Wrinkles reveal healthy little secrets

Forehead wrinkles: related to depression

Wrinkles suggest that horizontal wrinkles on the forehead are a sign of whether a person is diligent in thinking. If the wrinkles on the forehead are inconsistent and wavy, such a person will soon have a restless condition, may have pain in the spirit, and may suffer from depression.

Response measures: Do something happy, relieve stress for yourself, and use your hands to gently stretch your forehead with your hands.

Wrinkles on the cheeks: blood vessels may have problems

Wrinkles suggest that cheek wrinkles are easy to see vascular problems. If the right face is deeper than the wrinkles on the left face, it is probably not good for the liver. A twill appears on the cheeks to check for high blood pressure. If a sickle-shaped wrinkle appears on the cheekbones, there may be a disease on the foot.

Response measures: pay attention to the combination of vegetarian diet in the diet, you can also often engage in some moderate exercise.

Nasal wrinkles: the organ represented is the heart

Wrinkles suggest that nasal wrinkles are inherited wrinkles. If there are many cruciform wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, the possibility of severe lesions in the spine or kidney is not ruled out, and the spine of the person with such wrinkles usually deforms.

Response: To enhance heart function, drink a small amount of red wine every day.

Wrinkles between the eyebrows: may represent tension and stress

Wrinkle hints: When you are concentrating on meditation or anger, there will be so-called angry wrinkles between the two eyebrows; under the tension or weight of physical and mental health, angry wrinkles will follow. In addition, the eyebrow lines may also be a sign that the sinus is not very good.

Response: If you want to improve your attention, eat 5 to 10 sweet almonds a day. Almonds are known as the best nerve food, and nuts are good for memory.

Eye wrinkles: representing emotions

Wrinkles suggest that wrinkles around the eye are often referred to as smile wrinkles or emotional wrinkles. It is easy to appear around the eyes when you are worried, worried or sad. The upper eyelids are wrinkled and may be a sign of bad heart. The crow’s feet are dense in the corners of the eyes, which is a manifestation of hearing loss and migraine.

Response: You should control your emotions and relax your body and mind.

Wrinkles at the moment: a sign of detoxification

Wrinkles suggest that the eye bags are severely in need of kidney. Half-moon wrinkles appear under the eyes, which are signs of kidney, bladder and heart disease.

Response: Diet should have alkaline foods and drink plenty of water. In order to make the thin skin under the eyes not relax early, care should be taken to use the appropriate eye cream early.

Vertical lines on the mouth: reduced hormone levels

Wrinkles suggest that when the body is deficient in estrogen, vertical small wrinkles appear on the mouth, so it marks a decrease in hormone levels. If the long wrinkles appearing from the nose to the lips are diagonal, your heart may not be good.

Response: Soy, wheat, and many vegetables (such as broccoli, gourd, etc.) have the effect of improving hormonal balance.

Lip side lines: may be a sign of stomach disease

Wrinkles suggest that wrinkles begin at the side edge of the lips and slope downward. The wrinkles on the right reveal that the liver and gallbladder are overburdened, and the wrinkles on the left signal a problem with the spleen. Small wrinkles in the corners of the mouth may be characterized by arrogance and stomach problems.

Response: Doctors believe that the liver is most active between 1-3 am. If you wake up often in the middle of the night, consider using some liver supplements. In terms of diet, chestnuts have a nourishing effect on the liver and spleen.