Why did a fraudster become a baby in Australia

A person named Wang Liqiang was recently released by the Australian media as a Chinese intelligence officer and “sincerely” to Australian intelligence agencies. The Sydney Morning Herald, which has always been anti-China, described that Wang had previously worked in an investment company in Hong Kong that was a front-line intelligence agency in China and personally participated in a large number of political and intelligence penetrations into universities in Hong Kong. He also claimed to be involved in 2015. The “kidnapping” of booksellers in Causeway Bay is responsible for negotiating and carrying out follow-up tasks.

Wang Liqiang also claimed that the intelligence department he was in charge of infiltrating Taiwan’s media, temples and grassroots organizations successfully influenced the “Nine-in-one” local elections last year and affected the upcoming “elections” in Taiwan. He himself obtained a fake Korean passport and was ordered to travel to Taipei to influence the “presidential election.”

In addition, Wang also disclosed details of the actions of “China exerts political influence in Australia”.

When ordinary people listen, Wang should be a very senior and even an intelligence officer in an important position. However, this Wang Liqiang is only 26 years old (the foreign media said that he is 27 years old), he has been married and has children, his wife and children are in Australia, and his open goal of “sincerely” to Australia is to apply for “political asylum.”

Does the Chinese feel that this person is quite speculative, like a liar? Yes, the Shanghai police disclosed the true identity of the king on Saturday night. His real name is Wang Liqiang. In 2016, he was sentenced to one year and three months in prison by the Guangming County People’s Court of Fujian Province for fraud. He was suspended for one year and six months. This guy is now cheating on the international community.

As everyone knows, entering the Chinese national security department must pass the civil service examination, many of whom are graduates of master’s degree or even doctoral degree, and at least graduate from university. A 26-year-old person is a recruit in the intelligence system. How could he have the opportunity to be in such an important position as Wang Liqiang described? In 2015, he was just 22 years old. Even if he was really fortunate enough to enter the national security department early, he was still in the internship training stage where everyone called the “teacher”. He was able to be entrusted with the responsibility of “responsible and follow-up for a certain task.” Work now? The only thing I can explain is that everything he said is compiled.

Moreover, this person has already had children at the age of 26 (how unclear the children are), which is not common in the workplaces of large cities in China, especially in the national security system. Wang’s wife and children have gone to Australia. He is like a “naked official”. This is even more bizarre in the national security system. So many impossible and low-probability things come together. This is like a stinking mud in the gutter. How can the story lie to the Australian intelligence department?

We believe that if the Australian intelligence department truly believes in the king, it will act in secret and will never let the media intervene before implementing a series of actual counter-intelligence actions. Even if the matter is finally handed over to the media, the story of the king will be turned into conclusive evidence, instead of being thrown out like a joke.

What is even more likely is that the Australian intelligence service highly doubts the opportunistic purpose of Wang’s “investment” and does not believe that Wang’s description really has any intelligence value.

But they saw that the story of Wang is very “seasonal” and has a very high public opinion value. Let it be true and false, first put it on the field of public opinion, black and white China.

Therefore, the “Sydney Morning Herald”, which has no bottom line in smearing China, has rushed to the front line. In the cooperation and squad of other Western media, it quickly swarmed “one Chinese intelligence personnel” into the “big news” in Western public opinion.

They have their own place. Australian intelligence agencies have demonstrated their loyalty to the Western system through this incident. The Australian media such as the Sydney Morning Herald have earned enough attention. Wang Liqiang is more able to describe to the Australian side his “risk” once he returns to China and increase his access to ” The probability of political asylum status.

This disgusting drama can behave like a real thing in Australia and the West, deceiving a large audience, reflecting the extent to which the atmosphere of hostility against China in the Western public opinion field has been strengthened. The deformed atmosphere has become a hotbed for all kinds of demonized Chinese stories. Western public opinion is in a crazy era of speaking about China and disregarding facts and logic in the direction of reporting China.