented is not far from the company, and it takes only ten minutes to walk there. The company is located on the 18th floor of the CBD center, with a small area of ​​less than two hundred square meters. The entire company is composed of only two dozen people, mainly engaged in Internet product development. It sounds pretty tall, in the final analysis, but it is just Internet migrant workers, they help people sell things, the boss dreams of making a explosive, he has been looking for a suitable Internet product. This kind of company can be seen everywhere in the second and third tier cities, and the employee turnover is also large. Those who can stay for two years can be regarded as senior employees. Although it is a small company, the decoration and environment are not bad. There is a small lounge area next to the office area, with orange, pink, and light blue sofas. If you are tired from work, you may lie down. Of course, the necessary configuration of coffee and cookies will not be less. Pandora rarely went to the rest area. She felt that it was an advantage. She took a break from work and was embarrassed to leave work earlier. From the company, turn left and go straight for about 200 meters. When you see two big banyan trees, you will reach the neighborhood where you live. Entered the community, walked more than 30 meters, stood a tall building, went to the fifth floor, opened the door on the right hand side, which is the room next to many. If in summer, you can see from the room of Pondo, the fruit on the mango tree is green one by one, and the leaves are green and reflective. It’s been almost half a year since renting an apartment, Panduo rarely leaned against the window to see the scenery, she was not free. From Monday to Friday, she had to lie in front of the computer for twelve hours almost every day, and all kinds of data were dizzy. After a regular meeting on Saturday morning, she was finally in the remaining day and a half. After having lunch, Pondo started to clean up the room. After a week of messing up, clothes were everywhere, and dust was falling on the table. She had to clean the room. After cleaning the room, Pandora then washed her hair and took a shower. She shampooed and took a good shower. She stood under the shower head and let the hot water flow through her face and neck. The warm feeling was comfortable. After bathing, she lay in bed and hugged herself, which was her favorite nap. When she wakes up, it’s getting dark, she will go to a small shop outside the community for dinner, then go back to watch two movies, and sleep with contentment again.

That Saturday, it had just rained, and there was dirt on the road where the dust was squashed to the ground. The street light turned on and shone slightly on the ground. Pondo held a plastic bag in her hand, and inside it was a small paper box filled with her favorite cheesecake, cut into beautiful triangles. The cake was decorated with tiny flowers and the outer layer was covered with a thick layer of cocoa powder. She wanted to leave it to eat at night, watch a movie, and eat a piece of cheesecake. There is no better weekend than this. After moving out of the dormitory, Pang participated in several meetings between colleagues, drinking like crazy, dancing in KTV. She heard some news that surprised her, and there were several pairs of clean and flawless colleagues who slept with each other. I didn’t expect it, Punto said. What’s weird about this is that all adults are in need, it’s better than just finding a man. The colleague asked with a smile, who have you slept with? Pondado said, me? I really don’t. Colleagues said, pretend, you are the purest. He drank a lot of wine and said, “It’s not a pretense, I can’t sleep anymore, I have eyes everywhere. After living out, there was less private contact with colleagues. They had activities and didn’t yell too much. She thought it might as well stay at home and watch a movie. I forgot the name of the movie I watched that day, only vaguely remembering the content. A beautiful warrior died after participating in a fierce battle. Everyone thought he was dead, so he was given a funeral by the king’s courtesy. He lies on the boat and floats towards the sea, and his comrades will shoot the boat with fire arrows. Fortunately, he did not die and was rescued by the enemy’s princess. After the injury, he returned to his country. At this time, the king of the enemy nation decided to match his daughter to one of the kings in a contested manner in order to dissolve the other kingdoms. The beautiful warrior won the princess on behalf of his king, only to discover that the princess of the enemy country was the girl who saved him. They love each other, but now he has to dedicate him to the king. This is really a sad story. When seeing the princess being pressed by the king, Pondo felt that she had been raped, and she resented the warrior just like the princess. Why didn’t he elope with her? After watching the movie, I drank an extra glass of water and ate the cheesecake, and then my mood slowly calmed down. This is just a story, why take it seriously? I thought it was silly.

There are lights outside the window, some are covered by curtains, revealing a light slit. Before ten o’clock, she didn’t go to bed so early, and Pandora stayed in the emotions that hadn’t dissipated yet. It seemed like there was a puff of gas flowing slowly on her chest, with a strange smell in the heat, she felt tenderness The warmth mixed with sorrow is like seeing the lights in the field at night, beating little by little, uncertain. If you remember correctly, there are two hoopoes living on the banyan tree outside the window. They have colorful feathers on their heads, and the tip of their mouth is long and narrow. Many of them have seen them under the tree. She thought of the two birds, which flew fast and accurately, and flexed between the branches and leaves. At this moment, they should sleep, there is no trace of them on the tree. Bento sat down at the computer again, and she wanted to watch another movie. Waiting for Panduo’s hand to stop the mouse, she found that a post on the local community forum was opened. After reading the post, Panduo shut down her computer and went to the bathroom to cry. After twelve o’clock, the lights were turned off and the curtains were drawn, and the room was dark. She closed her eyes and recalled that day, she watched a movie that blocked her heart, and watched a post that blocked her heart, which made it impossible to sleep well. When she got up in the morning, Punto’s eyes were a little swollen, and she remembered that she had cried in her dream. After washing my face, I turned on my computer and found out the posts I read last night. After one night, the number of followers doubled, and some people showed the photos. Punto thought that she should do something, she couldn’t treat it as seeing nothing. The painful face hit her like a hammer, and the man really looked like her father. He was old, weak, and poor, and he could not squeeze a few bucks to drain his blood. Pondor ’s father was dead, almost ten years. Bento dialed the phone left on the post.

The roads on both sides of the hospital were full of cars, and there were cars in and out. Pandora stood under the mango tree, watching the people coming and going for a while. Why does she come here, and what does this have to do with her? It rained yesterday, and the rain washed away the dust in the air. The sky was like a blue curtain, and white clouds gathered in the low place. When Pandora walked into the inpatient department, she saw a group of people standing at the door of Ward 413 and tentatively looking inside. 413, she noted this number on the forum. Pandora tiptoeed and saw several shadowy figures. She squeezed the crowd away, rushed to the door of the ward, and saw the man lying on the bed. He might be almost sixty, and her face was covered with ditches that did not match her age. There was a man who looked like him, about his son, beside the bed, and he spoke with care, thankful. Pond thought, either his lost brother, they looked exactly the same. When she came out of the hospital, she looked at the lychee tree in the distance. When she came to Tiecheng, the lychee had just passed the season. In a few months, the fresh lychee should be listed. She wanted to eat the lychee just picked from the tree, and ate it hard, even if her face was full of acne, it didn’t matter if he had three litres of litchi or ten litres. He should also eat fresh lychees. Pond said, why not?

Ponder called Zhuo Weidong and asked him to eat together. Before making this call, Pandora hesitated, and still didn’t call, she knew he liked her. The two were in the same company, and Zhuo Weidong’s eyes could see the meaning, she was not a child who had never been in love. Zhuo Weidong is a local. He lives in the old city and has visited Zhuo Weidong’s house. It was not long before he joined the company. She still remembers a big banyan tree at the alley, and the roots of the banyan tree hang down to the river. Along the banks of the river, there are small alleys. The river was like a spine, and the alleys lined up neatly like ribs. Walk into the alley, a small independent yard. The yard of Zhuo Weidong’s house is neat and clean, and there are several old hens pecking on the ground. The room was a little dark and small, with a small room. She and Zhuo Weidong talked for a while in the room. Zhuo Weidong’s eyes made her nervous. At that time, she and her boyfriend hadn’t broken up yet. Later, Zhuo Weidong confessed several times, and Panduo shied away, and his words were vague. After receiving a phone call from Panduo, Zhuo Weidong said, why did you think of asking me to eat? Pondot said, you don’t have to come. Zhuo Weidong said, come, why not come, I’m idle. They made an appointment for a cafe near the neighborhood. Ordered a steak, and asked for a glass of watermelon juice. Zhuo Weidong said, give me a piece of fried rice. I didn’t eat it in the morning and I’m hungry. Pondado said, just get up? Zhuo Weidong said, neither is it too lazy to move. Any idea why I’m dating you? This is unexpected. Punto looked at Zhuo Weidong and said, I want to borrow some money from you. Zhuo Weidong put down his chopsticks and said, this is boring. Pondot said, I don’t know many people, you can do me a favor, how you think I can thank you. I have no money. Forget it, I’m looking for someone else. What do you mean? Nothing interesting, I just want some money. Zhuo Weidong thought for a while, how much? Pondado said, how much can you borrow me? Up to ten thousand. That’s fine. So how do you thank me? How do you think I thank you? Zhuo Weidong smiled. There are many beef steaks cut next to it, the outer layer of the steak is yellow, and the inner layer is exposed to fresh meat red. She stuffed the beef in her mouth, chewed it carefully for a while, looked out the window, and said, as if she remembered something, didn’t you always want to eat at my house? Zhuo Weidong blushed and said, I didn’t mean that. The side said that I haven’t eaten at home for a long time.

They drank two bottles of red wine, a dozen German stouts, and Zhuo Weidong bought them from the supermarket. There is gas in the house. Zhuo Weidong wants to go shopping. The side said, do n’t buy it. It ’s too much trouble. Pondo and Zhuo Weidong sat at the small table and drank. At the beginning, both of them were a little restrained, like the actors who played the first play. After drinking the first bottle of red wine, let it go a little bit, Zhuo Weidong asked, what do you want for money? Punto said, save people. Zhuo Weidong asked, family? Punto said, no. relative? Neither is it. friend? No. That’s weird. It’s a bit strange, I must be crazy. Pond said with a smile. She has n’t drunk so much wine for a long time, she reached out and touched Zhuo Weidong’s face and said, Do you like me? Zhuo Weidong said, you know. The side said, that’s fine. After drinking the second bottle of wine, Punto said, did you hear the birds calling? Zhuo Weidong said, I didn’t hear it, did you hear it? Bento shook his head and said, I do n’t have one. I have two Hoopoe in the tree outside my window. Do you know Hoopoe? Zhuo Weidong said, I don’t know, I heard it for the first time. Punto said that it had multicolored feathers on its head, which was said to symbolize firmness and purity. Zhuo Weidong said, you drink too much. Pondot said that we are going to finish the beer. Pondor forgot who had taken the shower first, she seemed to be lying on the bed with her eyes closed. In front of her eyes, countless birds flew by, with peacock-like colorful feathers, and so many birds, weaving the sky into colorful damask. She touched a body, it was hot, and her chest and belly were soaked in the hot spring, relaxed and happy. Her legs opened to welcome the fierce thrill. When it was not dawn, the side awoke much. She turned on the light, and the table and floor were full of empty bottles and cans. She was wearing pajamas, and the pleasure passed long ago, and her head hurt a little. She seemed to hear Zhuo Weidong say in her ear, why is it so and why? He seemed to be crying, she felt his face wet. Pondo picked up his cell phone and saw a text message indicating that her bank card received 10,000 yuan at three in the morning. When did I give him the bank card? Ponder rubbed his forehead and couldn’t remember it. A memory disappeared, maybe Zhuo Weidong knew. She will never ask him, no. Bento took another bath, moved a chair and sat at the window, a faint light leaked out of the sky. Bento heard the birds calling, her two hoopoes were welcoming the dawn. Two beautiful birds.

There were three people across from Pendo’s desk to Zhuo Weidong’s desk. As soon as he looked up, Pendo could see the back of Zhuo Weidong. He wore a black pullover, with disheveled hair, a hand on his chin, and squinted at the computer. In the past, Panduo saw Zhuo Weidong and was generally comfortable. He always left a gap and intentionally isolated it. This morning, it was a bit different. Zhuo Weidong’s body exuded a soft light, and even his disheveled hair had a fresh smell. Pond sent a message to Zhuo Weidong. Tired? Zhuo Weidong’s body twisted a bit, took out his mobile phone, glanced at it, and returned two words, okay. After watching, throw your phone on the desktop. Punto’s mouth moved, she smiled, he should be tired, he was so greedy. An additional message was sent next to you, pay attention, don’t let the boss catch it. Zhuo Weidong saw Zhuo Weidong’s mobile phone screen light up a bit, Zhuo Weidong grabbed the phone and looked down, then put it down, but did not see it. Pandora stood up and stretched his body, his arms and legs were sore, and his head was aching. She went to the bathroom, made another cup of coffee in the lounge area, ate two cookies, and it tasted good. When she returned to her seat and saw Zhuo Weidong’s message on his mobile phone, he said, you are in good spirits. Many times back, I feel very good. Zhuo Weidong said, I feel very good for me. Pondado said, what do you mean? Zhuo Weidong said, it’s not interesting, it’s not interesting. Pondot said, I’ll borrow the money, and I will pay you back when you have money. Zhuo Weidong did not return. Just after work, Panduo sent a message to Zhuo Weidong and had lunch at noon? Zhuo Weidong still didn’t return. At work, the takeaways ordered by colleagues came one after another. Pandora cleaned the table, stood up, looked at the takeaway from his colleague and said, again, you really don’t get tired of eating. Her voice was louder than usual, and she believed Zhuo Weidong heard it. Going down to the first floor, Pandora stood in the lobby and waited for three minutes. Zhuo Weidong came down with his head in his hands and put his hands in his pockets. Pondot said, I thought you were angry. After eating with Zhuo Weidong, he returned to the office and found that she thought too much. She thought that Zhuo Weidong understood her meaning. He misunderstood. He was even more ridiculous than the soldier who won the princess for the king .

When I got home at night, Pondo found the phone number. After I confirmed it, I asked for a bank card and made 10,000 yuan in that card. After making the money, she called again and said, “I just called 10,000 in the past. Don’t give up. You can think of money.” A series of “uh-huh” on the other side of the phone. The room was cleaned up, and the wine cans, bottles, snack boxes, and plastic bags were thrown away. The table was wiped so that no oil star could be seen. Even the scent was sprayed with perfume, and the room was full of good gardenia flowers. Before going to bed, I looked at my phone a little more, and there was no information. At about twelve, she was woken up by a phone call. The phone rang three times and she hung up twice. The third time it rang and I picked up more. It was a strange phone number. She heard a noisy voice, a male voice came over the phone, was it much smaller? A bit more stunned, who are you? The man said, you don’t know me. Pond was about to hang up, the man said, but you know my friend. Pondout said, I’m sorry, I’m going to hang up. The man said, don’t do it, I also want to contribute to charity. Punto said, you made a mistake. She heard a laugh from the microphone. The man said, don’t you know Dongge? He drank too much. Said more, silly. The man said, you stupid bitch, who is stupid? Shame on my face. She hung up the phone and she trembled. After less than two minutes, the phone came in again, and Pang took a deep breath, connected the phone, the man scolded, fucked your mother, and hung up the phone. Who the hell do you think you are? Pondor calmed down his emotions and said softly, Do you want to scold or contribute to charity? The man suddenly took a sound, and Pond said, two thousand, do not stay overnight. After that, I hung up the phone. Less than half an hour later, she heard a knock on the door, and she looked at it. There was a young man standing outside, looking less than 25 years old. Beside the door, who are you looking for? The man said, I’m Dongge’s friend. Pondo opened the door and let the man in. The man had obviously drank and looked awake. He looked at him and asked, did you just call me? The man said that Dongge drank too much, and nonsense there, I was just kidding. Pondot said, do you look at me like a lady? The man said, unlike him, Dongge is stupid, thinking blindly. Pointing at the chair at the table, Bento said, “Sit down for a while, who brought you here?” The man said, a friend sent it over. Pond asked, what about him? The man said that in the car, unless someone asked me to come over, I would just leave after sitting. I looked out the window and said, “Everyone has come, just left?” She reached out and raised the man’s chin and said, okay, two thousand, don’t stay overnight. The man ducked away and said, don’t, little sister, don’t do this, I know you are not, you are so boring. Punto said, I Doesn’t look good? The man said, good-looking, good-looking, but this is not the case, I asked Dongge to apologize to you. Pondot said, I really want money. Panduo turned off the light and lay on the bed. The man was still a little shy, maybe afraid, and his movement was unnatural. She looked in the direction of the window. She could see nothing. Only a fuzzy quadrangle showed that it was the window. She thought, maybe the car was parked outside the community, maybe he was asleep, like a child. She heard the man say “I’m sorry” and closed the door. She touched her lower body, moist, swollen, full of desire, without shame.

When I got up in the morning, Pondeau dressed up a bit, rubbed her blush, and applied a new lipstick. The lipstick was brought to her by a friend from Hong Kong. The color was too bright. She only applied it at home to see it, or used it with friends at night. Applying this lipstick to work, Pondo felt too arrogant and not in line with her personality. Sit in the office for a while, the colleague next door sent a message, fell in love? Many times, fart, or a single dog. Colleagues said, it’s not right, all flames have red lips, so you can look so beautiful? Punto said that single dogs also have the right to pursue beauty. Colleagues reply, it is strange to believe you. She smiled a bit. She took out her mobile phone. On the screen, she was beautiful and natural. Her head was shiny and silky, her neck was slender, her eyes were not large, and she smiled with kindness. As for the internal details of the body, she believes that it is also good. She has wonderful hills and springs. The only thing she wasn’t happy with was her front teeth, big enough to make her look like a rabbit. The ex-boyfriend liked her incisors and said it was so cute. Every time he kissed, he always licked her incisors with the tip of his tongue. Punto wore a tight denim skirt, showing the curve of the waist and hips, she thought, she should have a forest atmosphere. The location not far away was empty, and looked up from time to time, as if he would come at any time. Would he rush to her desk and yell “silly” at her? When Pandora woke up, she saw a person sitting in that position. He was lying there, piled on the table like a mess of rags, and his hair was messier than before. She drank more saliva, and she wouldn’t send him any more messages. When he went to the bathroom, Bento looked up at him, there was a large scratch on his face, and a little bruise at the corner of his mouth. Pandora pretended not to see it and drank water calmly. My colleague sent an extra message. Did you see Dongge? Pondot said, see. A colleague asked, did he fight? Pondado said, how do I know. Colleagues said, you didn’t see it just now. When he came in, his eyes were blood red, as if to kill someone. There was a smile on the side, saying that it would be a kill. Colleagues said that you are not too big to see the excitement. Pondot said that it was never my business. Colleagues said, you have no conscience, they still like you. Pondore picked up his phone and looked at it, except for a few advertisements, nothing. She seemed a little anxious, a little restless, and a urge to pee up from her lower body, she was about to hold back. Bently walked quickly into the bathroom, a few drops of Lili, like a dry tap. I washed my hands in the bathroom and added makeup, and I felt a little better, at least this afternoon can be passed.

If she hasn’t made that call, if she just made that call, maybe nothing will happen, everything in the future will be the same as in the past, ordinary and vulgar security. Pondeau never imagined a future life. For a girl like her, life is like turning a book. Who knows what is written on the next page. She returned Zhuo Weidong’s money and sent him a message, but he did not return. The stupid warrior is dating the princess in the dark, and his pain and love grow together. On a night of the night, they were finally exposed to the public eye. The king who knew the truth forgave him, and he died in the battle to defend the kingdom. It is a tragedy that he is still a soldier and died with a charming love. Pondor ’s phone was set to mute, and later, at 9 o’clock in the evening, the phone was turned off. At that time, almost every time around the clock, her cell phone would ring, one by one with strange numbers, and she heard loud laughter and abuse. Sometimes it was him, sometimes she couldn’t hear it, and there was tears of remorse. He has gone mad and lost his normal mind. One day after work, Panduo waited in the lobby for a long time. When he saw him, Panduo said, I hope you can be a reasonable person, I don’t want you to destroy me. As for yourself, you are free. He saw her eyes complex, with pity, contempt, and heartbreak intertwined, like a cocktail with a complex taste. Sometimes, Ponder thought, if he was awake and knocked on her door cleanly, she would open the door, let him in, put him in his chest, and gently stroke his back. If he cried in her arms, she would unbutton her clothes and put him against her body. When daylight dawned, he would watch the two hoopoes outside the window with them. They were hatching eggs. Before long, there would be many beautiful birds tweeting on the branches. He didn’t.

Pond didn’t expect this to happen, like a farce. A TV reporter walked into the office with a camera and thought she was going to film the company. When the two little girls in volunteer clothes brought flowers to her, they were a little helpless and the whole person was in a free state. She may have been exposed and she left the phone. The reporter held up the microphone and asked her, Miss Poon, thank you very much for your love. Can you say a few words to the audience in front of the TV? Pondado said, me? I don’t know, I didn’t do anything. The reporter said that you donated more than 30,000 yuan back and forth. According to our understanding, your financial situation is not very good. Can you tell us why you are doing this? Pondau bowed his head, he was like my father. After saying this, Punto pushed away her colleagues and reporters and rushed into the toilet. She heard the noisy voice in the office, and after a while, the voice faded away. When she came out of the toilet, she found that the reporter was gone and the office was dead silent. Pondo sat down at his desk and wiped his tears. Deadly silence, not even a colleague came to her and asked her something. She looked up all around. They buried their heads in front of the computer. Zhuo Weidong’s desk was empty. After ten minutes, or a colleague next door sent a message to her, are you okay? The side said that it was okay. It seemed to endure for a long time, colleagues told her, little younger, let’s have time to eat together at night.

It wasn’t until dinner that she knew what was going on in the office when she left the office. Seeing that Bento hid in the toilet, the reporter went to the company to continue the interview. Zhuo Weidong, who had been silent, stood up and told the reporter, do n’t you want to do news? Let me surprise you. Zhuo Weidong said to the camera word by word, she was a bitch, and the money she donated was earned by her as a lady. As soon as the words came out, everyone was stunned. When the reaction came, some colleagues stood up and opened Zhuo Weidong and said, What are you talking about? Zhuo Weidong shook off his colleague’s hand and said, I didn’t talk nonsense, she charged me ten thousand yuan, and I slept her. Colleagues did not cry, but smiled instead. Colleagues said, you heartless, you can still laugh at this time. Pond stopped laughing and asked, what did he say? Colleagues said that such a big thing, I can lie to you. Pondot said, you understand, I understand. Colleagues looked at Pandora as if they were trying to say something and swallowed it. I drank a lot of soup and said, “If you have something to say, don’t talk about it.” Colleagues said, then I said, don’t be angry. Pondau said that I was angry. Colleagues said that the other day, we had a drink with Zhuo Weidong. He drank too much and said that you are a lady, and we do not believe it. Punto said, no wonder, you see me strange these days. A colleague asked, did you offend him? Pondau said, why did I offend him, and why did I offend him? Taking a look at my colleague, Pondo said, I borrowed 10,000 yuan from him. After thinking about it, I added that I slept with him. Colleagues scolded, what dog man. Punto looked at his colleague and said, Do you think I look like a lady? Colleagues said, what are you talking about? Before leaving, my colleague said on the shoulder of Panduo, Xiaoduo, during this time you better not go online, go out and play for a while. In the afternoon, the matter couldn’t be hidden. Pondot said, “What am I afraid of? I have no relatives here for no reason. Even if I really do make a lady, what can I do?” Colleagues say that is the way to say it, people are terrible, you still have to be careful.

When I got home, Pandora opened the community forum. There were a lot of followers on the top of the post. There is no news about her yet. She thought, it won’t be long before her news should be swiped. The explosive news was so eye-catching. If she changed it, she would gossip with her. She turned off her computer, and she could sleep well tonight. After tonight, even if she was ready, she couldn’t be calm. When Pandora walked into the company’s office, she tried to say hello to her colleagues with an air of self-assurance. Overnight, she and her colleagues were covered with a mist of mist, and they were away immediately. She walked to her desk, turned on her computer, and logged in to the community forum. As she expected, the news broke out, and the newly opened posts reached over a thousand followers. It’s only eight o’clock, and by twelve, there will be an explosive growth in the number of followers. After reading a lot of posts, she calmed down and pulled the post back to the homepage. She looked at the publishing time, and at 2 am, she registered a new account. Go to the tea room and pour a glass of water, drinking slowly. The water, with a warm and sweet taste, slipped into her throat, her stomach, and her body as if cleaned once, and the oppressive turbid gas was washed away. Thinking back to the content of the post, she thought that she was safe. Few people insulted her, and the posts were divided into two factions. One faction meant that anyone had the right to do public welfare, loved no sin, and praise was in his voice. The other group thinks that the way of Pondo is too radical, it is not necessary, it is not worth promoting, and it has some regrets and sympathy. Others are condemning the informer, saying it was a killing. Punto was surprised that everyone didn’t think about whether this was true. All the arguments are based on one, she is a lady. Is she really a lady? If this fact does not exist, what is the point of these arguments? Their argument defaulted to the fact that she was a lady, and that was the real harm. After having lunch, Bendo logged in to the community forum again. The forum was too noisy and the content was similar, but it was repeated again and again, nothing new. The location not far away is empty, it is empty in the morning, and it is still empty now. If he comes, Pantus wants to come to him and talk to him for a few words. No, no, she didn’t want to scold him, he was so pathetic. Pondot wanted to tell him that things had passed. She forgive him.

The thing that made Punto really sad happened three days later, when she took time off and rested at home. She sat by the window and watched two hoops fly out and back again. When the phone rang, Pondo was thinking about something, and she was still in the city. It was a familiar number, she called it several times. The side says, hello. The phone said, Miss Poon, I have something to tell you. Pond said, what’s the matter, you say. My dad was discharged from the hospital today. Don’t charge me later. Pond asked, why was he suddenly discharged? The voice on the phone was a little hesitant. My dad knew that he didn’t want to heal. Punto bit her lip and asked, when will you be discharged? We are going through the formalities and leave after finishing. Pondot said, wait for me, wait for me to come. Hanging up the phone, I called an extra car, and she stopped the car in front of the hospital. In the supermarket in front of the hospital, I bought more apples, bananas, and grapes. Entering the ward, Bento saw the old man who was exactly the same as her father leaning on the bed with his eyes closed. He was thinner than Bento when he first saw him. When it came to the meat, his body was supported by several bones, and his meat was eaten by the virus. Plenty of fruit was placed beside the old man’s bed, not sure if it was time to sit down or leave. Hearing the movement, the old man opened his eyes and turned to look at Pandora as if confirming something. Punto said, uncle, let me see you. The old man said, are you? Punto said, I’m Punto. The old man braced himself to sit up, and took a pillow for the old man and said, uncle, take a good rest. The old man leaned on the pillow and looked at Pandora, tears burst into his eyes. Punto said, uncle, what happened to you? Unhappy to see me? The old man said, I have done wrong, and I have lost my life, and it hurts you. Punto said, uncle, I’m fine, don’t you think I’m fine? The old man said, “I’m dead. I can’t go back when I go back.” Punto said, uncle, don’t listen to others talking, nothing. The old man said, are you afraid that you are younger than my daughter? Pondado said, not yet. The old man fumbled and took out an envelope from the drawer beside the bed and said, “Uncle has no money, and I can’t see you getting married. There are 2,000 yuan here, which is my uncle’s heart. Punto quickly pushed away the old man’s hand and said, uncle, how can I ask for your money. The old man said, if you don’t take the money, your uncle will not be at ease. Bento took the envelope and said, uncle, then I accept it. The old man looked again and said, you go back. Punto said, uncle, then I’m leaving. Before leaving, Punto said to the old man, uncle, do you look like me? The old man said, don’t talk nonsense, marry someone later. When I walked out of the hospital, I saw more litchi forests that could not be seen far away. Next year’s litchi, the elderly may not be able to eat.

By the time the two Hoopoe in the Punto window and four young Hoopoe jumped among the trees, Pondo had returned to normal life, and the past had passed. The lychee tree has bloomed and has fruit, and some premature varieties have been listed. Pondo had not bought it yet. When she saw the fruit of the tree, she was not in a hurry. She must be able to eat the freshest fruit just picked from the tree. She was a bit fatter. She used to be too skinny. She was only 46 kilograms in a meter and sixty-six. She hoped that she would grow to about fifty kilograms, with flesh growing on her body, full of strong strength. Her cell phone is quieter and quieter, except for occasional phone calls with colleagues. Sometimes walking on the street and seeing men with disheveled hair, she would also have the illusion that she was someone she knew. On the street that day, I received an additional message. The moment he saw the message, Pandora closed his eyes. When she opened her eyes, she noticed that the world suddenly became beautiful. The roadside shops, trees, and people coming and going had new colors. They were full of vitality, and even the street lights were expressing their love for life. Bondo returned home and found an old envelope. The envelope was crumpled, and there were yellow mold spots on the white outer envelope. She opened the envelope and withdrew a stack of money from it, and she counted it many times, a whole two thousand. Today, she is going to spend it. She first went to the fruit supermarket outside the community to buy three catties of lychees, the most expensive and freshest one. Then, I asked my friends to eat, drink, and spend the rest of the money. In a few days, it will be her twenty-fourth birthday, and she will return to her rented, small apartment with an empty envelope, as if dreaming back to ten years ago.