The doubts of the elderly and newcomers in the workplace, the treatment plan is very different

How about people who have been in a company for 10 years?

  Ma Yun once answered this question. In those years, the famous high schools in Alibaba were hoping to retire to other companies, and all the students who stayed were those who could not jump. As a result, the high talents who have gone to the job are still working for others, and the students who have stayed in the school have realized the freedom of wealth. Therefore, Ma Yun claimed that Alibaba did not recruit North China Dasheng.
  It is said that a person’s career must be changed at least seven jobs, especially when the job change is like a regular meal. It is strange that a person can die in a company for 10 years? In fact, it is necessary to dialectically treat this issue within the system and outside the system.
  State-owned enterprises within the system. He said that it has been “dead shackles” with state-owned enterprises for 10 years, and there are also many people who died in the “three generations of grandparents and grandchildren”. The former state-owned enterprise culture was “love the factory as home”, and the slogan was “dedicated to the youth and the children.” Therefore, when the old employees were laid off, the old workers could not figure out: “Don’t let us love the factory as home? How can we not want us?”
  Enterprises outside the system. There are not many people who have been dead for 10 years, because there are not too many private companies that can live for 10 years. Therefore, it is lucky to be able to die with a company for 10 years. According to statistics, the 2-year survival rate of entrepreneurial companies is less than 20%. Coupled with the current “challenge” of job-hopping, there has been a “paradox” in human resources management: you are doing well in the company, and the boss is not giving you a raise. The job increase is only due to job change. Therefore, people in the workplace are now more and more frequently hopping, and the driving force is the higher the salary and position.
  It is necessary to dialectically look at the workplace relationship between “trees to move people to live” and “persistence is victory.”
  Some people say that when you work in a company for a few years, the boss does not give you a salary increase, when you want to change jobs, people move a company to “live”. Some people also refute that the interviewer doesn’t like people who quit too often. As long as you stick to it and take others away, you are the last person to laugh. For example, the entrepreneurs who stood in Alibaba were happy. So, what did the employees who died after 10 years with a company look like?
  ★People who insist on the concept of “holding is victory”. Some people firmly believe that “greatness is smashed out” and “positions are smashed out”, especially for enterprises within the system. As long as they have 10 years of seniority, the leadership is also long-lasting, why not give up an official and part-time job. ? These people understand very well that even if you jump out and toss a circle, the outcome may not be as good as staying in the enterprise.
  ★ People who like to live a stable life. When I was migrating, I wanted to jump with a colleague. The colleague firmly said that the world outside is very exciting. The outside world is very helpless. If you are used to it in one place, you don’t want to move. Especially women, living in one place, taking care of family and occupation, is to be wronged again, but also to take care of the family.
  ★ Hesitant, there are people who want to hook. In many companies, because of the mobility of employees, they will change once in three or five years. In fact, if you take advantage of those who have strong abilities, you can get a general salary increase. Some old employees are hooked by this desire, and they can’t stop. They always feel that they may be themselves for another year.
  ★ People who have no skill and no courage. It takes courage to change jobs and more needs to be done. People in the same industry, what position to jump to what company, the general market price is understandable. Many old employees, instead of having no job-hopping opportunities, are afraid to lose their existing interests. The more they quit, the worse they are. Instead of worrying about failure, they are not moving. This is the loss aversion mentality.
  ★ Those who look after the situation and dare not take risks. Some old employees also have the ability to change jobs, but they are not confident enough about themselves, suffer from losses, look forward to the future, and fear the tigers before the wolves. For example, a well-known private enterprise went to a state-owned enterprise to dig people, some people resigned, and some people hesitated several times and finally could not take that step, mainly the character problem in the bones.
Just a newcomer just getting started, just fine what to do?

  I once recruited a guy who was cheerful and enthusiastic. He was a familiar new employee. He was busy and helpful. He had a warm heart, but unfortunately… his job was very dry, and his colleagues liked him. However, during his trial period, he Was killed.
  You must first go inside, you will have a mud bodhisattva crossing the river, but also pondering the world’s sorrowful sorrows, this is a bit of a slap in the end. Young people are keen to engage in relationship as a diplomat. It is a big misunderstanding in the workplace. To do things, we must distinguish between the king and the king. Once you have won the Lord, you will not be able to understand it.
  Live first, live again, live is professional, and life is all communication.
  People will fly you, the boss will ask for your grief.
  The boss asked: “How is his ability to work?”
  Your boss: “Although he didn’t do anything, but people are still good.” The
  boss said: “Do you want to marry him?”
  Work, what is needed is to solve the problem. People, not rabbits. If you choose between “diligence and what to do” and “doing things well within the division”, you should first “do something within the division”, which is the foundation of your life. In fact, this is a matter of order. Normally, you should first “do something within the division” and then “work hard to do anything.”
  I have also seen the Lord who only wants to do his own thing. Objectively speaking, if a person can do a beautiful job, it is a bit quirky, the boss can bear it, whether it is your personality, you can’t play autistic, or you don’t like to participate in team activities. I don’t even care about things that have nothing to do with me, let alone take the initiative to help my colleagues. When people come to the door, they all love to answer them… Who makes you work well, is not easy to be replaced, and the boss endures. But don’t expect too much development, because you can’t be a boss and take responsibility for a stall.
  The first important thing for a newcomer in the workplace is to prove that you are qualified for this position.
Should young people who have just graduated frequently change jobs?

  Frankly speaking, people who have the ability to call the job change, people who have no ability to call for work. The ability of college graduates who have just graduated is still insufficient. Just like his poor body, the clothes are exchanged for change, and the fundamental problem cannot be solved. If you change it, you will not look good in the mirror. You ask it “magic mirror, magic mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful person in the world”, it says “you don’t have a number in your heart”…
  just come out and mix, don’t be too tall, low-eyed, how perfect jobs? Not now, not in the future. The choice is to weigh the pros and cons, accept the acceptable, compromise can be compromised, how many bowls, how much to eat, and slowly come.
  Just like some women looking for objects: men are talented and ugly, handsome and not making money, making money and not paying attention to their homes, family is not promising, there is no romance, romantic and unreliable, reliable and reliable Wool…
  Can you not go to heaven?
  You are single because you are ugly, but because you are ugly, and you are too ugly! Work with more money may work overtime, work without overtime may be far from home, work near home may be poor, and work with good welfare may be low wages…
  If you are in the market, you can wait for the price, but you are a newcomer. The small bean bag, you don’t have the capital to pick up the West, and you can change your job. Not only does your professional skills not accumulate, it also leaves an “unstable” label for potential employers in the future.
  The high-powered responsibility is light, and the money is much less lively than home. There is no such work!
  I want to know what I am most interested in. If the university just graduated and is now in the growth stage, I suggest that you value growth: whether the job is in line with your career plan, and whether you can learn something, depending on the work content and departmental situation. The company’s development, comprehensive considerations are comprehensive.
  When it was just out of the way, ease was a poison.
  When you first graduated, don’t choose a leisurely job, especially if you are looking for a good and leisurely job. This kind of leisure is easy to make you feel satisfied, and this kind of satisfaction will gradually swallow up your anxiety. It takes a long time, it becomes a part of your body, you begin to defend this satisfaction, it is completely Can’t escape it… Commonly known as: abolished.