Iceland police

  The desolate long-distance station platform is 4 hours away from the next bus.
  There are no subways, no trains, no taxis, and in places where the public transport system is underdeveloped, it is impossible to walk without driving.
  It’s not a way to stand here all the time, just walk along the road, just warm up, it’s a big deal to get dark. Anyway, the summer days in Iceland will not be dark, and there are enough cookies and water in the backpack.
  I walked for a while, and my eyes grew desolate. The sixth sense told me that something was wrong, as if something huge was approaching.
  Behind it, a car stopped. I turned my head, a police car! A middle-aged man was driving in a uniform. He didn’t get out of the car, but just slowly lowered the window, his expression serious. My first reaction was that I was in trouble! I ca n’t think of anything wrong, but I still apologize first, and be sincere, and I ’m not lost everywhere: “I ’m sorry! I ’m sorry! I ’m on the sidelines!” “No, I …” Thoughtful.
  Hell, he must have suspected that I was an illegal immigrant. “I didn’t bring my passport before going out today!” I said, “I usually don’t have the habit of carrying documents with me. I am a person who often loses things …” Well, I knew I had waited 4 hours on the platform.
  ”I mean, I have just finished my night shift and are going home. Where are you going?” He said calmly.
  ”Huffen.” I stood rigidly in the cold wind, clutching the shoulder straps on my backpack with both hands.
  ”My home is in Hoffen, get in.” He leaned over and opened the front passenger door.
  I was sitting in the car, with an unrealistic feeling that something was happening and a miracle was coming.
  Since it is a ride, even if it is a police car, as a courtesy, chat should be used as a reward to the owner. I started to discuss the topic. I can tell him about my past interviews around China, tell him the living conditions of young Chinese, tell him what I mainly do in Iceland these days …

  I was about to speak. The intercom on his chest rang, and there was a hurry of Icelandic. Then he also responded in Icelandic.
  I cleared my throat: “Uh, by the way, I have lived in Huffin for a week. My landlord is Hado. Do you know him?”
  ”I have known him for a long time,” he said.
  We did not continue to talk about Hado. I like the character of Icelanders, and I don’t talk about the gossip of others.
  ”There is a broken road here. Yesterday I was on the night shift to repair the road,” he said.
  It seems that the jurisdiction of each Icelandic police is very wide, and the area that is 3 hours away is also a work area.
  ”Where are you from?” He asked.
  He asked me what I was doing in Iceland, and I told him the strange thing I was doing-chatting with strangers, and then taking a portrait of the other person. He thought it was courageous.
  As soon as the words fell, his intercom rang again. When he finished replying, I asked curiously, “Is something happening?”
  ”The police in Reykjavik, they were bored, watching the speed at which I drove, and warned: ‘Hey! Be careful.’ Haha! “He said with a smile.” The police across the country know each other. We are all friends because there are only a few people. The crime rate in Iceland is low, so it is a good job to be a policeman. ” Really, the Icelandic police are busy feeding ducks and rescue the kittens climbing to the tree every day, and chatting home with Asian tourists.
  ”Have you always been a policeman?”
  ”When I was young, I drove a truck and traveled between Reykjavik and Huffin. I studied agriculture, so I stopped driving the truck and went to the farm to do consulting work. Give advice to farmers and tell them how to plan land and plant vegetable varieties. “The car drove past a small village, and he proudly said,” I know all the people here because I gave them advice before. ”
  ” Later Why would you want to be a police officer? ”
  ”Because of the age, the police work is easy, and the people in the small towns know that things can be done quickly.”
  ”Will the small towns be so troublesome and often fraudulent?” I asked.
  ”Cheat?” He didn’t understand.
  ”For example, someone did something bad, but he knew you, so he told you to use your relationship to escape punishment.”
  ”Impossible.” He responded immediately, with a firm attitude. “Small places are just the opposite, everyone We all know the things of other people. So we must protect our reputation and not do bad things. Once a scandal occurs, everyone will know. If my brother is driving at a speeding speed, I must catch him fine because I am a police officer, right Loved ones have to be stricter. They can’t make mistakes, otherwise people will think that even police relatives are speeding, and they have more reason to do bad things. ”
  No wonder Iceland is one of the cleanest countries in the world.
  ”So when the country went bankrupt, we mercilessly took those people up and sent them to jail,” he added.
  ”So family, relatives, or friends who have not been taken care of because of their relationship, will they blame you for not being emotional?”
  ”They can all understand that I am doing the right thing, and this is my profession. Only this way, society That ’s benign, is n’t it? ”
  Today, the town ’s Icelandic flag is lowered at half-mast—where it is in front of a bank, a supermarket, or even a house without knowing what to build.
  When I asked him what was going on, he told me: “A grandmother has died. The flag of his hometown will be lowered at half-mast if any Icelander dies.” The flag is no longer of political significance and everyone is lovingly loved by the motherland.
  The police
  knew the road well and took me to my place of residence …