In March, my parents and I went to Sanshan to gather fir tree mushrooms.
  We woke up early to the ferry at Datong Reservoir and asked the ferryman to take us to the entrance of Sanshanyu.
  The large Datong Reservoir has only a solitary ferry, and there is only a solitary ferryman on the ferry.
  The ferryman’s beard and hair were all white. He looked as old as his ferry. He sat on the side of the boat and smoked dry tobacco. The bamboo shoots had not been wet. It seems that he has not made a business today. .
  Hearing that we were going to Sanshanyu, the old man in the ferry extended five fingers without raising his head, which meant that we needed five yuan to pay the fee.
  Dad gritted his teeth and said, “Okay.”
  Dad also said, “At three o’clock in the afternoon, I have to trouble you to pick us up at Sanshanyu.” The
  old man on the ferry extended five fingers.
  What a snob!
  Dad gritted his teeth again and said, “Okay.” The
  ferryman said, “Give money now, don’t support the boat if you don’t give it.”
  Dad was so irritated that he didn’t expect to encounter such a difficult guy early in the morning. , But had no choice but to pay reluctantly.
  I jumped into the ferry like an elk, and it soon sailed. Unexpectedly, ferrying the elderly as thin as a firewood stalk, but holding up the boat is a tiger. He inserted the long bamboo stick into the bottom of the Datong Reservoir, and then pushed it hard, and our boat swam to the north shore like a big fish.
  Miyama mushroom is the best mushroom in the world. I believe that as long as you have had a bowl of fir tree mushroom soup, you will be looking forward to drinking the second bowl all day. It was in this hope that we decided to go for the fir tree mushroom.
  The boat finally landed, and we couldn’t wait to jump off the boat.
  ”Old man, don’t forget to pick us up at three o’clock in the afternoon.” Before leaving the boat, my father still reminded me to ferry the old man.
  ”I won’t forget.” The old man on the ferry walked back without holding back the boat. “I’ve been supporting the boat for a lifetime in Datong Reservoir, and I haven’t done anything like this.”

  The old man’s boat sailed away, and we impatiently got into the woods to pick mushrooms.
  Time is at three in the afternoon in our tireless collection. We reluctantly left the woods and rushed to the river without seeing the ferry waiting.
  The ferryman really forgot us! For one hour, two hours, three hours, we stood on the shore and waited for more than three hours without even seeing the shadow of the boat.
  ”I knew he was a snob, certainly do not come and take us!” Dad Qi Xiuxiu said, “This man, ah, a little honesty nor speak, that I would not put the money to him!”
  In At this moment, I seemed to see a small fire lit on the water surface of Datong Reservoir, and a boat was holding us with a fishing lamp!
  The boat was getting closer, and finally came to shore. We used fishing lights to see the ferry’s face clearly. The ferry was not the old man, but a 14-year-old boy.
  ”Sorry, I’ll pick you up now,” said the ferry boy. “What the hell, just come now!” Dad said angrily.
  ”I’m really sorry, my grandpa accidentally broke his leg while digging wild bamboo shoots in Dazhuyu, and he couldn’t come. We were going to send him to the town’s hospital, but he said he promised several ferries in the morning. I was asked to ferry you back no matter how late today, he was still lying in the muddy soil of the big bamboo cricket … “said the boy with tears.
  I saw my dad slowly bowed his head while sitting in the cabin. He must be ashamed of blame the old man on the ferry-we always thought we blame a good person.
  Now, more than ten years have passed, the Datong Reservoir has dried up, and there have been no ferries on the river, but I still think of the two ferries and the fishing lamp in the dark.