Good breakfast improves fertility

New research shows that rich breakfast can protect the ovaries and increase fertility.

Researchers at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel have found that many women with abnormal ovarian function have “insulin resistance”, which eventually leads to higher testosterone levels in the body and reduces fertility opportunities. Further tests found that, whether it is a woman with polycystic ovary syndrome or a healthy woman, with the same total daily calorie intake of 1800 calories, it is “make breakfast and make up for dinner” (190 calories for breakfast, 980 calories for dinner ) Compared with the eating habits, the “rich breakfast and streamlined dinner” diet can help balance insulin, blood sugar and testosterone levels, and regulate menstruation and ovulation. After persisting for 90 days, the ovulation rate of women in the rich breakfast group increased by 50%, and other ovarian dysfunctions also improved.

Leader of the study, Professor Jakub Weitz pointed out that a balanced breakfast will allow the body to have enough time to absorb nutrients and process calories, which is great for health.

Liquor is a kind of wine fermented by glutinous rice. For women, it is a beauty food. The wine is rich in minerals and B vitamins, which can increase female estrogen and increase milk secretion. It is very suitable for women who need breast enhancement and breastfeeding women. You can usually drink a bowl of wine every day to supplement your body.

There are new and old wines. Generally, the longer the wine is, the better the effect is, so try to choose a wine with a long fermentation time. You can observe the old and new situation from the shape of the glutinous rice in the wine. There is a hole in the middle of the glutinous rice in the old wine, and the hole is relatively large. The glutinous rice in the new wine is just the opposite, and the hole in the center of the glutinous rice will be smaller.

Although the wine can be breast-enriched, it should not be taken too much at once, as it will increase the burden on the stomach. In addition to drinking wine, you can also use it to boil eggs. During the period of breast-feeding, you should keep your diet light and avoid spicy and irritating food. At the same time, it can also increase outdoor sports appropriately, which can strengthen the body’s immunity and increase the level of estrogen in the body.