Be an elegant woman

A friend came to sit at home. She was wearing fashionable clothes and light makeup, but her eyes looked cold and melancholy. Looking at the calendar on the wall, she said quietly: “It’s been another year.” She talked about her dissatisfaction: the difficulties of the relationship between mother-in-law and mother, the carelessness of her lover, the naughtiness of the child … These are like “big stones” When she confided in her heart and told me, I might be able to carry her for a while, but if she couldn’t hold her heart, her troubles would still be.

I couldn’t help thinking of A Duo, she had a wonderful relationship. He is a handsome and considerate man who picks her up from work every day. She sat on the bicycle, wrapped around his waist, and smiled into a hibiscus. Seeing that the wedding was approaching, I did not expect happiness to take a sway, and then quietly slipped away.

That evening, the man rode to pick her up and was hit by a galloping car. When she arrived at the scene, she saw a blood-stained “Red Plum”, and her eyes suddenly turned black. She was grateful to meet him among thousands of people, but did not expect to have the deepest pain.

One year later, I saw A Duo in the community garden. She stood in front of the team, leading everyone to do aerobics, dancing beautiful dance steps with beautiful music. Across the crowd, the smile on her face fell into my eyes like a waterfall.

At the end of the song, she came over and we sat side by side on the stone steps. She said softly: “I want to let go of everything and start a new life, I think, this is what he expected.” After so much love and pain, she is still strong but elegant.

And my neighbor Aunt Xiao, who is also a wonderful woman. Auntie Xiao is over 60 years old. When she was young, she was the mainstay of a certain theater company. When she was young, the water sleeves on the stage danced lightly and the scenery was endless. Later, due to various reasons, the crew disbanded, she suffered a lot, and fell ill.

Aunt Xiao likes to plant flowers, and a garden is set up downstairs. When a child came to pick flowers in the garden, she smiled and said, “Be light, don’t drag the flowers.” Sometimes, she also took the initiative to pick flowers and give them to passersby or neighbors, fragrant the hearts of many people.

Someone came to learn with her. She taught free of charge and learned everything. She said to me: “Only being an auspicious person can make things go well. The so-called auspiciousness is to make others feel relaxed and happy.”

How can everything in life be satisfactory? It just depends on how you face it. We can’t control fate, but we can be elegant women. Elegant women are confident, determined, and kind. They know how to be grateful for life and are willing to calm down, smell the flowers, and listen to the birdsong.