Unknown monsters in the depths of the ocean

  Today, scientists have used high-tech tools such as satellites and radar to detect the ocean, but we still cannot fully grasp the knowledge of the ocean. For us, it is still a mysterious place. A few kilometers under the water, there are many things that we can’t imagine, and there are many mysteries that are difficult to explain.
  Jellyfish species “immortal” secret
  American film “youth” of the protagonist Benjamin Button is a violation of human laws of nature. When he was born, he was an old man. Later he became younger and younger, he changed back to a baby and eventually died in the shackles. There is a very unique jellyfish in the deep sea, with the magical powers like Barton, called the lighthouse jellyfish.
  The lighthouse jellyfish are about 4 to 5 mm long and they can rejuvenate under certain conditions. They are also the only ones of the currently known species that return to their infancy after sexual maturity. In the process of rejuvenation, the lighthouse jellyfish’s umbrella cover will be everted, all the tentacles will be retracted, and the size will shrink. Just like the real version of the time back, it will eventually return to the juvenile watery stage, and then like the newborn larvae, it will slowly When you grow up, you will grow your tentacles again and start a new life. The rebirth process takes place very quickly, and the chances of this process happen to be observed in the vast sea.
  What is even more amazing is that the process of rejuvenation can be repeated indefinitely, and the sci-fi-like super power makes the lighthouse jellyfish escape the fate of the common jellyfish after sexual reproduction. In theory, as long as the lighthouse jellyfish are not eaten or killed by other creatures, they can survive forever and “live forever”. For a lighthouse jellyfish, even scientists can’t tell how old it is. Through analysis, some bioscientists believe that the lighthouse jellyfish is “rejuvenated” through the transformation of cells. From the process of transformation from mature to larval, they transform somatic cells into powerful stem cells. The transformed stem cells are somewhat similar to embryonic cells and can be re-segmented into new tissues or life. However, people have always believed that the process of life development is irreversible, that is to say, it is impossible for somatic cells to turn to the state of stem cells.
  It seems that the real mystery of this “immortal” magical marine life has yet to be revealed by biologists. For other marine similar creatures, the rejuvenation ability of the lighthouse jellyfish is a great threat. Because the lighthouse jellyfish with immortal body captures the territory of other marine life and robs them of food, seriously affecting their survival, and may eventually lead to imbalance of marine ecosystems.
  The depths of the ocean crystal pyramid
  Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious region, and the story crystal pyramid is starting from here. It is said that a joint expedition in the United States and France found a pyramid-structured object deep in the ocean floor near the Bermuda Triangle. This submarine pyramid is 200 meters high and has a bottom circumference of about 300 meters. It is bigger than any Egyptian pyramid. The most amazing thing is that the surface of the submarine pyramid is extremely smooth and translucent. It is illuminated by a searchlight and emits a radiant glow. Therefore, it is called a crystal pyramid.
  The expedition guessed that the crystal pyramid was made of glass or even crystal, which would show a beautiful translucent state. They also found that there are two very large openings at the top of the pyramid. When the water passes through the hole, it will form a huge vortex. The vortex will affect the sea surface, making the sea surface less calm, with large waves and water mist.
  So where does this submarine pyramid come from? What is the use? Some people think that it was originally built on land and used to store goods. Later, because of the violent earthquake, it unfortunately sank to the bottom of the sea and disappeared from people’s vision. Others believe that this is a holy place for Atlantis civilization, a place for people to worship and pray.
  However, because there is too little relevant information, many people do not believe that there is a crystal pyramid in the ocean. They point out that the pyramid-structured objects built by glass are unlikely to exist on the seabed because they cannot withstand huge water pressure. A scam that caught people’s attention decades ago. As for the truth, there is still no fixed saying.
  in the South Pacific, and there are many underwater listening device. These underwater listeners were used by the United States in the deep sea to locate and track the Soviet submarines during the Cold War, and were later used by scientists at the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to monitor natural phenomena.
  One day in 1997, when scientists monitored ocean activities, they found that the listener recorded a strange set of sounds. The sound came from underwater, and the vagueness seemed to be the crying of animals. People heard creeps. This group of sounds is very loud, and several underwater listeners thousands of kilometers away are almost simultaneously monitored, and the sound sounds like “Burst”.
  Scientists believe that “Burst” is by no means an artificial sound. Many people think that this group of sounds sounds like some unknown deep-sea creatures. But this sound is louder than the sounds of whales and other large marine animals, and the sound can travel so far. Is it true that creatures larger than whales are hidden deep in the ocean? Some imaginative people even suspect that this is a call from a monster imprisoned in an underwater city.
  However, scientists stand up to destroy the fun of others’ imagination. At first scientists speculated that the sound might come from some kind of marine giant squid that has never appeared before. After that, the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration claimed that the sound originated from the ice shelf break thousands of kilometers away, which is the so-called “ice shock” phenomenon. Although this group of sounds sometimes sounds like an animal crying, but most of the time, it sounds closer to thunder or vibration noise. Despite this, some people still do not believe the official statement.
  Nearby oil rig unknown biological
  circulated a video, a video appeared on the network a brown, terrifying giant animal, like a pool of mud-like, no fixed shape, but it can turn into any shape. It “walked around” near the deep-sea oil well and wandered for a long time.
  This video has attracted the attention of quite a few people. The weird unidentified creature, inside the body, has a torch that can illuminate itself. It is huge in size, moving on one side, constantly changing the shape of the body, and finally attached to the lens. As it moves, you can watch it. To its reproductive organs. Some speculate that this is a huge creature that has never appeared before, and it comes from the depths of the ocean. Others think of it as a pet raised by some aliens.
  Some researchers quickly pointed out that the creature is not particularly mysterious, it may be a huge jellyfish. However, some people ask questions. If it is a jellyfish, what kind of jellyfish is it? There seems to be no similar jellyfish species in the nearby waters. Why did it appear near the oil rig, still hanging on the camera lens for a while, or even “show off” its reproductive organs? Some people speculate that this soft creature may live in a deeper ocean. The operation of the oil rig interferes with its peaceful life. It comes out to investigate what is going on, and then scares us with threatening behavior that we think.
  Now, this unknown creature is still considered a dangerous large-scale marine “monster.”