What is the definition of a good man?

  Recently, I visited a well-known female president. Two years ago, she was a catastrophe when she was young. She almost turned into a vegetative person because of the failure of surgery.
  After returning to her life, her memory is almost exhausted and her body movements cannot be coordinated. When she was in critical condition, the gentleman told her son: “Mom may not be the mother who is capable and radiant in the past. We have to take care of her forever.” Fortunately, she overcame everything. Mr. accompanied her to rehabilitate, along the way, she returned to the workplace, more humane than before, and the company’s territory has expanded. She said that one of the luckiest things in her life was to have a good man to accompany.
  Listening to her story about Mr., she found her husband very interesting. When he was 40, he decided to retire and live the life he had thought of. Since the wife is a rare elite, he is fully supportive of his wife’s work behind his back. If his wife has problems that cannot be solved, he is her spiritual teacher. Sometimes she is in her head, and he even has to return a debt that he thought would not be returned. He never interfered with her life choices, but at the crucial moment in her life, he never walked away.
  I asked her: “What is your definition of a good man?” She replied without hesitation: “A good man is a mature man. The so-called maturity is that it is difficult to meet, not just want to complain or vent your emotions, it will help you, Will not hold you down.”
  Yes, good men do not have to worship. A man with this trait must be sure of his or her own life direction and a firm self-confidence that will give women a real sense of security.
  They are a couple who can provide each other with a sense of security. She has always regarded her son, who was born in her husband’s previous marriage, as a woman with a big measure.
  Good man, good woman, to put it bluntly, or the word Emotional. Emotional intelligence is not always from childhood. Some people have a good temper and some have cultivated well, but that is not a high emotional intelligence. In the face of difficulties, it is possible to overcome the difficulties, support each other, and calm down.
  Only the other half of the high emotional intelligence can really be good to you.