Winter health, the most suitable kidney

  In winter, the natural environment is yang, and it is cold in the cold, and all things are closed, which is most conducive to the closure of human yang and kidney essence. At the same time, the winter is cold outdoors, people are less active and eat more, the human body has strong absorption function and strong anabolism, which can well cultivate yang and cultivate vital energy. Therefore, it is best to raise kidney in winter.
  Moderate exercise early evening to lying
  winter to bed early evening, time to get up, go out after the sun came out the best. Early sleep and early sleep can ensure adequate sleep, which is conducive to the accumulation of yang and the accumulation of kidney essence. Get up late, go out late, wait for the sun, you can avoid the cold, avoid the cold evil to dampen yang, damage the kidneys. Winter is a season of closure, exercise is required, but it is not suitable for exercise. At the same time, it is not advisable to sweat too much during exercise, so as not to damage the yang, damage the kidney essence, and violate the health requirements of the winter “hidden”.
  Go cold on temperature guard yang
  winter to cold on temperature, guard yang is very important, in addition to the use of indoor heating facilities, the elderly and infirm should pay particular attention to the back and feet warm. In addition, winter out must be good for cold and warm, outdoor clothes can not be too thin, not too long to stay outdoors, so as not to damage the yang and damage the kidneys.
  The diet should be less salty and more bitter warm
  winter weather is cold, yang closed Tibet, human yang and kidney essence also in a period of accumulation, the diet should be warm, it should be hidden calories based. Therefore, winter diet should be selected to contain high-quality protein and foods that have the effect of preventing cold and warmth, such as chicken, beef, lamb, dog meat, eggs, walnuts, chestnuts, and longan and red dates.
  In the winter, when the kidneys are ordered, the kidneys are too strong, and the kidneys are watery and salty. The heart is fire and bitter. The kidneys are easy to be sad. Therefore, the diet in winter needs to be “more bitter, less salty”, such as nuts and yellow. Slightly bitter and bitter, both kidney and clear fire, the most suitable for winter consumption.
  Swallow saliva health simple
  pharynx saliva is a traditional Chinese health regimen of kidney meridians, simple and easy line, long-term adherence, can make plenty of kidney essence, gas foot San Want, looks not dry, paying attention, so as to achieve the old but not bad, The purpose of health for longevity. Here are a few common pharyngeal regimens.
  Swallowing saliva: gently close your lips, use your tongue to rub the sputum, turn around ~ 20 ~ 40, there is saliva secretion in the mouth, and then slowly swallow, 2 to 3 times a day.
  Drumsticks and pharynx method: Close your lips and blow your breath outwards. The two sputum will bulge, the tongue will move back and forth in the two sacs, and the saliva will be secreted quickly. When the saliva is more in the mouth, it will slowly swallow. 2 to 3 times a day.
  Caries and pharynx: Close your lips, gently rub the upper and lower teeth, and then use your tongue to stir the teeth. Usually around the teeth, first left and right, first outside and then inside, first up and down, then gently stir 30 Second, the force should be soft and natural, then the tongue hits the upper part to gather the liquid, and when the saliva increases, the drum is covered with more than 10 times. Finally, it is swallowed by 3 mouths and sent to the umbilical dantian.
  Qigong cooperates with pharyngeal saliva: sit down, eliminate distracting thoughts, tongue on the upper jaw, close the jaws, and after adjusting to calm, saliva comes from the source. When the saliva is full, the head slowly swallows and sends the navel to the umbilical Under the Dantian.
  Depending on the drug regimen may be body
  population or sub-healthy kidney physical state, depending on the circumstances, the drug supplemented nursed under the guidance of Chinese medicine practitioners.
  Kidney yang deficiency syndrome, many have chills, cold, warm and cold, pale or blue, pale stool, long urine, nocturia, and summer and winter, can take single-flavor drugs Such as velvet, hippocampus, Cistanche, Cynomorium, etc., Chinese patent medicines such as Jinqi Shenqi Pills, Yougui Pills and so on. Kidney yin deficiency syndrome, often have body weight loss, palm heart fever, hot and cold, hot stool, dry stool, yellow urine or hot flashes, night waking, and winter and summer, can take a single drug like scorpion , Hawthorn meat, Ligustrum lucidum, black sesame seeds, etc., Chinese patent medicines such as Liuwei Dihuang Pills, Zuogui Pills, etc. Kidney yin and yang deficiency, manifested as five upset hot, night sweats, or spontaneous sweating, cold limbs, or insomnia, more dreams, etc., can take single-flavor drugs such as Shouwu, yam, black sesame, etc., Chinese patent medicine like the whole deer Pills, Erxian soup, etc.