Beautiful Balkans

The Balkan Peninsula is one of the three major peninsulas in southern Europe, and it is also a good place to see the beautiful scenery and enjoy the food. We spent 15 days visiting small towns and seaside towns in Croatia, Montenegro and other countries. Although a quick glance, I was impressed by the beauty and food along the way.

Each harbour city in Croatia has its own history and story, but what remains unchanged is the blue waves of the sea, crystal clear, the sea is calm like a mirror, seabirds are flying, the sea is glowing, the sun is setting, and the port is moored in various colors. Yachts, ferries and cruise ships, the castle is solid and vicissitudes, the old streets are winding, quiet and quiet, the streets are weaving and leisurely, the market is lively, noisy and crowded.

The houses in the coastal city of Rovinj are built by the mountains and the sea. The ancient stone steps meander along with the mountains. The marble on the ground is polished by the old carriages and modern cars. The colorful colors are dazzling against the blue sky and the blue sea; a little white sails make the calm water surface animated. Occasionally, a team of red kayak rides the waves and waves to decorate the blue water more beautifully. The team’s seagulls flew over the sea and in the harbor and stopped leisurely beside people. Along the steep and smooth stone steps, it was difficult to climb to the height of a church, overlooking Italy across the sea and the small town of Rovinj. In the bright sun, the headland formed by red roofs and green vegetation stretched into light blue. Beautiful sea is dazzling!

In Zadar, known as the “most beautiful sunset” by Kirk Kirk, we had dinner at the hotel’s cliff restaurant. It was very windy and cold, but accompanied by the setting sun, eating a seafood meal and drinking pure beauty Crafted, it really tastes great! What impressed me most was the beautiful seaside town of Trogir, known for its rich Roman and Renaissance architecture. The entire town is located in the medieval city walls. The streets are crisscrossed like a maze. The sea water is pure and shiny, deep and transparent. White sailboats float on the waveless sea. Occasionally, speedboats sail across the calm sea, drawing a line The beautiful arc makes the dynamic and static beauty on the sea look so harmonious!

Dubrovnik is a small cape on the southernmost part of the Balkan Peninsula. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides. The old town is spectacular, leaving many relics from the Roman invasion, including the complete water supply system, defense system, and a section of the Great Wall It is said that the walk is 5 kilometers. Below is the blue Adriatic Sea. Take the cable car to the top of the mountain and get a bird’s-eye view of the entire city from the highest point. I can see the houses built along the slope outside the city walls, stretching to the seaside. Outside of the yacht, there are many kayak lovers dressed up gorgeously, rowing across the sea in groups, it looks great! This is also the location where the episode of “The Game of Rights” in the American hit TV series “Game of Thrones” was filmed. The next day, we took a speedboat and took a tour of Dubrovnik on the sea. We circled around this triangular headland and looked back. We saw houses built along the coast to the top of the mountain. The sunset glow dyed the blue sea to golden yellow, and a team of kayaks floated from far to near, adding vitality and color to the golden sea.

Kotor is an ancient city of world cultural heritage. It belongs to Montenegro. As the deepest harbour in the Balkans, it is surrounded by a small city wall, next to the famous Boca Bay. Deeper and deeper, there are white cruise ships floating in the blue sea in the distance, like an oil painting.

In the Balkans, many people lingered about the former Yugoslavia. We also went to Lake Bled (also known as the “eye on the mountain”), the summer resort of the former Yugoslav President Tito. The emerald-like lake surrounds a delicate lake island with the Church of Our Lady, and we board the island in the rain and fog by human boat. After eating a seafood meal in the port city of Portrotz, our group walked back along the dam. Although the sky was overcast with clouds, the sunset on the sea still dyed red, yellow, and white houses into gorgeous gold. There are many concrete trestle bridges built on the coast, and the backlighting shot from the top is so beautiful!

On the way from Dubrovnik to the airport, there is a seaside town called “Cafta”. It is built in a small bay. The sea is calm and the town is sparsely populated. The seawater is ice-green, the transparency is high, and the head is low Then you can see a small fish swimming in the water. The local old people are enjoying a leisurely time sitting on a stool by the sea. The kind of tranquility and beauty is the true embodiment of “good times!”

The scenery has been pleasing to the eye, and the food is endlessly interesting: meat-based, delicious beer, rich seafood, fresh oysters, and delicious cakes!

In the open-air dining room of the hotel’s Italian restaurant, facing the hotel’s outdoor pool and the beach below, while watching a white seagull taking a bath in the pool, eating a three-course Italian meal, the main course is squid. The two cut squids, orange-red, pink and tender, are a bit intolerable, but they feel fresh, chewy, tender and sweet in the mouth!

The first meal after getting off the plane was shocked. In addition to salads, bread and desserts, the main course was a whole pork ribs with potatoes for each person. Several meals throughout the trip were meat-based and various meat sausages. It is very delicious, and there are all kinds of barbecues. It is a paradise for meatless people.

The tour guide said that the quality of hops throughout the Balkans is very good, so each city has its own famous beer, and many are freshly squeezed. Almost every meal has beer, dark beer, white beer, yellow beer, etc. Very enjoyable!

The seafood meal for two of us in Potrods, including four kinds of fish, two kinds of shrimp, and one kind of squid, are all local seafood, with white wine, healthy and satisfying!

We tasted the famous Bled cake in Bled Castle. It looks very inconspicuous and light yellow, but the cream is rich and soft, not very sweet, and it is a perfect match for tea!

In the open-air dining of the Italian restaurant in the hotel, facing the hotel’s outdoor pool and the beach below, while watching a white seagull bathing in the pool, eating a three-course Italian meal, the main course is two rings The cut, orange-red, and pink-pink squid is a bit intolerable, and it feels fresh and chewy in the mouth, with a slight sweetness in the tenderness.

At the BBQ in Trogir Terrace that night, lighting the lights outlined the coastline more clearly, against the blue-black sea, with a mysterious feeling. On the terrace on the second floor, there is a waiter to help with barbecue, there are fish and meat, there is a western-style long table in the room, and there is a male and female backing vocal, even the waiter dances with us, very hi!

In order to taste Stone’s world-famous horseshoe oysters, we boarded a wooden boat and sailed to the oyster breeding base in the sea, where we picked up a breeding box full of oysters from the sea. The handsome guy boatman opened the oysters on the spot, accompanied by the brackish sea water, drank white wine, and squeezed the lemon juice on the fresh oysters and green mouth. One bite is very enjoyable! After eating the oysters and returning to the shore for a tuna meal, the whole tuna is cooked and then served with salt and black pepper. Although it does not have a fishy taste, the meat is not as tender as raw food!

Another feature of this trip is the experience of picking truffles. Europeans admire truffles and rank them with caviar. At a family-run truffle shop in Motovyn, we went uphill with three white poodles (supposedly all females) and found truffles while running in the muddy forest. Dogs run very fast, because they like to eat truffles, so people who pick truffles must snatch the truffles when the dogs find the truffles but have not yet entered the truffles. We ran around and found that the dog stopped at a certain place and started to plan the ground, immediately went to see and dig with a special shovel. A total of five truffles were dug. Three good truffles were taken away by the person. It was snatched by a group friend, and another was eaten by a dog.

The beautiful Balkans leave me infinite memories of beauty and food!