Soviet legendary female agent dies

Soviet legendary female agent Goal Vartanyan, who had participated in foiling Nazi Germany’s assassination of the “Big Three” during the 1943 Tehran Allies Summit, died in Moscow on the 25th of local time year old. Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Agency evaluates that Vartanyan has made great contributions to national interests and national security. The deeds of Goal Vartanyan and her husband, Gvorg Vartanyan, were written in books and made into movies, leaving indelible marks in the lives of many intelligence personnel and ordinary people.

According to the Russian News Agency reported on the 26th, Goar Vartanyan was born on January 25, 1926 in the city of Leninakan (Gyumri), Armenia. In the early 1930s, she moved to Iran with her family. At the age of 16, she joined the anti-fascist group led by Gvorg Vartanyan. In a common intelligence career, the two fell in love and became married in 1946. In 1943, as a group member during the Tehran conference, she participated in the organization of the “Big Three” operation and successfully prevented the Hitler spy agency code-named “Long Jump” against the “Big Three”-Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill. . Regarding this operation, Goar stated in an interview with the media: “Our team was only a few people at that time, and the oldest was only 18 years old. This group was later called the” light cavalry because we rode bicycles for seventeen to eight hours a day , Tracking German intelligence personnel in Tehran, and finally we dug out 400 German spies. “Beginning in the 1950s, the Goal and Gvorg couples went under the pseudonym” Anita “and” Anli “and conducted intelligence activities in multiple countries. Secret intelligence from multiple NATO bases in Italy, Greece and Germany. Until returning to the Soviet Union in 1986, Goar and her husband have worked in various names for nearly 43 years in nearly 100 countries. They are considered one of the most successful spouses in the world.

Goar told reporters that she had no right to talk about the task she was engaged in because it was a state secret and she was even tight-lipped about the countries and regions she had been to. When meeting Russian President Putin, she asked which countries she had worked in, and Goar cleverly answered “many countries!”

Sergei Ivanov, spokesman of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Agency, said that Goar continued to make his own contribution to intelligence work and cultivate young intelligence personnel after his honorable retirement in 1986. In view of his major contributions to the motherland, Goar was awarded medals such as the Red Flag and the Second Patriotic War Medal. Russian experts believe that the results of their work are so outstanding that they may never be decrypted. Goar’s husband, Gvorg, died in Moscow in 2012 at the age of 87. He was the first intelligence officer to win the title of “Soviet Hero”. The deeds of the Valtanyan couple were artistically processed, and in 1980 they were filmed as the classic film “Tehran-43” starring French movie star Alain Delon. The theme song is familiar to many Chinese, and the Chinese song title is “Let Love Stay Long”.