Barrel effect in the body

A doctor friend talked with regret to one of his patients.

His patient has always been as strong as a cow. However, no one thought of it, but suddenly fell ill, and the disease never stood up again. It was his kidneys that took his young life. When he was admitted to the hospital, the doctor gave him a comprehensive physical examination. All the organs except his kidneys were free from any problems. But a tiny exosome invaded his body and caused chronic kidney disease that he had never known, and eventually healed.

The doctor told us about another of his patients, an old lady in her eighties. The old man’s abdominal cavity had a tumor. When the surgery opened her abdominal cavity, doctors were surprised to find that the old lady’s liver, spleen and stomach, and other organs were as healthy as a 50- to 60-year-old person. If it was not this malignant tumor in the abdominal cavity, Judging from the health status of the old lady’s other organs, living to the age of 100 is not a problem. However, this advanced malignant tumor in the abdominal cavity has suddenly stopped the life of the elderly.

The doctor said that many times, it is not the organs in the body that have lost our lives, and they have died of necrosis, but it is likely that only one of the organs is broken, sick, and not working. This “strike” organ suddenly became a fatal killer of a person. Judging from the barrel effect, this broken organ is the shortest board in our body.

It’s really amazing.

Our body is made up of countless organs and parts. We tend to pay more attention to and take care of those organs that we think are important, such as the brain, such as the heart, lungs, bones, and blood. They are indeed very important. In fact, it is these important organs and components that together provoke the backbone of our healthy body. But are other organs unimportant? Obviously not. If something goes wrong with any organ, it will affect our quality of life in a small way and take our lives in another.

The heart is the most important organ in our body. Having a healthy, strong, and powerful heart is the wish of many people. For this reason, we are also willing to spend more time and energy to temper it and protect it. And care for it. This is certainly true, but if you have a strong heart, but do not have a healthy stomach, no matter how strong your heart is, there is nothing you can do. By the same token, muscle development will not make up for a nutritionally incomplete or incomplete brain.

The theory of wooden barrels tells us that the length and quality of life does not depend on the particular health and development of one of our organs or parts. No matter how long a board is, it will not allow our bucket of life to hold more water. If we want to live long and lively, we need all our organs, all parts, and health.

This is our body, so is our life.

Everyone has their own strengths and advantages, and inevitably have their own shortcomings and regrets. The success of a person often depends on his strengths, being able to excel, and having a stronger strength than others, he may stand out from the crowd and become a leader in a certain area. However, whether a person is excellent or complete depends on his short board. The fewer short boards, the smaller the gap between the short board and the long board, the more likely a talent is to achieve a good life.

A wise person often conceals his lack of practical ability; a brave person may not be known for his coldness and ruthlessness; a bright-looking person may be very shy … “The scenery was temporary, but the short board must be the last straw that ruined their lives. If you succeed in the long board, you must destroy the short board. From this perspective, it is important to see your own strengths and strengths, and to recognize your deficiencies and make up for them is more valuable and beneficial to life.

If we can’t make our long board better than others, it doesn’t matter, we can also let our short board not be inferior to others, our barrel of life may still be full and full.