What should I do if my old wife “can’t keep up with the rhythm”?

  People are getting old, this is the law of nature. When we have been through a certain period of time, the joy of sex is slowly disappearing. How can we maintain this kind of pleasure? This requires the joint efforts of both husband and wife.
  I am in my 60s this year. After I entered the old age, I began to worry about myself because I couldn’t keep up with the rhythm in my sexual life. Then I worried about my husband and added a lot of troubles. At present, under the careful and active staff, I am working hard to find a solution.
  He started complaining about my piece of “gold brick” of
  his wife 3 years younger than me, when he became a sports teacher in high school, I was close to the school language teacher. We met people, but his family blocked us because I was older than him. However, the lover has a deep affection for me. He said that marriage is his own, and it is best to be unsuitable for himself. He vowed to me: “Isn’t that ‘women’s junior, holding the bricks’? You are holding this piece of gold bricks!”
  These years after marriage, we have a very good relationship, not only relying on each other in life, but also in business. Help each other and be excellent teachers in their respective schools. And our son is also a graduate student and has a satisfactory job, which makes us very proud.
  However, after menopause, especially since the age of 59, I gradually hated his entanglement with me. After the age of 65, I always try to hide from him at night. Lovers exercise all the year round, the body is better than the average person, the demand for the husband and wife is still strong, and I have “cannot match” with him. Sometimes, I really can’t beat him, I can barely cope.
  I can’t keep up with the rhythm. He started to understand something. He said, “How do you say that you are old? You thought that retirement life is very relaxed, you can do whatever you want!” Later, he spoke out some regrets from time to time.
  The lover has a good temper and has not quarreled with me. For so many years, he has always respected me. I look like a big sister in his eyes. That night, I rushed to give him a “brainwashing”. I said, “You recall memories. When I was young, wasn’t it? Now, I am getting old. I found a survey report on aging life from the Internet. Men and women have great differences in sex, both psychologically and physically…” In order to be able to avoid him, I proposed that he slept at night and snored too much, just moving his bed to another room.
  I began to worry about him to me, “infidelity” a
  rather sleep housing distribution, he accepted. He said: “You dislike me snoring, I still dislike you turning over and over every night, and make the bed swaying!” After the split, I have another thought, often thinking about whether he will betray me.
  After retirement, he pulled a team in the square to practice Tai Chi, and he was the coach of more than 20 people. At first I was very supportive of him. I felt that when he had something busy and distracted, I was relieved, otherwise it would be annoying to get together every day.
  I don’t know when he gets up in the morning because of the split. In order to find out, for a few days in the morning, I did not tell him, quietly came to the square and peeked at them to exercise. I found that they are mostly female members of this Tai Chi team, and some of them are quite young, and they are inexplicably jealous. In particular, when he is teaching a young team member, I even “count counts” for them, for fear that he will touch the woman’s hand for too long. I remember that recently, the morning exercise was over, people dispersed, and a female team member was pestering him to ask this question. I leaned a little further, although I heard that I was asking for Tai Chi techniques, but I couldn’t bear it. I shouted at him: “Go home and eat! The rice is cold.”
  After returning home, he criticized me for not being like this. Do, let him have no face. I said, I am afraid that you will be born for a long time, so that I have no face. He was anxious and said that I was “unreasonable.”
  I am no longer arguing with him. However, I have a principle in my heart: I have no ability, and I can’t let you derail! Although I know that he is not that kind of person, beware of it is always needed.
  In the evening, we routinely entered each room, sleeping in each bed. It’s been a long time, so it’s not a way to sleep in such a room. One day and a half, my stomach was ill, and I vomited and diarrhea. Originally, I wanted to call him, and I was afraid of disturbing him to rest. However, I was finally tossed out of strength and planted at the bedside.
  He ran over when I heard the sound of my voice. Give me medicine, feed water, and drive me to the hospital. After returning from the hospital, he moved his bed back decisively. He said, you, “can’t keep up with the rhythm”, there is no need to hide, sex life can only be part of the marriage life, the husband and wife are old, the sex is weak, the feeling is still, we are not stipulated “white head to the old”? Rest assured, I will not give you too much burden on sexual issues, nor will I be sorry for you!
  Listen to his remarks, I cry, cry is “warm” ……
  we are actively seeking “measures” the
  re-moved into a room, there is indeed a problem in sleeping habits.
  That day, the meticulous people together helped me out. Sun Jie said that the child took us on a tour and stayed at a hotel. Inspired by the hotel bed, we contacted the manufacturer and made two special beds after we went home – each 1.2 meters wide. When the two beds were tied together, there was a big gap in the middle. The advantage of this is that I can sway freely on the bed, and he can’t feel it; when he snoring, I push it out and the snoring can stop.
  I suggest that I try it. Soon, I also had two special beds. One night, the lover’s cholelithiasis was committed. When he started to hurt, he pushed me. I immediately woke up and quickly called him to the hospital. He was relieved of pain because he was found to be timely. Trying to divide the bed like this does not separate the house. We all feel feasible. Not only do we interfere with each other, but more importantly, what needs and is not expected at night, we will directly perceive that this is the mutual help between the old wife and the old wife.
  At the same time that the bed problem was solved, we returned to the issue that sexual demand did not “match”. The lover found that I was still worried that he was entangled, and gave me a “reassuring”. He said that we have been through the storm for so many years, who does not know that sex life is not the whole of marriage life, and that the expression of sex is more than just sexual life, fantasy, flirting, humor, teasing and other forms. Feelings and emotional expressions can maintain marital relationship and are an important part and complement of sexual life. He is so sensible, I have no pressure, and the elderly can adopt a new approach, and they can live in harmony.
  Recently, under the meticulous proposal, our old two men have tried a new “countermeasure” to advance the original 9:30 to 9 o’clock. Using half an hour to chat, he said that he had an interesting story about the Taijiquan team. I talked about the street community. He talked about the health and wellness knowledge. I commented on the wonderful social scene…
  In fact, the elderly couple life can be rich and colorful. Relaxing your eyes, there is really a lot of happiness to harvest.
  Less “complaints”, more “countermeasures”
  Many old wives and wives’ “sexual complaints” about their partners, mostly because they do not match each other’s sexual needs, or they suspect that the other party needs too much, or they blame the other half. On your own rhythm.” In fact, for sex, both male and female are very different, both psychologically and physically. Both husband and wife should prevent this difference in advance, and men should not give the woman too much burden on sexual issues. After all, when people are old, they are still much worse than younger ones, and they cannot be indulged. From a female point of view, you can’t feel that the old man’s wife doesn’t need some close contact, and avoiding is not the way.
  Mutual understanding is more harmonious. When we have experienced a certain number of years, the joy of sex is slowly disappearing. To ensure a good attitude requires the joint efforts of both husband and wife. As you grow older and your body changes, you should explore a reasonable sex plan that suits you, paving the way for a harmonious life, and helping each other for the rest of your life. Mutual understanding between husband and wife can eliminate barriers and misunderstandings, overcome bad psychology, and make the old wife’s emotions last forever.