My war with hair

 When I was 17 years old, I was in the second year of high school. The imprint of youth began to manifest in me. The beard was first exposed, my hair was thick and black, and it was surging under the influence of hormones. My interest has shifted at this time, and since then I have opened up my war with my hair for many years.
  At that time, F4 was attacking the city in the youth group, and it has already turned into a prairie. Their shoulders are long and the boys are envious. Imagine how slick and long hair is in the breeze, how elegant and sexy it is, but this scene only appears in our dreams and minds. Even in the most thoughtful and rebellious adolescence, no one dared to ignore the school regulations and be the first to eat crabs.
  Suddenly the spring breeze came, this revolutionary storm of hair began to sweep the youth groups inside and outside the classroom. I don’t know when, the boys began to store long hair, the pattern is changeable, and the style is full, but everyone is careful to maintain a degree, not crossing the red line of the school’s three orders.
  My excess youthful energy found an exit at this time. I no longer feel that my studies are heavy and the days are hard. After the beauty of the heart is awakened, I start to run all the way.
  My hair is thick and soft, suitable for flowing long hair, but I am suffering from a man’s body, I have to think about it. At that time, the boys in the class combed more, and I didn’t know what kind of magic was applied. Their hair was always in the shape of an ear, and it remained in a state of being impatient from morning till night. And my hair is always a high-spirited, unruly gesture. If a breeze blows, the hair is scattered. It hurts me to suppress it again, so again and again.
  When people always have the energy to exhaust or feel tired, the last thing is inevitable, let them go.
  In fact, my fate on the partiality of the hair has a cause, that is, the partiality seems to be inconsistent with my temperament and face shape, and with the lack of hair, I will discard it.
  But on the issue of hair style, I am still trying to try new styles and pursue new ones. I hungry and hungry for the five yuan saved to a barber shop in the town to explain to the owner. The shopkeeper has a well-thought-out look and pats his hands and starts working. But it turns out that this is just a good hope. Where is the problem, I can’t make it clear, or my expression is unclear, or the hairdresser’s technique is not refined. In short, after I expressed dissatisfaction, after the barber trimmed it twice, I returned with a flat head shape.
  This also means that I have to re-send and make a second attempt. A month later, I was screaming at the other barbershop in the town. Now I want to come, I can’t help but sigh the beauty of youth. At that time, my metabolism was surprisingly strong, as if I could feel the “giggle” of the bones growing in the body, and the excess nutrients in the hair were mad.
  I still hold on to the five yuan I used to eat and squat, sitting on the stool uneasy. I describe my hair style as much as I can, and then hold my breath, for fear that my extra movements will disrupt the barber’s foot. But after more than 30 minutes of sitting on the needle felt, I sighed and sighed.
  In view of this, my only hope can only be placed on my mother. In fact, she did not learn hairdressing. It was only when our brothers had too long hair, and they pressed us into the chair, suffering from her “torture” and “destruction.”
  Frankly speaking, every time the mother is forced to cut her hair, it is a physical and psychological torment for our brothers. And a mother’s cuts mean that you have no way to escape, it is a kind of helpless and meaningful state of mind.
  When I took the initiative to “mother into the tiger’s mouth” and asked my mother to help me cut the hair, she first looked horrified and then shook her head decisively. First, she didn’t understand what the shreds were, and she couldn’t start. Second, I was getting older. It was no longer the child who was obsessed with the ear, and the only one who was obedient. Once it was unreasonable, it was inevitable that the mother and the child would be angry.
  She found the uncle of the neighboring village – he is an old barber. After a brief greeting, he began to cut hair, but it turned out to be not a wise move. I tried to express the effect I wanted, but the clipper was always in his hands, and the scene was once interrupted and deadlocked. I looked at the hair in the mirror, and said angrily, “It’s not as good as a bald look.” Who knows that the listener has the heart, actually treats the words as the truth, three times five and two… The bald head is too handy for him.
  On Monday, when I appeared in the classroom with my bright eyes, the whole class was awkward. Everyone seems to have discovered a gem, and his eyes are shining at me. Someone who has a good thing sends out the tone of swaying and screaming, “something cold and warm,” and some can’t stand the attraction of the bald head, reaching out and touching, feeling the hand. My only remaining self-esteem has vanished under the paradox of Taishan. Since then, I have added another nickname “Rice Egg”.
  Until two months later, when the hair was again in the ear, the nickname of the “halogened egg” gradually declined. Until I graduated from high school, I have no courage to try new hairstyles, and I can only try to maintain its original ecology.