There are differences in the types of men and women

  Every year, the World Health Organization counts the life expectancy of each country. The average life expectancy of Chinese women has always been longer than that of men. Over time, the impression that women are healthier than men is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, the latest research published in the British Medical Journal shows that Chinese men are healthier than women.
  The study’s data comes from the first phase of China’s Health and Pension Tracking Survey. The 17,000-person sample is from 8401 men and 8,928 women in 150 cities in 28 provinces in China. Professionals have collected their gender, age, and level of exercise. Information on living habits, smoking status, family status, etc.
  The researchers divided the samples into the 45-64 age group (middle-age group) and the ≥65-year-old group (elderly group). Data analysis showed that the prevalence of arthritis was lower in men than in women in both age groups, while the prevalence of male stroke and chronic lung disease was higher than that of females. In the middle-aged group, the prevalence of heart disease and cancer was lower in men than in women.
  In recent years, studies in various countries have found that women’s health is declining, and the gap between men’s and women’s life expectancy is shortening. For example, the life expectancy gap between men and women in South Korea fell from 8.4 years in 1982 to 6.6 years in 2014. The United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France, etc. also have such a trend.
  Why do women have higher rates of arthritis, heart disease, and cancer than men? Experts agree that it is the effect of estrogen. Estrogen is of great significance to women’s health, can reduce blood vessel fragility, and has great benefits for preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Estrogen also contributes to cholesterol degradation and excretion, anticoagulation, and helps delay the formation of atherosclerosis and thrombosis. The study selected men and women over the age of 45 as a sample, and most women have entered menopause at this time, estrogen levels are rapidly decreasing, bone metabolism is not as good as before, leading to osteoporosis, aggravating local articular cartilage to withstand stress, increasing suffering The risk of arthritis. Decreased estrogen levels and reduced cardiovascular protection have increased the risk of cardiovascular disease in women.
  According to the doctor, breast cancer is highly prevalent among women aged 45-55 years and is closely related to estrogen levels. During the menopause, fluctuations in hormones can cause irritation to the breasts, causing the tube cells to differentiate and become cancerous.
  In addition, during the menopause, blood sugar is prone to fluctuations, and postmenopausal women tend to gain weight, and the risk of diabetes increases.
  Why are middle-aged men susceptible to stroke and chronic lung disease? Doctors said that long-term heavy drinking is the cause of higher prevalence of stroke in Chinese men than in women. Heavy drinking can cause a strong vascular reaction, triggering cerebral vascular rupture, and may also aggravate cardiovascular and cerebrovascular hypoxia-ischemia and increase the risk of ischemic stroke.
  Physicians say that the lungs are organs that men are prone to problems, and smoking is the culprit. Nicotine, coal tar and other carcinogenic chemicals in the smoke are sucked into the lungs, which can cause a decline in lung function. According to the 2015 China Adult Tobacco Survey, the smoking rate of men over 15 years old was as high as 52.1%, and that of women was only 2.7%.
  However, experts believe that the sample size of the study is not large, and the conclusions drawn may not objectively reflect the overall health of men and women. The gender differences in some diseases are contrary to the clinical phenomenon. For example, clinically, the incidence of heart disease in men is often higher than that of women, and it is related to diet, staying up late, smoking, and drinking. While women’s attention to the body and medical treatment is stronger than men’s, they are uncomfortable to check, and the condition may be found earlier, resulting in the conclusion that women’s prevalence is higher than men’s in the study.
  In terms of health, although men and women have gender differences, the basic principle is the same, that is, “control your mouth and take your legs.” Reducing the frequency of eating outside, it is good to control the intake of oil, salt and sugar. Going home to eat is good for family harmony and weight control. It is recommended to perform 3 to 5 aerobic exercises every week for 30 to 50 minutes each time to facilitate cardiopulmonary function. Do not sit for a long time while working, stand up and walk around every 40 minutes.
  People over the age of 40 should have a physical examination every year. In addition to examining the family history, men should pay attention to cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. Women should pay attention to breast, blood sugar, bone density and gynaecological examination. Once problems are discovered, early detection and early treatment are needed. .