“Witch Town” Grand Trial

  In 1692, a terrible terrorist massacre occurred in Salem town in northeastern Boston today. More than 20 people were brutally killed and more than 200 people were arrested and imprisoned. This is one of the famous defamation cases in American history. What happened to the little town? What caused this cruel and chaotic situation?
  The day just dawned, the light of the torch was still very dazzling. In the open space of Salem, northeast of Boston, USA, many residents of the town gathered. A woman named Brigitte Bishop was surrounded by a bright group of torches. Her legs shivered, her hands were tied, and she was helplessly climbing the ladder in the urging of the people behind her. The lasso wrapped around her neck, and she complained for the last time she was not guilty, but it was only in vain. The ladder under her feet was ruthlessly withdrawn, and her legs were hung in the air to make the final struggle. After 3 minutes, the world seemed to be in an endless silence, and the life of the people on the gallows ended.
  The suffering of Bishop has been completely over, but the witch trial in Salem has just begun. The next trial was becoming more and more unreasonable and became one of the most famous defamation cases in American history.
  Satan wound crazy girl
  all a strange thing in January 1692 from talking about. Pastor Samuel Paris’s 11-year-old niece Abigail and her 9-year-old daughter, Betty, suddenly had strange behaviors, with ambiguous words, throwing things, and convulsions, looking painful. Unbearable. Soon, this weird symptom spread, and other girls in the town began to see similar situations.
  The doctor can’t judge the source of the strange behavior of these infected girls, but the strange symptoms of these girls are similar to those of a sermon in a missionary book, which makes Paris suspect that the Native Americans or witches cast a curse on them. They make them entangled in demons and behave differently.
  Pastor Parris is an important spiritual leader of the local Puritans. He is committed to defeating the devil Satan and Satan’s minions in the world – the wizard. In this case, Paris constantly asked Abigail and Betty whether they had encountered suspicious “outsiders” until they said vaguely the names of several people: Goode, a homeless cockroach Osborne, a very poor old woman; and Tituba, the slave of the Paris family.
  The accusations of the two girls appeared to be “iron evidence”, and the three suspicious people were quickly arrested.
  Spread a wave of terror
  from allegations Abigail and Betty began, it appeared a vicious cycle of mutual accusations. As the incident heats up, the witch is taken as the culprit and everyone is at risk. First, some people at the bottom of the society were suspected, and even some Christians were accused. Many people who are not witches have been defamed, and they have been labeled as witches, setting off an unprecedented wave of persecution. In order to elute the suspicion and prove that you are not a witch, everyone has accused those who may endanger their own safety. Within a few weeks, the incident continued to ferment, the neighbors smashed their knives in the back, the children accused the parents, the husband revealed his wife, and even the pastor was accused.
  The judge also tried indiscriminately, inducing witnesses to say some testimony that the judge wanted to hear. They not only exert tremendous pressure on the innocent girls being interrogated, but even directly induce them to modify their testimony in court. In the list of defendants, most of them are the eyes of the Puritan judges. These people are not sympathetic to the Native Americans. They are against the Puritan beliefs and cannot escape the prison. A nurse named Rebecca had already obtained a acquittal, but the judge retracted her for conviction on the grounds that “the hearing of the masses had objections to the judgment.” How arbitrarily this kind of trial is, can be seen.
  The waves were like wildfires, spreading rapidly from small villages to other parts of the North American colonies. Many innocent lives were pushed into prison in the slash of the crowd, and some were hanged. In this trial of the wizard, 200 people were accused of being demons, 150 were jailed, 19 were sentenced to witches, hanged to death, and four died in prison. An 80-year-old simple farmer, Giles Corey, was unwilling to be involved and accused of others, and was finally executed in a terrible way. The executioner pressed heavy stones on him, and after three days, the old man suffocated and died. Until the governor’s wife was accused, this crazy persecution was over.
  In 1702, the Massachusetts court announced the unjust result of the abolition of the Salem trial. In 1992, at the 300th anniversary of the Salem trial, the Massachusetts State Assembly passed a resolution announcing the restoration of honor for all victims of the Salem Witch Judgment 300 years ago.
  Stir up dissent scourge
  Salem witch trials town most amazing event in a seemingly harmonious and peaceful community can suddenly become angry mob, and honest, upright people can in this environment Changed his identity quickly and became a cruel murderer. Originally, “sorcerers” and “witchcraft” were more easily associated with “evil forces,” but in the trials of Salem, the true hands of the priests, judges, and Puritans.
  Puritanism was a strict Christian school brought to the United States by British colonists. These Puritans were mainly gathered in Massachusetts. They not only resist all authoritative forces, but also promote their beliefs everywhere. They believe that what they believe is the true belief that God has chosen. Other races and other religions are the products of lower-level devils. Native Americans The race is especially poor. Since about 1 in 10 Puritans lost their lives in the struggle against Native Americans, they are prone to mistrust, fear and hatred towards Aboriginal people. The lack of a managed court and administrative mechanism made the Puritan judges free to break the case with their own likes and dislikes, resulting in the tragedy of the town of Salem.
  In addition, there is a clear difference between the plaintiff and the defendant’s area of ​​residence: the majority of the plaintiffs live in the village of Salem, and 82% of the defendants are from the edge of the village or close to commercial towns. At that time, the village center still adhered to the traditional Puritan culture. The economy was also dominated by traditional agriculture. In its outer area, some more secular and wealthier businessmen began to rise. These two forces struggled. However, the traditional forces in the village center hold a powerful weapon – religion. Taking advantage of the witch’s trial, the pastors and judges representing traditional forces took the opportunity to dissipate their dissidents and eradicate the emerging forces that contradict their own thoughts. This led to the whole incident becoming more and more troublesome, and the trial judge did not act as a mess, allowing a large number of innocent people to be sentenced to imprisonment.
  Commit a sin of bacteria
  in retrospect, it was in town girls strange disease is just an excuse to town each forces to eliminate dissidents, but those girls are really sick of. Of course, this is not a witch’s spell, what is it that makes them behave strangely?
  Now, scientists speculate that the symptoms of a sick girl are likely to be symptoms of a poison caused by a fungus called ergot.
  The ergot fungus is a toxic fungus that mainly parasitizes in grasses such as rye, barley, and oats, and forms a hard hyphal tissue, ergot, in these plants. Ergot contains 12 alkaloids, some of which are toxic, can cause muscle spasm, and can cause hallucinations in poisoned people. At the end of the 17th century, the toxicity of ergot bacteria has not been studied. People do not care about this substance. The grain collection and flour processing processes are usually not treated in a fine manner, and it is easy to produce ergot. Therefore, there is a case of poisoning due to consumption of ergot.
  Abigail and Betty are probably sharing some food with their partners and taking a certain amount of ergot toxin. Coupled with the younger children and weaker constitutions, the symptoms of toxins are very obvious. The gibberish in their mouths is most likely due to hallucinations, what is said in a dreamlike world, not a conversation with the devil “Satan.” Symptoms of convulsions and stiff body posture are also most likely due to the stimulation of muscle and nerves by ergot toxin.
  A group of children, the “food poisoning” caused by the wrong thing, even because of the lack of scientific research at that time, medical technology is not advanced, implicated a nightmare-like persecution tragedy, it is really sigh.