Prophecy: “God” Divination

  A common explanation is that divination is a supernatural approach to exploring the mysterious activities of things. But no one knows for sure when this occult activity originated. When human ancestors slash and burn, they know how to use the cracks in the stone to predict whether they can catch prey today. But there is no doubt that divination has a long history.
  In ancient Chinese, the divination of the divination refers to the occupation, what is the embarrassment, do not look at the word difficult, in fact, it is the common scientific name of the sawtooth, the occupant is to use the stem of this grass to smash. Bu refers to the tortoise, use the fire to burn the tortoise shell and see the crack shape that appears in it to predict the good fortune. Yinxu pseudo-Oracle is the direct archaeological evidence of the existence of the tortoise. Of course, China in ancient times can not only use these two methods of divination, but also use Zhou Yi and Plum Blossoms to establish divination, or to make small animals – chickens and birds. Of course, nature’s water, astrology, may also try. In fact, the people of the world are all the same. They are full of curiosity about the unknown world and their own destiny. Therefore, this divination is not only popular in China, but also has a large number of fans abroad.
  Mystical divination Western
  Western popular heavyweight trick is divination astrology and divination cards. As early as in the 16th and 17th centuries, astrology was the only one. And the more authoritative in the divination of cards is the tarot card, and the dozens of cards are infinitely changing, so the weather-beaten still has a unique position in the hearts of ordinary people. The constellation and the tarot card not only make the foreigners crazy, but also make the curiosity of the Chinese people soar, because these two are lower than the traditional Zhou Yi Bu Yi and plum blossoms, the threshold of entry is low, and the mystery is maintained. Let everyone understand, so when it comes to divination, they can’t live without them.
  The divination of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign is too numerous to mention, and even many emperors will not be able to live with divination. The diviners are too busy for these leaders.
  Magic Crystal Ball: predict the fate of the emperor
  Maria de cuisine da Lenuo Man, because she was born there on the long black hair and a mouthful of teeth, known as the most amazing monster female diviner Paris. Her magical divination and prophecy ability made her divination salon famous and famous. Josephine, who was a normal person, let her see the Queen’s life.
  Josephine found Maria with his friend. Maria used the professional props of divination – the crystal ball to divination for Josephine. A table with black flannel, a crystal clear crystal ball placed in the center of the table, only two candles in the dim room, everything is ready, she entered the meditation state with words. Suddenly, Maria opened her eyes and her hands swayed around the crystal ball, or the light or dark light gradually appeared on the crystal ball. At this time, Maria asked Josephine to firmly hold the crystal ball and throw out one question after another for her to answer. With Josephine’s answer, the crystal ball also has some color and shape changes, either deep or shallow, with changing clouds, and golden light… Maria ended her divination slowly. The crystal ball shows that Josephine, the widow of two children, is a “born man” and will soon meet a man who will make her famous in the world. In the aftermath of development, as Mary expected, Napoleon became the emperor of the First Empire of France, and Josephine became the Queen.
  History seems to verify the prediction of the crystal ball. Can the crystal ball really have such power? Why do people use crystal balls to divination? The crystal is transparent and has a high refractive index. Under different illuminations, it will have different color patterns, which adds a mysterious color to the crystal. The diviners are quick to make a fuss about these changes in light and shadow. In addition, according to scholars at the Osaka Medical University in Japan, the crystal ball can stimulate the Laogong. This is a great help to the restless seekers who are uneasy and relieve mental fatigue.
  The diviner believes that as long as the light and shadow of the crystal ball pass through the “processing” of the soul, a realm of “spiritual vision” can be achieved. Some signs may be just ambiguous shadows in the eyes of ordinary people, but in the eyes of diviners with “spiritual” ability, they are meaningful. Seeing the cloud of change indicates that things will progress, and the ray of light indicates that the event will turn sharply; the blue light means success in business; the golden sign indicates prosperity, money, new love is coming. ……
  The ability of “spiritual vision” requires the meticulous observation ability and rapid resilience of the diviner. In general, experienced diviners can guess the troubles of the facial expressions, dressing, speech acts, and questions of the interviewer, and determine the approximate personality traits and ways of doing things. From vague questions to specific questions, this is the usual way of asking diviners because they can get further information from questions and answers.
  Back to Maria for Josephine’s divination, whether Maria has a magical divination ability can not be verified, but her crystal ball divination can not be separated from these methods. Create a mysterious atmosphere, use uninterrupted questions to blur the focus of everyone’s attention, and use some physical phenomena of the crystal ball to confuse people. In short, the divination skill of the diviner is not to be underestimated.
  Tarot Elf: Reagan Reagan
  March 30, 1981, served as president only 69 days of Ronald Wilson Reagan, speaking in front of the Hilton Hotel for the labor rally, ambushing the mentally ill ambush in the crowd Quickly rushed out and fired 6 shots at Reagan, and the president fell down. This scene is like the resurgence of President Lincoln’s assassination, but the president who created the Reagan era was fortunate enough to pass the death in a serious injury.
  The news came out, the whole country was stunned, because Reagan broke the terrible cycle called “the 20-year death cycle of the president”, that is, every person in the United States who was elected or reelected in the last year with a “0” was killed by accident. A strange circle. For the miracle of the president’s escape, the wife of the president attributed it to Joan Quigley, who believed that the female prophet who was proficient in tarot cards and astrology had foreseen and warned in advance, so that the president was particularly careful to resolve the difficulties. Bureau. In this regard, the respected prophet of everyone in the upper class of the United States bluntly said: “It is the guidance of the Tarot elves that allows me to predict this opportunity.” The
  Tarot elf, which is the tower that has been passed down for thousands of years. Luo card. It is an important branch of the Western card divination system. The person who believes it is said to be a collection of wisdom patterns of an ancient wise man; the negated person thinks it is the mysterious magic of paganism. In the Middle Ages of the West, the Tarot cards were ruthlessly suppressed by the church, but it still survived in the cracks, and today it is still showing its mysterious atmosphere to the world.
  The diviners who use the Tarot cards to divination and the diviners who use the crystal ball have one thing in common, that is, the ability to interpret. The crystal ball has a change in light and shadow, and the change in the card of the tarot card is different from the draw. These changes are all explained by the diviners, which may be difficult for outsiders to understand. There are a total of 78 tarot cards, including 22 large Akana and 56 small Akana. Each tarot card has multiple meanings. For example, a lover represents both romantic and love choices, representing both substantive and spiritual love. Another example is that the chariot represents victory, conquest, and represents Forces, conflicts. At the same time, each tarot card also implies different meanings of the positive and negative sides, depending on whether the position of the card is positive or negative. For example, the moon is positive for the ideal, the reverse is for the confusion, the evil spirit, but it depends mainly on the reader’s view of the good and bad of the positive and negative. The Tarot card itself does not speak. It is the “God and the Ming” heart that can understand the meaning of the card and make predictions. The step-by-step problem guides the trainer’s ideas, and also brings tips to the diviners, which guarantees their “God’s skill.”
  Empty house densitometry: the president’s Guide to
  Astrology Astrology is based on a method to foretell human affairs. The use of astrology to predict the future fate of individuals is very popular in Europe. In France and Germany, astrologers are warmly welcomed. Many kings have raised a large number of astrologers in the courts, such as Louis XI and Henry II. Everything they do needs astrologers to help. This tradition has always been Continue to the present. Former French President Mitterrand has hired the most famous astrologer, Elizabeth Tessier, as his private “national teacher”. During the Iraq war, Mitterrand had to ask Tsisi beforehand every time he made a judgment on the situation: Will Saddam withdraw his troops? Will the war break out? Which day is the best TV speech to the French people? Even privately asked her to fortune for the leaders of other countries.
  What is the process of divination in astrology? “Constellation” is a way of dividing the sky. It is calculated on the date of birth. For example, the person born on November 23rd – December 21st belongs to “Sagittarius”. The “Palace” is obtained by assuming that the Earth is a fixed point, and the star circle is rotated around the Earth for one week and then the big circle of the constellation at birth is divided into twelve equal parts. The most important part of the astrologer’s use of the division is the Pasteur system, which divides the birth constellation into a twelfth house. Each house is related to daily activities; the first house is character, the second is property, and so on. Knowing a person’s “constellation” and “palace”, you can calculate the “Fortune Teller” based on the position of the five-star in the zodiac in the birth of a person to measure the fate of a person’s life.
  Divination, what do you believe in?
  In the primitive society of divination origin, because the level of science and technology at that time was very low, people put the things that human beings could not understand and could not control belong to the supernatural forces such as the gods. These divination knowledge is derived from the obscured era of the underdevelopment of human science and technology. From the perspective of today’s science, it seems that there is some untenable. As far as “astrology” is concerned, the “constellations” on which it is based, such as “Gemini”, “Capricorn”, “Scorpio”, etc., are all based on their own observations and fabricated according to their own imagination. The stars that make up them are not only 100,000 miles apart, but even what we see, the light they emit is hundreds of thousands and millions of years ago. They are now in a real situation, no one knows, perhaps, a certain star in a constellation has long since disappeared. Moreover, the “constellation” is constantly changing. For example, the ancient Babylonian division of the Temple of Heaven is in the 5th century BC, when they saw the starry sky is not the same as it is now. The movement of the earth’s rotation has accumulated over thousands of years, and the current constellation and the 12th house of the ecliptic no longer correspond. For example, the so-called Scorpio, in fact, should be Libra.
  However, divination is also the way to keep up with the times. The diviners studied some of the major works of psychology, such as the “sorcerer” of the psychology world – Freud and his student Jung, both of whom were worshippers. With the “theoretical foundation”, the diviners are trying to guess the psychology of the seeker with a scientific scorpion. Another weapon that these masters rely on is statistics. Many people think that divination is a kind of statistics, a kind of statistic that classifies human personality traits. Through the year, month, day and place of birth, a unique “a certain type of personality” can be derived, and further analysis can be carried out to know a person’s personality traits. This statement seems to have a certain scientific basis, but it is not.
  The French psychologist Gao Gelan had done such an experiment: he sent an astrologer to the data of ten births and places. One of them, named Bodina, is a swindler who murdered 27 lives. According to this person’s astrology, there is the following content: “Heavenly passion, knowledge, sincere character, sacrificial spirit, subject to People respect and have a high status.” Subsequently, Gao Gelan published an advertisement in a newspaper in Paris: “Free gift of masters to solve the problem! Don’t miss the opportunity! Please send your name and address, date of birth and location……”
  Finally, 160 people wrote to ask for it. Gao Golan sent Bodina’s star chart to everyone, the content is exactly the same, and sent a comment form asking the other party to answer the accuracy of the content. As a result, 94% of the respondents replied that their actual situation was consistent with what the material said. And 90% of the people also replied that their relatives and friends also agree with these content. That is to say, those more than 100 people are murderers who have destroyed the dead. I really don’t know what these people think. I don’t know how the astrologer counts. Why do different “birthday characters” have the same life?
  Today, divination is no longer a guide for the emperor to slap the state and go to war. The fate of the country is not to listen to the master’s words. Divination is now mainly done in personal business, calculating the marriage and family of women, and calculating the career prospects of men. However, science and technology are becoming more and more prosperous today. With the deep understanding of the global environment and even the space environment, the mystery of divination will be completely revealed. The fate of the individual is the result of their own efforts. Divination may be the spice of your life. But it is not the compass of your life.
  Tarot predictions
  either as involved scholarly research, Europeans still live without games divination, tarot came after thousands of years, not only did not die, also continued to spread, perfect, which in itself is already a The miracle, as the oldest Tarot unearthed, the inscription on the title page: With the grace of God, the years flow, I will be legendary!
  On March 30, 1981, Ronald Wilson Reagan, who served as president for only 69 days, gave a speech at the labor conference in front of the Hilton Hotel. When the excited president returned to his car, he ambushed the crowd. The mental patient Hinckley quickly rushed out and fired six shots at Reagan. The president fell down. This scene is like the resurgence of President Lincoln’s assassination, but the president who created the Reagan era was fortunate enough to pass the death in a serious injury. The news came, the country was stunned, because Reagan broke the terrible cycle called “the 20-year death cycle of the president,” that every person in the United States who was elected or reelected in the last year with a “0” was killed by accident. A strange circle. For the miracle of the president’s escape, the wife of the president attributed it to Joan Quigley, who believed that the female prophet who was proficient in tarot cards and astrology had foreseen and warned in advance, so that the president was particularly careful to resolve the difficulties. Bureau. In this regard, Joan Quigley said bluntly: “It is the guidance of the Tarot Elves that allows me to predict this opportunity.” The Tarot elf, which is called by the respected prophet of the American upper class, refers to It is the Tarot: This is a legendary theory that has been passed down for thousands of years, with astrology and mathematics as the three major mysteries of the West.
  Origin confusing
  today intending to study Western occult people have a basic consensus: to be minor Tarot, astrology and account number, under the doctrine of three complementary to happen to glimpse the mysterious wonders of the Western doctrine. Among these three academics, Tarot cards have both artistic beauty and mystery. They can be used for divination or as art collections, so they are the most widely spread among the world. However, the origin of the tarot card is still different and cannot be determined.
  Legend has it that Tarot is the king’s book of Egypt. The words are taken from the Egyptian words Tar (Dao or Fa) and Ro (Wang or Emperor), which were originally painted on the murals of the temple to convey the will of the gods and to answer the doubts of the Pharaoh. Later, because it was too large, it was drawn into a book to facilitate the access of the Pharaoh. This only book that can only be owned by Pharaoh is a book that communicates the wisdom of the gods when the state is confused. Anyone who peeks will be sentenced to death.
  When the ancient Egyptian dynasty perished and faced the European alphabet culture, the book of the king of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs was in danger of being lost. In desperation, the last priests of ancient Egypt simply carried the old paper cursive as a picture card, which has been passed down to the tarot card. This is why the tarot cards still retain a large number of symbolic patterns from Egypt.
  One of the major evidences that the Tarot brand originated in China is that it is made of paper. It is said that the Tang Dynasty monks who measured the meridian in the world first invented a card game called “Leaf Play”. This kind of game is widely popular in the courts and folks. Scholars who support Chinese origin think that the practice of drawing different characters and colors on the beautifully produced cards is the trace of the Tarot cards. The dialectic of the ancient Chinese “blessings and disasters” also coincided with the interpretation of the Tarot card’s positive and negative positions.
  In Jewish Tarot represents the law. In the 19th century, the occultist Li Wei linked the Tarot card to the ancient Jewish secret teaching Kabbalah. The correspondence between the 22 letters of the Hebrew and the tarot cards, and the correspondence between the 22 ways of the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah doctrine and the Tarot Card, gave the supporters of the Hebrew origin. Great confidence. Some people even think that Tarot cards are the spiritual rituals of ancient Jewish secrets.
  No matter where it originated, the Tarot card began its eternal civilization along with the oldest civilization of mankind, but this circulation from the nobility was not a smooth sailing.
  Spread the ban
  so far retained the oldest Tarot deck, is located in the National Library of France in the 17 “big Arcana”, it is said to be a painter Gerard Raymond King Charles VI specially produced in 1392 . The legendary Tarot appeared in the earlier 1329 German Religious Conference, and its precise and profound meaning praised the monks who attended the conference. Three years later, King Abdullah XI of Spain formulated the first statement against the Tarot. Immediately after the City of Barcelona, ​​France officially announced the ban on civilians playing card games. By the 15th century, the ban was even more stringent. In 1415, the Roman Catholic Church publicly banned card games, claiming that card games were a tool for demons, and called card games “devil patterns” and “devil bibles.”
  At an evangelistic meeting in 1460, the monks simply made it clear for the first time that the tarot cards were created by the devil. They clarified the tarot cards and the contents were inaccurate, and severely enforced the cards. condemn. Throughout the Middle Ages, the Tarot Card, like many scientific truths, was ridden and burned by the Church’s heresy. This kind of thinking has been passed down to this day, and many people think that Tarot cards have “the power of evil”, and they can “sublimate” in the name of Christ. Under this religious persecution, the tarot cards were transferred underground and were initially preserved by secret sects considered to be heretical to teach people the path to spirituality and wisdom. Contrary to the strict prohibition of the church, the tarot card is like a dark fire that sneaked underground. It is not uncommon. A small game that first spread to the junction of Europe and Asia has gradually prevailed throughout the European world.
  In the record of the Tarot card, you can see a painting created in 1450 in Esso, Italy. The painting shows eight soldiers and two women in a hotel. The soldiers’ weapons are hung on the wall. On the shelf, the four soldiers on the left are playing chess. The two soldiers on the right are fighting with a woman. The two soldiers in the center and a woman are playing tarot cards… The ignorance of the ban does not only exist. In the upper class of Italy, the ordinary citizens of the French city of Barcelona, ​​who first issued the ban, were obsessed with the tarot cards. The ban at this time was already in name only. The reason why Tarot won the entire aristocratic world is not only its exquisite drawing, the rare production volume and the appearance of gold-plated jewels, but also the excellent items that show off wealth and status, and the hints and interpretations of the mysterious words hidden in it. It is the best tool for the nobility to convey the secrets of the nobility.
  In this interpretation of the transmission of hidden letters, the tarot cards began to be used for divination and prediction, and it was also distinguished from simple card games. Its mysterious foresight, which is widely spread among the people, depends on the wandering of the Gypsies. The Gypsies who live in the world make a living with acrobatics and divination, and the main props of their divination are the Tarot and the crystal ball. Therefore, in the legendary story about the Gypsies, the Tarot cards are still in the mind of the people with this mysterious prop. On this occasion, printing was introduced to Europe and matured in the 16th century. The expensive Tarot cards were printed in large quantities, and the last barrier to the popularity of Tarot cards disappeared. More and more scholars began to It was curious, and the deep theoretical system of Tarot cards was created. At this time, the Tarot cards were reproduced in front of the world with a new look.
  Resurrection legend
  in medieval Europe after years of silence, accompanied by a wave of Renaissance comes not only is the return of various ancient civilization of science and technology, it is a new understanding of these civilizations scholars and innovation of the machine, and it is this Tarot Return to one of the “cultures” that were re-created. In 1770, the first scholar to use the tarot card as a divination, Elista, published the meaning of a divination card (32 photos). He believes that the Tarot card is the secret knowledge of Egypt, so I hope that the Tarot card can be popular among the general public. In 1856, scholar Li Wei proposed that the Tarot card originated from the Jewish doctrine. This new theory integrates 78 cards and becomes another key to occultism. This is also the complete system of Tarot cards circulating today. It opened up the study of Tarot semiotics, allowing the occult linguistic community to recognize the importance of Tarot in occultism and that Tarot is a great intelligence that exists outside of time. At the end of the 19th century, along the footsteps of Li Wei, Palos greatly improved the theory and system of Tarot. He applied the teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah to the interpretation of the Tarot and found out the connection between the Tarot and his magical rituals. In his view, in addition to the actual life of divination, the Tarot card emphasizes the motivation of the diviner and the reaction of the heart, which makes the Tarot card get rid of the role of traditional divination, and acts as the sixth person to ask the soul and discover the person. Tool of. Palos’s masterpiece “Taoh of Bohemia” is the world’s first truly Tarot book. Palos was thus regarded as the originator of the modern European tarot theory and system.
  In 1888, a “Golden Dawn”, a witchcraft association that inherited the Middle Ages mystery school, the Rose Cross, was established in London. Its establishment is the most important event in the history of the development of modern Tarot cards. The members of the school combined Tarot, Astrology, Kabala and Alchemy once again to complete the theoretical system of the Tarot. In 1891, another well-known celebrity in the history of Tarot, Edward Witt, joined the “Golden Twilight.” In 1910, Witt and Ms. Smyth published the Ryder Tarot brand called “Litewitt” and wrote a book to explain this pair of cards. Because of its easy understanding, Tarot soon became a global brand. The most circulated card. The tarot cards created by Witt are also recognized as “international standard editions” by most tarot researchers, and their works have become “textbooks” for the introduction of tarot cards. This pair of Tarot cards, wrapped in yellow paper, can be seen wherever there is a tarot card.
  Tarot inquiry of natural and spiritual
  Tarot divination magical ability, it is undoubtedly the driving force behind the spread of the millennium. But where is this mysterious power? In combination with the Tarot card itself, it consists of 22 picture cards (Large Arlo) and 56 digital cards (small Arlo), each of which has its own unique pattern and meaning.
  The general divination is based on the interpretation of the Great Arlo’s divination, supplemented by the small Arlo. Its card is different from the red heart and spades of poker. It is divided into four groups: gold coins, swords, cups and sticks. Scholars firmly believe that the ancient civilization created the four elements of water, fire, earth and wind in the natural world when the tarot card was created. The various combinations of the four elements have unlimited possibilities. Similarly, in the size of Arlo IV. There are countless possibilities for divination in group cards, and each tarot card is divided into positive and negative positions, so even if it is the same piece, the meanings may be completely different. Therefore, this expands the scope of the tarot card to a larger space. On the other hand, any tarot card will not directly tell people what to do, but more ask people to constantly look at their questions from the divination, and analyze the true meaning of your spirit through the meaning of the cards. desire. It is this kind of concealed way of telling, but people feel that it contains a broader and deeper meaning. When confused and do not know how to deal with it, Tarot cards can often instruct people to ask questions about the needs of the soul. Many modern scientists believe that the efficacies and mysteries of the Tarot cards are the source of the sixth sense of nature and humanity.
  Whether as a difficult academic study or an indispensable game divination in European life, Tarot has not only disappeared after a thousand years, but continues to be circulated and perfected. This is already a miracle itself. The inscription on the title page of the oldest Tarot unearthed: With the grace of God, the years flow, I will be legendary!
  Tarot is an ancient divination tool. Because of its divination accuracy and the mysterious symbolic meaning of the cards, it was once called a heresy by the church. It was once banned, but it is still popular in the Middle Ages of Europe. It has been passed down to the most widely divined work in the West. The Tarot card is a combination of 22 picture cards (Large Arlo) and 56 digital cards (small Arlo). There are 78 cards, each of which has its own unique pattern and meaning. The method of divination is to arrange the cards in some form and make judgments based on the position of the cards. People can do divination for different needs such as love, health, wealth, marriage, etc. No matter what can be learned by tarot cards, especially when you don’t know what action to take, it is a very good indicator.
  Astrological secret
  When you were born, the position of the sun, the moon and the big planets can really affect your character and even your destiny. Even affecting your luck on a particular day is your good or bad?
  Astrology is a concept from the ancient times to the 17th century before the scientific revolution. With the development of natural sciences and social sciences, the basis on which astrology relies has long been denied, but in today’s world, astrology is a kind of The cultural phenomenon of superstition and mysticism is still popular in the world. Many astrologists are interested in astrology, just because the media always promotes the constellation, and they do not have the corresponding scientific knowledge to see the flaws of this superstition.
  When Ronald Reagan was president of the United States in the 1980s, there were media reports that the White House was scheduled for daily affairs based on the predictions of an astrologer in San Francisco. This incident made the Americans once again aware of the broad mass base of astrology, and the public began to wonder if the astrologer’s argument was true.
  The ancients spiritual world
  of human history is very long and ancient. Archaeology and molecular biology show that today’s direct ancestors of human beings have gradually emerged from the African savannah from 100,000 to 150,000 years ago and gradually distributed throughout the world. About 10,000 years ago, some places gradually entered the agricultural settlement society and prepared for the birth of civilization.
  In order to chase the beasts and collect food, people noticed the rhythm of nature, especially the relationship between the growth of vegetation and the reproduction of animals, and the operation of the sun, the moon and the stars. Unlike other species that are passively adapted to nature, human curiosity encourages people to question the relationship between the world, especially the bright sun, moon and stars on the earth. The twins of astronomy and astrology were born in this context. At first, they have me and you and me, regardless of each other.
  The object of modern astronomical research is the operation, structure and nature of celestial bodies, and the formation and evolution of the universe; astrology believes that the position of the sun, moon and planets in the zodiac constellation will affect the personal character of the earth and even the destiny of the country, thus indicating the future. But in the eyes of the ancients they were almost indistinguishable. In fact, the original meaning of the word “astronomy” in ancient China was “the image of the celestial bodies”, which is the will of God. Therefore, in the Book of Changes, there is “a view of astronomy, to observe time-varying; It is said that “astronomy” is closely related to the rise and fall of the world. Ancient astronomy and astrology are such a unity.
  ”Astrology” is a type of divination. Divination refers to the fact that human beings are unable to grasp the laws of nature and hope to use the changes of certain symbols to peek into the will of the gods. There are many symbols used in divination. There is no inevitability. You can use a bamboo stick to scribble grass, yin and yang gossip, playing cards, tarot cards, constellation planets, or oracle bones after burning, or cut off the internal organs of sheep. . The more complex the divination symbols and rules, the more advanced they are. In the name of the sacred celestial body, astrology combines the complex “celestial attributes” and “human attributes”. Although it has been repeatedly attacked, it has successfully survived with the blind worship of the masses.
  Divination is to make predictions about things that have no idea. In fact, the final decision is the mind of the principal. For example, “Historical Records of the Japanese and the Biography of the Sun” records that the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty invited seven diviners to ask the Japanese woman Geely, and the results given by the seven families were different. Finally, the emperor himself chose one of them. Although the time of divination was not working, the ancients still wanted to believe it, because in the eyes of the ancients, there were some gods (mysterious forces) who dominated the world. These gods may be the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains and rivers, the wind and rain, the trees and flowers, or the fictional and real ancient heroes, celebrities, ancestors. In the world of the ancients, it is more than “three feet to have a god”, in fact, there are gods everywhere. This mysticism, or animism (pantheism, animism), is a phenomenon that exists in all nations of the ancient world. Walking into the Pantheon in Rome, or the Taoist temple in China, we can all see these gods worshipped by people. The ancients made a detailed and complicated division of the power and authority of the gods. In short, as long as you are willing, everything in life can be related to these unclear gods. In the spiritual world of the ancients, these gods are real and need to be awe.
  The way to communicate with the gods (mysterious forces) was originally carried out by priests or wizards. In order to achieve this goal, the ancients invented the magic language and the symbols on which divination depends. Mysticism (called superstition today) is a speculation of the ancient people’s rules of connection between things. It is a pity that they guessed wrong and regarded the human imaginary god as real. The fortune teller in the streets, or the astrologers in the high-rise buildings, rely on this mystery from ancient times.
  Astrology long a scientific face
  astrology, also known as “astrology” astrology rules of all ethnic groups, despite the different schools, but the principle is nothing more than observation or astronomical calculation, and give all kinds of good and bad fortune Sky The meaning of it, and thus the connection with human affairs. In fact, many ancient astronomers also have the identity of astrologers.
  China’s astrology is mainly military astrology, which means that this method is only used for the state, the monarch and the minister. In addition to shouldering the astronomical missions such as determining the time, promulgating the calendar, and calculating the eclipse, the Royal Astronomical Agency “Skymaster” (or “Qin Tianjian”), another important task is to select the Huangdaojiri for the royal family. The fortunes of the fortunes are reported to the royal family, and “corrective measures” are proposed to conform to the destiny. Because of the fate of the military, astronomy has become a royal privilege, and dynasties have banned private learning of astronomy. However, the “Skymaster” insisted on the observation of the celestial phenomena for the sake of good fortune, but made us China have the most detailed records of ancient celestial phenomena in the world, such as eclipses, comets, meteors, sunspots, and so on. This is probably a big advantage for astrology superstitions to bring to astronomy.
  Western astrology originated in Babylon in the two rivers. This is one of the earliest areas of civilization, and the most intense competition area of ​​the ancient people. The waves of different ethnic groups flocked here, and civilization and war alternated. Sunshine rain dew determines the harvest and determines the fate. People’s fear of the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars force them to explore the connection between the events in the sky and the human world. Astrology is their connection between space and time, the operation of celestial bodies and human destiny. Understanding. The Babylonians used astrology to predict droughts, harvests, plagues and wars, and to predict the fate of newborns. Babylon is also known as the Chaldean, and the “Caladi” became synonymous with the astrologer.
  Ancient Egypt, which has a long history, has also developed its own astronomy and astrology, and may also be affected by the two rivers. The tomb of the Pharaoh Ramses II (formerly 1292-1225) was accompanied by a gold platter. Egyptian astrology is summarized in the “Hermes Four Astrology Books”, which is said to be written by the god of the moon (corresponding to the Greek god is Hermes). One of the “human zodiac maps” is the most famous. The various parts of the human body are painted with images of the zodiac, indicating their influence on the human body.
  During the Eastern Expedition of Alexander the Great (334 BC – 324 BC), the astrology of Babylon was introduced to ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks once proudly said: “No matter what Greek learned from foreigners, they eventually turned it into something better.” The ancient Greeks developed astronomy and astrology to an unprecedented level of precision. The two kinds of learning are still one. The astronomer Ptolemy, which we are familiar with, has a “Astrology Four Books” in addition to “Astronomy Dacheng”, which is the earliest and most complete astrological work. Ptolemy believes that “if humans can predict the season, it is not difficult to make similar speculations about their own destiny and nature – even in the embryonic period of a person, we can perceive the person’s temperament, size, mental capacity, and in the future. The misfortunes.” “Astrology Four Books” discusses the nature of the celestial bodies, position calculations, and astrology in the selection of auspicious days, weather forecasting, healthy life, marriage life, travel, hundreds of pages.
  Astrology has a “scientific face” that can be seen from its name. Its English name is astrology (that is, knowledge about stars), and has the same suffix as other disciplines such as biology, geology, and mythology. This is the only treatment for academic research. Why is this so? Although astrology and astronomy are superstitions and sciences, before the scientific revolution of the 17th century, “mysticism” was the common belief of people. Even scholars could not figure out whether astrology really makes sense. “Knowledge about the stars” has both astronomy and astrology. Therefore, many ancient astronomers we know have the identity of astrologers at the same time, such as Ptolemy, Kepler, Gander, Shishen, and his party.
  In practice, astrology uses a wealth of mathematical astronomy knowledge, such as looking up the coordinates of the sun, the moon, and the five stars from the calculated planetary running table based on the date, used to draw the celestial map. Other astrological genres advocate that some major bright star positions will also have an impact, so developing a better astronomical model and calendar, and formulating a precise planetary position table is the common pursuit of ancient astronomers and astrologists, as well as the development of ancient astronomy. One of the motivations. Whether for the East or the West, astrological superstitions have played a role in promoting the development of astronomy, and the mysterious assumptions implied in astronomy also provide a soil for the survival of astrology.
  Astrology Hellenistic and Roman period
  as Alexander the Great conquered Greece and the Mediterranean region (4th century BC), the Mediterranean into the Hellenistic era. The so-called Hellenistic era refers to the transition period from Greek classical culture to Roman culture. The ancient Greek culture of this period continued to develop. What we call the ancient Greek astronomers such as Ibaraki and Ptolemy actually lived in this era.
  During the Hellenistic period, astronomy was highly developed. With the establishment of the Ptolemy system as the apex, the relative positions of the five stars of the sun, the moon and the moon could be calculated in advance, which made the astrology based on the interpretation of their position more “precise”. Astrology theory has also developed, and a variety of genres have emerged.
  For example, one faction advocates that everything on earth is pre-determined. The planet’s celestial phenomenon is a notice of the event that will inevitably occur later (the former faction); the other party only recognizes that some of the affairs of the human world are pre-determined, and some of them can be manipulated manually. Before the appointment). The latter faction is obviously more popular. In astrology, there is a genre called “medical astrology”, which not only determines the medication according to the patient’s celestial map, but more importantly, calculates a series of celestial maps based on the expected date of pregnancy, to see which days are conducive to childbirth, and The impact of the baby’s future destiny. At that time, many astrologers’ calculations helped doctors take steps to delay or advance the baby’s birth.
  In the Hellenistic era, the geographical scope of astrology was further expanded. Ancient Rome accepted Greek culture almost entirely, and astrology was no exception. With the conquest of Alexander the Great and ancient Rome to the surrounding areas, the “precision” astrology transformed by Greek scholars was transmitted to Persia, India, and later to Central Asia and later to China.
  Like the Egyptians and Greeks, the Romans named the planets and constellations of the heavens with the gods and heroes of their national mythology. Today, the internationally-accepted planet names come from the Roman gods in Latin, and later discovered Uranus and Neptune. Pluto also follows this convention. The correspondence between the gods and the sky has important astrological significance. In the myths and legends, the special features, character, gender and “position” of the gods can correspond to the planets and constellations, thus affecting human affairs and human destiny. For example, Mercury has the shortest operating cycle, so it is named after the messenger Mercury (Hermes in Greek), who is also the protector of travel and business. In the mythology, he was born shortly after stealing the cow of his brother Apollo, so he is still the protector of the thief. Astrology also adopted these “characteristics” of Mercury as a basis for prediction.
  In fact, as the most important cultivation of astrologers is not the Tiangong map, but the human psychology should be able to accurately grasp, in order to make an “accurate” prediction. Astrology is very popular among ancient Roman powers and has become an indispensable element of countless court political conspiracy. In order to become an astrologer with fame and fortune, it is necessary to pay attention to collecting social and political information, the materials of the powerful family, and to understand the psychological trends of the elite. Similarly, the dignitaries also use people’s superstitions of astrology to create momentum for themselves. For example, Augustus (Dauda) has published his own map of the Temple of Heaven, because this picture shows that he is about to become the emperor. In fact, in order to be more in line with “Destiny”, he has changed his life palace from Capricorn Palace to Libra Palace.
  Affected by the upper level, the general public also believes in astrology, full of fear of abnormal sky. According to the historian Tacitus, in the winter of the 14th year, a group of Roman soldiers had planned to launch a mutiny at night, but unexpectedly a eclipse occurred. The soldiers did not know what the reason was, and they thought that this was a sign of their current situation: the faint moon is their symbol, and if the moon can light up again, they will win. So they knocked on the bronzes and blew the horn… but the clouds gradually accumulated and completely covered the moon. The soldiers believed that God would not care for them and they cried desperately.
  The most famous astrological story of Rome’s later generations is the story of the intrigue between the astrologers and the Roman emperors they serve. Since the astrologer claimed to be able to see the life and death of the people from the celestial map, and even to see the emperor’s power and the destiny of the country, the emperor used astrology to enhance his own confidence or let the courtiers worship themselves, and was very jealous of the astrologers. It is said that Alexander the Great had ordered his mentor, astrologer Nectaneb, to calculate his own destiny. Nair’s calculation of a date, Alexander immediately said that you were wrong, because your death is now, and then ordered the people to The tutor dropped the cliff. The second emperor of the Roman Empire, Tiberius, was also very convinced of astrology, but he also liked to test the astrologer. He often asked the royal astrologist to calculate his fate. If Tiberius was not satisfied, he ordered the astrologer to be thrown from the cliff. Into the sea. Once Tiberius asked his astrology teacher, Syracuse, to calculate his fate. Serasilos realized that the crisis was coming. He immediately made a fear after calculating, and said to the emperor that the astrology showed a terrible crisis. Go to his head. The emperor saw that the teacher was so interested and moved the heart of the concealed, so he praised him for helping the gods and foreseeing the crisis, and that Syracuse had escaped.
  Astrology usher in a golden age of
  the late Middle Ages, as the ancient Greek scientific and cultural re-transferred back to Western Europe from Arab, European civilization gradually out of the trough of the Middle Ages, recognizing that there have been ancient Greece and Rome in the European mainland so brilliant Culture, so the Renaissance began. During this period, European scholars rediscovered knowledge of ancient philosophy and science from ancient Greece, including astronomy and astrology. Therefore, this period has both astronomical revolution and a golden age since the Hellenistic era. Astrologers are active in the courts of various countries, and there are professors of astrology in the university. Even the pope at that time was mostly superstitious and dependent on astrology. The big things and small things should be consulted by the astrologers.
  The prevalence of astrology is not difficult to understand. Human nature requires interpretation of the unknown, indicating the cause and effect, so there is a great deal of astrology, religion, etc., which provides a plausible and plausible reason for this unknown. So astrology, in the eyes of many people at the time, was a kind of knowledge about the truth of the world.
  In 1543, the Polish astronomer Copernicus published his “The Theory of Celestial Movement” before his death. He proposed that the earth is not static, but runs around the sun like other planets. The sun is the center of our universe.
  Kepler learned about heliocentricity during his college years and has since become obsessed with it. At the same time, his interest in mysticism such as astrology and his interest in heliocentric theory are equally strong. Kepler experienced wars throughout his life, and his life was uncertain. Although he was brilliant, he was embarrassed because the emperor always defaulted on his wages. The main way for him to make a living is to compile an astrological almanac (similar to the yellow calendar of my country’s good fortune), so he has achieved the reputation of a great astrologer and prophet. His prediction in the 1618 calendar is that “spring is not only because of the climate, but also because of the planet’s operation, which makes people prefer to fight.” In May, “the war will break out.” Coincidentally, since Rudolf II restricted the religious beliefs of the imperial people (at the time of European religious reform, the dispute of faith was fierce), on May 23, an uprising occurred in Prague, throwing two senior officials from the palace window. Going out, the “Thirty Years War” in Europe broke out.
  However, Kepler knows that the foundation of astrology is not reliable. He advocates that people must never give up their efforts because of astrological prophecy. They even think that when the emperor makes decisions, he should completely abandon astrology. Kepler’s astronomical research also has the motivation to find out the laws governing the operation of the planet and to find a more reliable basis for astrology. Kepler and the identity of the astrologer, but his astronomical discovery did not find any reasonable basis for astrology, but fundamentally shake the foundation of astrology.
  Astrology, and not so efficacious
  nowadays, acknowledged astrological influence beyond all understanding of the universe, but many rigorous tests have demonstrated that although astrology put it nicely, but it can not predict anything.
  When we judge that something is not working, we do not need to know its principle. In the past ten or twenty years, astrologers have been too busy to have statistically validated their work, and physicists and social scientists have had to do it. Here are a few representative studies.
  Bernard Severman, a psychologist at Michigan State University, collected 2,978 birthdays for newcomers who are about to marry in Michigan, and 478 birthdays for couples who are about to divorce. Most astrologers claim that in terms of interpersonal relationships, they can at least predict which constellations match and which do not. But Severman contrasts these predictions with actual marital status, only to find that the two are not relevant. For example, men and women who have “constellation mismatch” have the same probability of marrying each other as men and women who match “constellation”.
  Many astrologers insist that a person’s Sun sign is closely related to his career choices. In fact, career counseling has also become an important function of modern astrology. So, John McGovey, a physicist at Case Western Reserve University, compared the resumes and birthdays of about 6,000 politicians and 17,000 scientists. I want to see if the birthdays of these two types of practitioners are as predicted by astrologers. That way, they are concentrated in certain constellations. The results show that the constellations of these two types of people are completely random.
  Some astrologers believe that the Sun sign alone is not enough to predict. In this regard, Sean Carson of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory designed a clever experiment. He asked several groups of volunteers to provide their complete astrological information, and then asked them to fill out the California Personality Questionnaire, a standard psychological questionnaire that used the broad, general, descriptive language of the astrologer. .
  A “reputable” astrology group watched the stars for the volunteers, and 28 professional astrologers agreed to participate in the experiment. Each of them received a star, plus three descriptions of personality, one of which was the owner of the astrology. The astrologer’s mission is to interpret the astrology and then select the one that they think is the best match among the three descriptions.
  Although these astrologers predict that their correct rate can reach more than 50%, after 116 rounds of experiments, their actual correct rate is only 34% – just the equivalent of guess! On December 5, 1985, Carson published this result in the scientific journal Nature, which is quite awkward for the astrology industry.
  Another experiment shows that the content of the astrology is actually not important. What is important is that the seeker should think that the astrologer’s interpretation is directed at him. A few years ago, the French statistician Michel Goulin collected the astrological information of a fierce serial killer in French history, sent it to 150 people, and asked them to assess their match with the information. As a result, 94% of respondents claimed to see themselves in this description.
  Australian researcher Joffrey Dean has extensively tested astrology. He reversed the constellation information of 22 subjects and replaced the descriptive words with antonyms. As a result, 95% of the subjects still claimed that the description was accurate, which was the same as the one who saw the original description. It can be seen that those who go to the astrology want only guidance, and whatever guidelines can be used.
  Astronomers Carver and Iana traced the predictions made by several famous astrologers and astrological groups over the past five years, resulting in more than 3,000 detailed predictions (many about politicians, movie stars and other celebrities). Only about 10% is right.
  With the development of the natural sciences and social sciences, the questions that the ancient astrology “interpreted” have been studied and explained by various disciplines. For example, physics, chemistry, and astronomy explain the composition of the material world. The concept of “element” in modern science has long been different from the “elements” in the eyes of the ancients. The basic laws of everything in the universe can be explained by matter; modern medicine explains The cause of illness overcomes most of the symptoms; evolution explains the generation and evolution of life; social science analyzes all phenomena in human society and discovers the laws of politics, economy, and human behavior; and studies across natural sciences and social sciences I began to study the secrets of human spiritual life…
  The human brain has also evolved, but as a high-level nerve center, its behavior is extremely complex, and it commands complex human behavior. Animal behaviorists and sociologists have pointed out that in fact the characteristics of human behavior have many similarities with our ancient ancestors and even animals. Because of social factors, people, like the ancient ancestors, are equally uneasy about their own future. They need comfort and not necessarily the truth. Therefore, astrology mysticism under the banner of “care” can always find people who need comfort and continue to prevail in modern society.