Prince’s 1000 apple trees

 In 1992, the Charles and his wife visited India. After arriving in India, the two parted ways. The prince went to participate in his favorite Yinying Agricultural Summit, and Diana went to the Taj Mahal alone, leaving a shadow. After that, the two officially separated. The prince and Camilla’s extramarital affairs are well known. People laugh at Charles and say that his marriage failed and nothing happened.
  Diana once said that she asked the Queen and cried, “I am asking for help, what should I do?” The Queen said: “I don’t know what you should do, Charles is hopeless.” At this moment, I am with you. The owner of the Charles Farm, strolling through the farm, remembering these past events, trying to unify it with the style of the farm owner. The land looks disorganized at first, and it does not pursue a clear and uniform arrangement. Going far, and getting used to it, it is easy to live in the mountains and waters. Some trees look familiar and somewhat strange. what is this? I ask. The prince’s apple orchard. The owner answered.
  In June, the tree was covered with a small apple with a large coin, humbled behind the leaves, and the leaves were green. I asked casually, how many apple trees are there? The owner replied that the prince had 1,000 apple trees.
  Thought he was wrong, I verified: The prince planted 1000 apple trees here? The owner corrected me very clearly and solemnly. It is a thousand apple trees. I wonder, not a slip of the mouth, what does that mean? Will these seemingly similar apple trees produce 1000 different apples? I have to question him. Is there so many varieties of apples in the world?
  Yes. Prince Charles has found 1,000 apple trees from all over the world, all of which are planted in the garden. I am curious, with so many varieties, is there an apple tree that the prince particularly likes? At first glance, the apple tree does not look very different. However, a small nameplate is hung on the tree, indicating that each tree is different. In the face of my problem, the master thought very seriously, went under a tree and said, this tree, every time the prince comes, he will especially know how it grows. I said that it is particularly unique and precious, from a very distant place, or is it… the fruit of the knot is particularly delicious? The owner touched his ear first and licked his head. It didn’t seem to be. He didn’t ask the prince. The correct answer didn’t know. Maybe just… This apple tree is just on the side of the road. Will he pass by every time?
  I am a little embarrassed and my thinking is off. The owner said that we have a variety of apples that are not pest-resistant and are produced in Wales. What is special about it? I ask. Master, we want to preserve the diversity of species on Earth. If you only grow one kind of apple, the pests and diseases will adapt to the characteristics of this apple and develop the ability to invade it. By that time, people can only use more pesticides to form a vicious circle. If there is diversity, apple pests have nothing to do. For example, if the apple skin is thicker and the pest does not bite, it can only be abandoned.
  It is interesting to think of a worm in front of the apple skin and to be dejected to avoid it. I remember the Kazakhs said: You entertained 100 apples for the guests, and there will be more than 200 apples in the coming year. There are more and more apples now, and there are fewer and fewer types. Biodiversity is now a very fashionable word. What exactly does it mean? Not everyone can tell. I am also stupid, remembering a simple statement: referring to the extent of life changes. The more species and species, the greater the biodiversity. The loss of species diversity is a great fault that humans have made after affecting nature. Environmental damage, invasion of alien species, climate change, etc., every year, an average of 27,000 species on the planet are screened. Another 40% of plants, animals and other biological species are also on the list of ready to disappear.
  After hundreds of millions of years of inheritance and mutation, the world has made the world so rich and colorful. People easily smashed the wonderful creations of nature and discarded their bodies on the lost of commercialization.