This time i want to be your pride

You have to wait for me
When I came back you slept on the sofa. I didn’t dare wake you up, just stared at your sleeping face for a long time. Obviously the 40-year-old has almost white hair and looks almost the same as the 60-year-old. He is also very restless and even frowns. What are you worried about?

No one told me you had an accident until I was going home. They knew they couldn’t hide it, so they just told me. I shook my hand while holding my phone, and tears almost burst into tears. I was so embarrassed to cry on the bus, I couldn’t help it.

You talk about how old you are, how old you are like a kid who is not growing up. Over the years, you have had countless car accidents, large and small, and every time you are in danger, the car is broken, and you are fine. He has also suffered many injuries, with scars everywhere. But this time, it is undoubtedly the worst. I heard your hands have to hang on your neck for months. It hurts? Why can’t you promise me to take care of myself? I will always be so worried, I dare not leave you. You have to wait for me to grow up, wait for me to give you a good life, wait for me to get married and have children. You said you want to see me happy, how can I be happy like you?

You are not old at all, it is my pride
You are a good-looking person. You often go to dye your hair. I don’t listen to it, it hurts my hair.

You said you were afraid that my friends and classmates saw you say you were old, and I was afraid that I felt ashamed to have a father like you. I promised again and again that you laughed like a kid who got candy and stopped dyeing her hair.

You said that wherever I go to college in the future, you will go to work in a city. I think this move is too much, it is not necessary, and I don’t want you to work so hard. You are probably afraid that I will be bullied without help in the field. You do n’t say that I know it, but who can bully me with the character of your mixed-race demon king, I am not poisonous.

As soon as I said I wouldn’t let you go, you asked me if I hated you, for fear of shame on me. How can this be impossible, you just want to think wildly. I probably forgot to tell you that you are not old at all, it is my pride.

I actually hated you too
You are nice to me, there is no doubt about it.

But I still hate you. What hate you?

Hate your good bet. Every time you play mahjong, you will not leave, and you still want to win back after losing. Probably the gambler has such a mentality, so you will borrow money to play Mahjong, until the end of the game, no one wants to play with you, you will not give up.

Hate you always smoke. About two packs a day, you can’t stop with one pump, and you don’t want to go to the hospital for examination. I have been worrying about how your body, who always smokes and stays up late, can bear it, but once your child’s temper comes up, no one will listen. When I have time, I will drag you to the hospital.

Hate you always drive fast. I’m better with my family or you. You will listen to me a little bit more slowly and worry about our safety. If you drive fast by yourself, you will always have a car accident. If you talk about yourself, is it very worrying.

Hate you don’t love your body. Almost every time I will get news of your injuries, big and small injuries, that hurts a lot. You always do this, and you habitually hurt yourself. Every time I ask you, I say it’s okay. It doesn’t matter. How can you not take care of yourself?

You sometimes swear. You are a rough man, you have n’t read many books, and you only read 5th grade, but you have a strong ability in oral calculations, very affectionate, and good to your family.

I did hate you, but that hate passed by.

You must buy so much to eat us
Every time my brother and I talk about what they want to eat, you buy a lot of that stuff.

For example, I told you I wanted to drink milk, and you bought a carton of milk the size of the table. During that time, I really wanted to drink.

For another example, I said that I want to eat grapefruit, you bought more than ten grapefruits, which made me less like eating grapefruits.

Another time I said that I wanted to eat bayberry. You bought several pounds. My teeth were sore and I felt pain when eating.

There are too many similar things like this. You buy so much, probably because you are tired of us and you do n’t want to eat anymore, or you just want to eat us to death.

But you rarely accompany us to shopping. We are basically with our mother, you usually give me money and let me buy it myself. Tell me, why don’t you go out and walk around?

But your concern is real. There was a time when my mother went out and the weather turned cold. You finally remembered me and my brother at school and called to ask me if you would send clothes or take me out to buy warmer shoes. I refused, because it is difficult to go out, and you rarely come, it is the same to buy on holiday. But I’m still very pleased that you finally have the intention of shopping with us.

How dare you live up to your expectations
I have been learning better since I was a child. No matter whether I am in elementary school or junior high school, there are always teachers who come home or call to ask you, ask your opinions, and want me to attend their class.

So from the beginning you had great expectations for me. My brother’s grades are not good, and high school also pays high fees. You probably think it’s just me who has the chance to get into college, so you hope that I can study well, go to a good university, find a good job, at least You can feed yourself.

Actually, I don’t want to enter the university, I just want to write my words quietly. The reason why I am still sitting in a high school classroom safely and cope with difficult maths, and reading English in mouth is because of your expectations.

I don’t want you to be disappointed, I don’t want you to be sad, and I don’t want you to worry about my future like my brother, so I chose to be a well-behaved high school student.

This time i want to be your pride
You are my hero and my armor. From small to large, you have protected me too well. I know this world is hypocritical, but I have never experienced it.

You gave me too much love, but I can only return a little bit.

Although you are sometimes childish, like an old child, you have been carrying it all these years, and you never let us share it. I know your situation is powerless, and that is my biggest frustration.

Whenever I look like a little girl in your eyes, I should be spoiled. In fact, I have grown up, and I am not young anymore.

In the future, I will work hard to give you an explanation. You must also promise me to take care of myself and don’t worry me. Promise me to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. Although I want you to be as happy as a child, I also want to hear the doctor tell me that you can stay with me for a long time.

My old child, thank you very much for your birthday at the end of September this time. Your little girl wishes you a happy birthday in advance. Actually I want to write a lot about me and you, but I have to clean up and go to school.

If you have a sore hand, take a good rest. If you hurt your muscles for a hundred days, don’t go out and run around, just watch TV at home. I will work hard, this time, I want to be your pride.