Boy singing loud

  Cui Yicheng regretted it.
  My mother said that she was going to take him to eat delicious food, but she and Aunt Liu have already visited every clothing store in the city, tried hundreds of clothes, and still did not mean to take a break. Can he not regret it?
  When the blindfold was blinded at dusk, the sky fell into darkness, and the street lights turned on for the second time, Mom and Aunt Liu finally sat contentedly with the clothes they bought and took Cui Yicheng to dinner.
  The three were eating deliciously, and the two young men suddenly held the guitar and stood at their table.
  ”Sorry, we didn’t order a song.” Aunt Liu refused politely.
  As if the two young men did not hear it, they plucked their fingers on the strings. As soon as they spoke, Cui Yicheng was attracted. What a lovely sound, like hitting the heart with a gentle bullet, his whole heart is numb …
  Cui Yicheng’s favorite is music lessons, music teachers always praise his sound is good, born is Singing materials, but the only regret is that he is too brave to dare to sing in front of people, only humming gently in his room.
  Even though the mother and Aunt Liu were only concerned about eating vegetables, the two young men remained calm. Cui Yicheng was a little embarrassed, but more admired, he thought: If only he had such a strong heart.
  After singing a song, Cui Yicheng applauded immediately. When the mother was about to give money, one of the young men said quickly, “Sister, we don’t need money, we just love music, and hope to get more people’s approval.”
  Suddenly, Cui Yicheng felt something was moving.
  After eating and drinking, Aunt Liu proposed to sit in the newly opened cafe next door.
  ”Mom, go with Aunt Liu, I want to go back first.” Cui Yicheng’s heart was stunned, beating like a drum. He thought his idea was too ridiculous, but once this ridiculous idea started to sprout, like a magical vine, he kept entangled in his heart, kept growing and could no longer be controlled.
  Cui Yicheng followed the guitar and found the two young men: “Brother, can I sing with you?” The
  two young men nodded with a smile: “Which song do you want to sing?
  ”Come on,” said one of the young men, plucking the strings.
  Cui Yicheng closed his eyes and pretended to be in his room. Sing the first sentence, he heard a slight tremble; sing the second sentence, his voice completely open; sing the third sentence, Cui Yicheng he found a sense of …… sing more smoothly, sing more emotionally ……
  an end, warm The applause brought him back to reality.
  ”It’s so nice, one more song!” “It’s like heaven!” With everyone’s encouragement, Cui Yicheng sang one song after another.
  It was late, and when Cui Yicheng went home, he sang again. At that moment, he actually forgot to worry about whether he would meet an acquaintance on the road.
  In the text, a young man busy said: “Sister, we don’t need money, we just love music and hope to get more people’s approval.” What effect does this sentence have on Cui Yicheng in the text? What do you think of it after you read it?