Seven mothers hold a group to open a restaurant and build a bridge for life for special children

A special fate gathers a special person.
  In the evening of June 2016, Lu Xinjing, who went to Laiwu Special School to pick up her daughter’s English book, met Gong Xiamei and Yu Lihua at the school gate. Gong Xiumei’s daughter Jiao Chenlu and Yu Lihua’s daughter Sun Fanyue and Ying Shu are the same classmates in the eighth grade of the school. They all have different levels of mental retardation due to congenital or acquired reasons, and life is difficult to take care of themselves.
  Talking about the upcoming summer vacation, the three mothers are very anxious. Gong Xiumei said helplessly: “Lulu can’t go out to work during the summer vacation. I have to take care of her at home.” Yu Lihua also worried that her daughter would leave her school for two months and become more autistic. These are also the troubles of Lu Xinjing.
  In 2001, Lu Xinjing’s daughter’s English book was found to have severe brain dysplasia before the full moon, accompanied by hydrocephalus. The cloud was over the family, but the strong Lu Xinjing never thought about giving up. In September 2008, the 7-year-old English book was sent to the Laiwu Special Education School. The first day to send their daughters to school, looking at those with reduced mobility, abnormal behavior of children, Lv Xinjing very uncomfortable, mind unconsciously emerge an idea: “In the future I have to have the ability to do something for these kids.”
  At that time Lu Xinjing runs a textile trading company, and her husband also has a job. The income is not bad, but it also carries a lot of economic pressure for her daughter’s rehabilitation. She is well aware that many families are experiencing greater difficulties and suffering than her.
  Yu Lihua’s eldest daughter, Sun Fany, was born with intellectual disability. At the age of 5, she began to attend the Laiwu Special Education School. Her husband died in 2013, leaving two young children. The economic pressure made her have to go out to work. Thinking of her daughter’s way out of school, Yu Lihua was anxious to lose her hair.
  Among the three families, Gong Xiumei’s family has the hardest time. Her husband, Jiao Chenlu, was diagnosed with Down syndrome when she was born because of her husband’s chromosomal abnormalities. In order to treat her daughter, this rural family, which was not well-off, was heavily in debt. The house leaked to the night rain, and the husband later suffered from muscle atrophy and diabetes, and he could not take care of himself.
  How to make children adapt to the society and solve the problem of accompanying care? By chance, Lu Xinjing learned that Changchun had an “Agan Restaurant”, and the staff of the restaurant were all mentally handicapped people who had passed pre-job training. Lu Xinjing was deeply touched. She thought: “Agan restaurant staff can support themselves, and our children can.”
  The idea made three mothers hit it off: opening a restaurant, mothers can take care of children while making money in the store. Children can also learn basic life skills in the store and find a window into society.
  After learning about the entrepreneurial concept of Lu Xinjing and others, the leaders of Laiwu Special School encouraged them to launch more mentally retarded children and parents to participate. At a parent meeting where the children were graduating, Lu Xinjing gave a speech at the school, which not only won the applause from the audience, but also made Zhao Lixin’s mother Deng Guilian, Yueyue’s mother Meng Jingyu, Wenwen’s mother Liu Fenglan, and Liu Shuzhen’s mother. Li Cuizhen joined in.
  The seven mothers, with their entrepreneurial teams of mentally retarded children, were established.
  Cohesion maternal love, sad and sometimes happy and sometimes
  open a restaurant is not easy, seven mothers have no experience, the only contact with the catering industry has done only beautiful Gong waiter in the restaurant, but she is limited to washing dishes, cleaning, from business To management, they can only learn from scratch.
  After repeated considerations, the seven mothers decided to open a vegetarian buffet restaurant. In the first place, they visited Laiwu’s food and beverage market, and there were fewer vegetarian restaurants. Secondly, the self-service form was simpler in service work and the children were more involved.
  In addition to lack of experience, another big problem facing mothers is the difficulty of funding. For the rehabilitation of the children, the seven families have basically been poor, and the conditions of Lu Xinjing’s family are slightly more lenient, but all the money is only 60,000 yuan. Other mothers, you are 10,000, I am 20,000, and I have made up more than 100,000 yuan, but it is far from meeting the expenses of the previous period. The store rent will be paid a few hundred thousand yuan at a time. Lu Xinjing bite his teeth, transferred his textile trading company, and borrowed some money from relatives and friends before he barely got the money.
  Accreditation, planning, decoration… One difficulty after another in front of the mothers, as the initiator of the restaurant, Lu Xinjing took everyone one by one to overcome.
  On December 28, 2017, after more than half a year of preparations, the restaurant opened in a burst of loud firecrackers. In order to make people more aware of the restaurant, the mothers specially created an advertising stand that says the origin of the restaurant. In the hearts of mothers, facing the eyes of others and letting children communicate with each other bravely is the prerequisite for them to have a normal world.
  The restaurant is priced at 20 yuan per meal for adults and 10 yuan for children. In addition to providing all kinds of seasonal vegetarian food, there are also a variety of special noodles, soup porridge, fruit, etc., and the category reaches more than twenty. In addition, the seven mothers have also set a warm heart rule: disabled people, elderly people over the age of 80 to eat, all free. In addition to the professional chefs and pastry chefs recruited outside, all other work is done by seven mothers and children. Mothers are both investors and waiters. They perform their duties according to their respective specialties. Gong Xiumei is the manager of the store. Yu Lihua is responsible for the finances. Lu Xinjing is responsible for the overall operation of the store. Several other people also have their own division of labor.
  The restaurant starts from 8:30 in the morning and ends at 8:30 in the evening. It is 12 hours a day. There is basically no rest time. Despite being busy and tired, the mothers were very satisfied and could take care of the children while working, which they could not have imagined before.
  When the restaurant opens, the children are between the ages of 15 and 18, but their intelligence is much lower than that of that age. And the limbs are not coordinated, and some even the road is not stable. Despite this, the mothers still encourage the children to actively participate in the work of sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, wiping the table, and cleaning up the plates.
  On the day of February 2018, Liu Fenglan arranged for her daughter Wenwen to sweep the floor. Wenwen was careless because of physical disharmony. It fell, and the forehead hit a big bag at the corner of the table. While Liu Fenglan comforted her daughter, she took her upstairs to apply medicine. “Mom, pain.” The daughter stabbed Liu Fenglan’s heart with a crying voice, but she could not accompany her daughter to cry. She knew that bumps and bumps must be faced and overcome in the growth of her daughter. When the children are not doing well, the mothers will continue to encourage them and silently do it again after they have finished it.
  They are each other’s crutches
  Time went by, although it was very busy and tired, but the mothers were delighted that the children are constantly improving.
  The English book is inconvenient to walk, and Lu Xinjing is going to go up and down every day, often getting tired of her sweaty clothes. But every time she sees her daughter and the children laughing and laughing together, Lu Xinjing is very happy. On one occasion, the English book said to Lu Xinjing: “Mom, I have a classmate whose clothes are very dirty. I want to buy him a washing machine.” After listening to her daughter, Lu Xinjing was very moved. On the National Day of Helping the Disabled in 2018, she I bought a washing machine with my daughter at the school of my daughter.
  Wen Wen, who started with the unstable mop, has been able to mop the floor very well. One day, Wenwen was cleaning. After Lu Xinjing praised her to do well, Wenwen was very happy. She said to Lu Xinjing: “Auntie, you are the boss.” Lu Xinjing did not understand what Wenwen wanted to express at first, and told her: “Your mother is also the boss. You are all bosses.” Wen Wen replied: “I am not a boss, I want to be the captain.” Lu Xinjing was very curious and asked her why she should be the captain. Wenwen proudly said: “I want to protect all the aunts and protect everyone. “Looking at Wen Wen’s face with a serious expression, Lu Xinjing’s heart is warm.
  One day, the manager, Gong Xiumei, suddenly discovered that her daughter Lulu could recite the general narrative of the Disciples. Zhao Lixin often told her that she wanted to protect the girls in the store; Sun Fan said to her mother Yu Lihua after receiving the salary. “Mom, I can earn money to pay for your pension.”
  In addition to their children helping in the restaurant, the vegetarian restaurant also received children with similar symptoms. Lu Xinjing said that she has always had two wishes. One is to find a way out for special children and help more difficult families. The other is to work hard to make more people care and help the disadvantaged groups. Pass with good thoughts.