The so-called “sugar-free” invisible “killer” you know a few

  Colleague Xiaoli grows chubby and fascinating. However, she is now popular with skinny beauty, so she has developed a weight loss plan. After a few months, the weight was still fixed at 55 kg. I saw her recipe and told her that it was all sugar in the ghost. “But I didn’t eat sugar.” Xiaoli felt very wronged.
  Many people don’t know that not eating sugar does not mean that the body does not consume sugar.
  If you are or are planning to lose weight or are suffering from diabetes, then pay attention to the following types of food, they are sweet “killers” hidden in the dark.
  1. alcoholic drink
  a lot of alcoholic beverages are available in the market contain sugar, such as beer fruit beer, wine and so on. Let’s see what the wine brewing process is all about. In the fermentation process, the wine needs to add sugar to properly increase the alcohol content. The fermented wine will have sugar in it, and inadvertently ingest sugar when drinking.
  2. Processing Juice
  whether the supermarket assortment of bottled juice, or restaurants in the “freshly squeezed juice”, in order to make it taste better, closer to the natural fruit juice in the production, most manufacturers will add sugar and sweeteners in it .
  3. Low-fat and fat-free food
  low-fat and fat-free food does not mean sugar-free. Although these foods do not contain or contain a small amount of fat, they have a poor taste. In order to improve the taste, the producer will add a certain amount of sugar to the product. Most of the low-fat yogurt we eat regularly adds sugar.
  4. Finished sauce
  sauce used to do twice-cooked pork, mostly on the packaging of such name – “sweet bean paste”, just look at this “sweet” word, we can know what ingredients it contains the sauce. Both salad dressing and ketchup contain sugar.
  5. Sugar-free products
  As soon as I saw the word “no sugar”, I was relieved. In fact, consumers were fooled by these two words. The so-called sugar-free products are only artificially added in the process of production and processing, but natural sugar still exists. Moreover, like fat-free and low-fat foods, additives such as sweeteners, thickeners, and stabilizers are often added to sugar-free products in order to improve the taste. Although the sweetener only adds sweetness, lower calories, and does not raise blood sugar, the thickener is composed of a sugar called dextrin, which is as high in calories as white sugar.
  It’s easy to avoid desserts such as candy and cakes that are synonymous with sugar, but to identify these sweet, “killers” that seem to be sugar-free, you need a pair of eyes.