Kings in 2019

2019 is coming to an end, just as the old and the new are welcomed, the media of many countries have also sorted out the “Minutes of Events” of the King’s room. In fact, like other people’s families, in the complex and turbulent and turbulent 2019, the royal families are also “a few happy and a few sad.”

The British royal family has had a bumpy year

For the British royal family in 2019, it can be said that the turmoil continues, allowing local media to use the words “turbulence” and “difficulty” without hesitation when taking stock of the living conditions of the Queen’s family. The “Rollover Incident” of the British royal family early this year set the “keynote” for almost the entire year’s traffic. On January 17, a 97-year-old Prince Philip had a car accident near the Royal Private House Sandringham Manor, and his Land Rover SUV rolled over on the spot. Although the Prince himself was not injured, he apologized to the public afterwards and voluntarily gave up his driver’s license to stop driving.

Prince Philip’s “rollover” was only a shock to the royal family, and Prince Andrew’s “rollover” incident lost the royal face. As an ex-friend of Epstein, the “rich man of wealth”, Prince Andrew was quickly involved in a scandal of sexually assaulting young girls and was caught in a storm of public opinion. In the meantime, although he tried hard to “self-help”, he became increasingly dark before the media because of improper public relations. After a series of “low-level mistakes”, Queen Elizabeth II resignedly loved and seized Aiko’s public office, and Prince Andrew has since faded out of public view and was “snow hidden” by the royal family.

In August this year, the Queen of England was “put aside” by the Prime Minister. Due to a deadlock on the issue of Brexit, the new Prime Minister Boris “forced adjournment” of the parliament, and the Queen approved the matter at her request. Unexpectedly, the Prime Minister was judged as “illegal” by the Supreme Court after this move, and the queen who never took office was also caught in this controversial political storm.

At the same time, the “public opinion battle” between the royal family and the media has also escalated. Throughout the year, the tabloids in the British tabloids kept throwing gossips such as “brothers against their eyes” and “disagreements”; at the beginning of the year, Prince William broke into a “derailment scandal”; when the year was approaching, Prince Harry was in a “legal storm”. In the face of the dark public opinion environment, the royal media department had to upgrade its control measures this year and crack down on the “Keyboard Man” on the Internet.

Many countries look forward to the birth of the “royal baby”

Although the British royal family’s year 2019 is a bit “noisy”, it still creates a lot of happy moments that people will like: In May this year, the first child of Prince Harry and his wife, Princess Meghan, was born and named “Archi”. During Christmas, the British royal family released an official Christmas card, one of which depicts the happily look of the Harry family: the little Prince Archie generously “came in the C spot”, and turned over a large number of netizens. Several British media reports said that the Harry and his wife were already preparing for their second child, and that they would be born in Los Angeles.

The wait for the “royal baby” is not limited to Britain. Earlier this month, the royal family in Luxembourg came with good news: the country’s archbishop Guillaume and his wife Stephanie are about to welcome their first love crystallization in May 2020. Previously, the couple had been together for 7 years, but they had no children. On the 18th of this month, Bhutan’s King Wangchuk announced in a high-profile that Queen Pema had conceived a second child and will soon add to the royal family in the coming spring.

Break-up, break-up, and old-new alternation are normal

The global royal family in 2019 has indeed revealed a lot of sadness and joy. In May of this year, Thai King Vajiralongkorn suddenly announced that he would combine with Deputy Commander of the King’s Guard, Sudita Tiza, and then suddenly abolished the inclusion of Princess Nina, who was shortly afterwards, and accused him of “conspiring for a position, To replace the queen. ”

The 48-year-old Norwegian princess Martha Louis also found “true love” this year, but this relationship really complicates the Norwegian royal family: her target is an African-American “Shaman Witch Doctor” who claims to be good at “psychotherapy” “. For her love, Princess Martha gave up the title of princess. Malaysia ’s Sultan Mohammed V also “does not love the mountains and the beauty”. After marrying the Russian beauty pageant Voyevokina, who is 24 years younger than himself, he announced his abdication in January this year and became the country ’s first monarch to abdicate.

In October this year, Princess Elizabeth, Crown Prince of Belgium, celebrated her 18th birthday. After the ceremony, the princess has entered the legal age of the country in charge; once the king abdicates, she will logically become the first queen in Belgian history. At the same time, the Swedish royal family “disgusted” too many members and had too much expense. King Gustav swiped 5 grandchildren to “degenerate people” and no longer received royal allowances.

One of the biggest events of the global royal family in 2019 is the alternation of the old and new emperors of Japan. In April this year, Emperor Akihito of Japan announced his abdication for physical reasons, and the 30-year “Heisei era” came to an end. With the reign of Emperor Tokuhito, Japan changed its name to “Linghe”, and in 2019 it was “Linghe Yuan” year”. In the economic downturn, many people in the country hope to usher in “peace and prosperity” in the “new era.”