Well, how is he depressed?

  Recently, actress Jiuyi Zha has suffered from major depression and severe anxiety on Weibo. She said frankly: “Why am I so interesting? It is because I have died many times before I know the meaning of life.” Searching for news of star suffering from depression: Cui Yongyuan, the famous host, often hit his head against the wall during a depression episode. Once, he was almost a light-hearted student; Chen Kun had been fighting depression for 5 years, and he was afraid to stay close to the window for a few years in his illness, fearing that he would jump at any time; Fan Xiaoling, the little witch of the ghost horse elf, chose to jump off the building when he was most seriously ill. People hugged in time; comedy master Chaplin, “Mr. Bean” Rovin Akinson, and Hollywood comedy Kim Kerry all suffered from different degrees of depression; movie star Leslie Cheung, Joe Ren Liang, Robin Williams They all committed suicide due to depression…

  Many people say that they are puzzled – “These movie stars look good, live beautiful, fame and fortune, and have unlimited scenery. How can he be depressed?” Others will think:
  ”Only poor psychological quality, weak resistance, glass The heart of the person will be depressed!”
  But you know, the United States recognized the greatest president of history Abraham Lincoln and British Iron and Blood Prime Minister Churchill Churchill had suffered from depression before his death. Churchill once said: “Depression in the heart is like a black dog. I will bite me when I have a chance.” This is the origin of the black dog becoming synonymous with depression.
Who is easy to be depressed

  ”Well, how can he be depressed?” The mystery is sometimes as difficult as depression itself.
  What we have to understand is that people who have the characteristics of “having money and status”, “looking very good”, “strong personality” and “lively and cheerful” are not necessarily vulnerable to depression, perhaps the opposite is true.
  Depression is not the same as “sadness”, “depression”, “loneness”, “fragility”, these self-repairing bad emotions, but a disease that affects one’s thinking, feelings and behavior.

  In China, there have been more than 50 million people with depression. And around the world, one in every 25 people suffers from depression. Two-thirds of these people have thought about suicide, and even some people have tried self-harm and suicide many times. People often say that “death is not afraid, but also afraid of what.” For people with depression, the only thing they are not afraid of is death. The World Health Organization report confirms that depression is the leading cause of illness and disability worldwide.
  So, who is easy to be depressed?
People who are unwilling to express their emotions

  After a child is born, his way of treating the outside world is curious and exploratory. If frustrated during the exploration process, the child will try to return to the safe base (next to her mother) to seek comfort. If at this time, the role of the mother is missing, or the mother is blaming the child for seeking comfort, then the child is more likely to suppress his emotions after being frustrated, become unwilling to express, and not good at expressing emotions.
  Perhaps for some people with depression, once they express their true emotions, they get the indifference of the people around them, or do not understand: “Why are you always unhappy?” “This is no big deal, don’t be too emotional!” “When sincere expressions get indifferent or negative feedback, gradually, they will think that no one cares about themselves.
  Instead of exposing your weaknesses and hurting, it is better to wrap yourself up and not let others see the true self. Keeping silent is the way they learn to protect themselves in the process.
a person who is used to suppressing others to please others

  Some people are used to continually wooing others, thinking that only by trying to show a friendly side and making each other happy, others will like themselves. The “depression” of oneself is not good and cannot be accepted and loved by everyone. Therefore, when depression is coming, they tend to be dumb and unable to express real emotions. In the end, it completely suppresses all the unhappiness, smiles, and goes deeper into the bottom of my heart.
  There is a depressed visitor who never says “no” to people. Even if someone asks her to do something she doesn’t want to do, she would rather endure the uncomfortable feelings and refuse to reject others. In addition, she found herself unable to vent her emotions in front of others. When she is not happy, she can only quietly suppress, or find a corner to grieve and cry.
  For these people, it is difficult to directly express negative emotions and real needs. Because they worry about expressing negative emotions, they will destroy the relationship or cause trouble to others. But in fact, their “friendliness” has become a problem, suppressing their own needs and emotions. In the pleas of smiling, their symptoms of depression are getting worse and worse, no one knows they need help.

  Perfectionists usually do things rigorously and perfectly, and cannot accept any embarrassment. A patient with major depression has admitted that even when considering a suicide plan, they will be required to arrange every detail before the suicide, including time, place, environment, clothing, and even do all the work with colleagues in advance. Handover.
  At the same time, perfectionists are more likely to have low self-esteem and low self-evaluation. They are always dissatisfied with themselves and cannot accept themselves. Hot Yiza told the media that she could not stop the voice and said in her mind: “You are useless!” She was very painful, but she still had to work hard. Work hard, work hard, and work hard. But no matter how hard you try, you still can’t identify with yourself.
a person who has to keep smiling for a long time

  There are some people, no matter what their inner feelings are, because they have to keep smiling for a long time because of objective reasons. For example, some people in the service industry are typical representatives.
  Joy, anger, sorrow, and fear are the basic emotions of human beings and should be released naturally. If the psychological condition and facial expression are inconsistent, it will increase the psychological burden. Over time, the negative emotions that have been suppressed for a long time will accumulate and eventually lead to psychological collapse.
Indulging in the “dead house” of electronic products

  A US study shows that the more time you use your phone, the more likely you are to be depressed. A Chinese study showed that spending too much time on the Internet would increase the risk of depression by a factor of 2.5.
  People who are depressed may tend to avoid things that are very cumbersome and make them feel painful or difficult, so spend most of their time surfing the internet or playing games instead of chatting with friends. This is also a common escape from depression.
Ten major symptoms of depression

  Continued depressed mood, feelings of emptiness, worthlessness
  to lose interest in things around
  loss of appetite or surge, there are significant changes in body weight
  sleep problems, insomnia or sleepiness
  behavior changes (irritability, slow)
  feel tired, not the spirit of
  low self-evaluation, negative thinking
  of inattention, slow thinking
  there is the idea of death
  more than two weeks
  ’ sick is not wrong, healing is not a shame. “Because we misconceptions about depression, many patients do not want to speak out about his illness, would not choose to go to counseling And treatment. In China, more than 70% of patients with depression have not been treated in time. I hope that everyone can re-recognize depression, get rid of depression and live happily.

Self-Rating Depression Scale

  Please choose an answer that suits your needs based on your actual feeling of the week. Please do not miss any item or repeat it on the same item.

1. Calculation of results

  (1) Adding the scores of the 20 items, that is, obtaining a rough score.
  (2) Standard score = total coarse fraction × 1.25 and rounded up.
2. Analysis of results (Chinese norm)

  (1) Good state, the lower the score, the better the state: the standard score is <53 points.   (2) Mild depression: The standard score is 53 to 62 points.   (3) Moderate depression: The standard score is 63 to 72 points.   (4) Major depression: standard score > 72 points.
3. Precautions

  (1) SDS is mainly suitable for adults with depressive symptoms, and it is applicable to psychological counseling clinics and psychiatric clinics or hospitalized mental patients. It is difficult to assess depressed patients with severe blockage symptoms.
  (2) Regarding the classification of depressive symptoms, in addition to the reference scale score, it is mainly based on clinical symptoms. In particular, the degree of critical symptoms is divided, and the scale score can only be used as a reference indicator rather than an absolute standard.