Internal fear theory

  Researchers in Sweden have recently published a report warning men not to fight with women. The reason is that women have the advantage of memory, and even the details of age-old fragments will be brought up in quarrels, leading to digression and failure to form consensus. In plain terms, women are more talented in quarreling, and their old accounts are invincible. If you know each other, don’t argue with them.
  Those men who have become accustomed to seeing their wives and horses first look very strange: The Swedes spent 40 years from 1973 to 2013, bringing 1.2 million people to participate in the trial, and came to this conclusion. Is everything known?
  However, the results of this research by the Swedes have also raised the phenomenon of men’s fear of his wife from the emotional level to the theoretical level, that is, men who are good at handling family relationships will know themselves better and grow.
  In the five generations, Yan Zai was particularly afraid of his wife. He had to ask his wife for leave every time he went out. His wife splashed a spoonful of water on the ground, and he had to return before the water was dry. If he went a little farther, his wife would burn a joss stick, put a mark on her nails, and the joss stick would be in place, and he would return home. Friends often make fun of him for this, but Yun Zai’s life is also more self-disciplined because of his wife’s severe discipline, and he won the champion when he was 30 years old, but those who made fun of him did nothing.
  There is also an example in “Taiping Guangji”: Lieutenant General Qin Shi ’s wife is strong and fierce, and she is absolutely dominated at home. Shimou usually retorts slightly, and is “bound to prisoners, bursting out like a door god; fist Like raindrops, my toes are like meteors. ” Shimou secretly spent a lot of money recruiting assassins to assassinate his wife. Unbelievably, his wife even fought the assassin with his bare hands. His ten fingers were cut by the blade, but he still looked like a tiger. The assassin frightened and fled. Shi Mou sent several assassins one after another, all being beaten away by his wife, but he had no choice but to die of that heart, and he was obsessed with his wife, and died with him. Therefore, “not toss” is actually a great wisdom.

  Another fear of his wife is that the pleasantness of some men is too high, and it is easy to be used or taken advantage of. Like British writer Kipling, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907, many fans asked him to take a group photo after he became famous. Kipling is a good-natured gentleman, always coming. His wife is very savvy, knowing that every time someone holds a thick stack of novels to ask her husband to sign, they are deliberately trying to sell the book at a high price, so no one is allowed to approach Gip without her permission. forest. Similarly, Li Moyun, the painter’s wife Xinxin, many people come to ask for free paintings, but they ca n’t afford to lose face. Li Moyun took away all the stamps with stamps. Those who wanted to paint wanted to stamp, so Need to pay. Kipling and the heartfelt personal brand value are effectively maintained because of fear of his wife. Even Freud, who saw women as the source of trouble, acknowledged that without them, the situation would have been worse.
  One of my classmates was recently divorced. The reason was that he was drinking with someone outside, his wife called to blame, and was heard by the people next to him. He felt very disgraceful, his blood rose, and he separated after a quarrel with his wife. The situation is very similar to the veterinarian in the Czech movie “The Wife’s Theory” who pretends to be away from the family in order to get rid of his wife’s control. In fact, what he should learn the most is Socrates, who suffered a lot from his fierce wife throughout his life, and still said that men who know how to fear their wives are more likely to gain philosophical understanding.