Millionaires donate property to live in low-rent housing

   Carl, 47, is a wealthy businessman working in the furniture and upholstery industry. He is currently preparing to sell his luxury home, which has a total area of ​​3,455 square feet (about 320 square meters) and overlooks the Alps. He decided to pass the “lottery sale method” to sell the villa for nearly 2 million pounds. He will sell 21999 lotteries for £ 87 each, and the winner will get this luxury villa with sauna, beautiful mountain and lake views. Also sold is a rural farmhouse in Provence, France, with an area of ​​17 hectares (about 170,000 square meters) and a price of 613,000 pounds. In addition, Carl also sold six of his collection of gliders and Audi A8 luxury cars worth £ 350,000 and £ 44,000 respectively.
   In addition to the fixed assets mentioned above, Carl even transferred the business that brought him the wealth. It is reported that all his proceeds will be donated to charities to help orphans and poor people in South America.
   “I plan to stay nothing.” Carl told reporters, “Money often has a counterproductive effect, and it does not make you happy. I was born in a very poor family. From an early age, I thought that the richer the material, the more luxurious life, the more people The happier it will be. But over time, I feel like I am gradually becoming a slave to wealth. So I am going to be a happy and poor egg. ”
   Carl intends to move into a humble wooden shed in the Alps, or live in Inns in western Austria. In a small, low-cost apartment in Brooke, live a simple but happy “poor life”.
   Now, after “getting rid of” most of the property, Carl lamented sincerely that he felt “free and relaxed”. But Carl’s wife couldn’t understand her husband’s behavior and chose to divorce him. Carl said he may have a job to make a living now that he has nothing.
The beautifully suffocated Siberian net Red Lake is actually a garbage pond

   Recently, a lake in Novosibirsk, Russia, caught fire online. The bright turquoise calm lake water has attracted many tourists to take pictures, becoming a real net red check-in.
   Many Novosibirsk residents and tourists who visit here come to the lake by car, by bike, by barbecue and beer. The newlyweds took wedding photos by the lake, and the mother who had just given birth to the lake also came to take artistic photos. Many people call this lake a “must visit fairy tale place” and can “fill your soul”.
   However, some tourists found that the smell from the lake did not match the beautiful appearance. Photographer Mikhail Resnikov said, “When you drive to the lake, you will have a very strong smell of washing powder. You have no idea of ​​touching the lake at all, you just feel this place Not safe. ”
   In fact, this beautiful lake view did not occur naturally. The Siberian Power Generation Company issued a statement recently stating that the company’s TEZ-5 trash pond in Novosibirsk has become a hotspot for social media. This lake is actually a pond dug by the power plant to process brown coal slag. The blue color is formed by the dissolution of calcium salts and various metal oxides in water.
   The statement also said that although the lake water is non-toxic and non-radiation, due to the large content of chemicals, skin contact with the lake may cause allergic reactions. The bottom of the lake was also very muddy, and it was difficult to get out of it once it got stuck. The company warns tourists that it is very dangerous to walk by the lake and never enter the lake because of the pursuit of selfie effects.
A pregnant woman drifts at sea in Malaysia in January

   When a 24-year-old pregnant woman in Malaysia visited her husband by boat, the boat broke down. She and four other relatives drifted on the sea for a whole month before being discovered and rescued by an Indonesian fishing boat. During the rafting, the pregnant woman gave birth on the boat and gave birth to a “sea drifter”. She eventually returned to her hometown in Malaysia. According to reports, Nazmi is a native of Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia. At the time, pregnant with 7 months, she took her 18-year-old brother Nishar, 9-year-old son Nonadiah, and 2-year-old son Noah Jin on a brother-in-law. Almaton’s ship left the local pier and went to visit his husband on the island of Pagoda. The entire voyage took about 12 hours. However, when the ship was driven for 10 hours, the engine and piston of the ship suddenly burst, and the powerless ship was suddenly rushed into the sea.
   Several people in a boat started aimlessly drifting in the waters of Sulawesi. The dry food they brought with them was quickly consumed, and they could only rely on drinking rain to sustain their lives. Nearly a month after drifting, Nazmi, who was weak, finally gave birth prematurely. With the help of her brother and brother-in-law, she gave birth successfully and gave birth to a “sea drifter”.
   Two days after the birth of the newborn, their drifting boat was discovered by an Indonesian fishing boat, and Nazmi and others were finally lucky to be rescued.
   Nazmi et al. Were subsequently sent to a hospital in Indonesia for rescue. After several days of treatment, they have finally recovered. The Malaysian embassy in Jakarta has provided them with an emergency pass and arranged for them to return to their hometown in Malaysia.
   Nazmi’s father Damai Inton said: “When we learned that their boat was washed away by the waves, for a whole month, our whole family prayed for them every day and hoped that they would return safely. Our prayers finally Realized. “Nazmi’s mother choked and said,” We calculate their return dates every day, hoping that the sooner the better. ”
British man visits more than 20,000 bars in 35 years

   Peter Hill, a 63-year-old British man, is a true drinker. In the past 35 years, Peter has embarked on a huge “pub walk”, driving 320,000 miles (about 514,990 kilometers) and drinking. 50,000 pints (about 28,400 liters) of wine.
   According to reports, the 63-year-old has been traveling around the country since 1984 and visited 21,404 bars with a group of friends. He has drank beer in every county in the UK, and over the past two years he has visited bars on 70 remote islands with friends. Peter said, “I love every minute of this.” He said, “It took me to places I never dreamed of, and it made me aware of unheard of beer. I traveled everywhere, always looking for new challenges and New bar and stick to it as much as possible. When people asked if this would cause any harm, I replied, ‘I don’t plan to live too long.’ Everyone has a life limit, and when it comes, I at least It’s fair to say that I smiled very happily. ”
   Peter kept detailed records of every visit, including the amount of beer he drank, the mileage he traveled, and even the name of the bar owner.
   As a retired engineer, he has witnessed changes in the bar and enjoys a wide range of beers on the market. He added: “Young people no longer use bars, but buy them from supermarkets. I’m doing my modest job to keep the bars alive.”
Japanese cashier “forget about it”, stolen 1300 credit cards

   Hollywood star Leonardo plays a talented scammer in the movie “Cat and Mouse Game”, which is said to be based on real life. Recently, there was also a surprising crime in Japan. A cashier in a Tokyo hypermarket used the ability of “forgetting it” to steal more than 1,300 credit cards from customers.

   Yusuke Taniguchi, 34, a cashier at a hypermarket in Koto-ku, Tokyo, was recently arrested by the police on charges of stealing credit cards. The reason why the suspect was able to steal the credit card successfully was because of his strong visual memory. When the customer took out the credit card to check out, Taniguchi Yusuke conveniently used the credit card number, valid date, security code, etc. for the customer within a short time. Keep all the information in mind.
   The police found a notepad in the room of Yusuke Taniguchi, which recorded 1,300 customers’ credit card information. Based on this information, Yusuke Taniguchi used online shopping to meet the cost of living. He also bought goods from overseas mail order websites and used them. Sell ​​second-hand prices for cash. Currently, the police arrested him on the charge of illegal credit card theft, and his actions were not stopped until the incident in Dongchuang.
   Netizens said that Taniguchi Yusuke’s approach is incredible. Some people think that Taniguchi Yusuke is a waste of talent, and some people are curious about his memory. Netizens said: “I can’t remember a card number, this person is terrible.” More netizens think: “This is just a waste of cashiers.” “Why not have the ability to do the sun and health work.” “” Will be used in the wrong place. ”
U.S. 16-year-old girl resets memory every two hours after brain injury

   According to reports, a 16-year-old female student named Riley Horner, once she was accidentally kicked to the head at a prom, because of severe brain damage, she thought that every day was the day of her injury, and every time The memory will be reset in 2 hours.
   Since then, the 16-year-old can’t remember the date, and can’t even remember what happened a few hours ago. In a media interview this week, she said: “When I saw the calendar on the door showing it was September, I was stunned! You don’t understand, it’s just as incredible as the plot of the movie.” Her strange symptoms are similar to the plot in the 1993 movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray and Andy McDowell. In the film, Murray’s television weatherman Phil Conners revisits the same day over and over again.
   Riley, a high school student from Illinois, USA, and her family are eagerly searching for answers after doctors are confused. “The doctor told us that Riley’s body had no medical problems, no cerebral hemorrhage, and no tumors.” Sarah was nervous but couldn’t get started.
   Riley used to be the school’s cheerleader, but now she has to keep things in her notebook to live normally. In addition to taking notes, she also uses her mobile phone to take pictures of basic things, such as where her lockers are. Her current situation also means that she cannot remember the major family incidents. Mother Sarah told the TV station: “My brother died last week, she may not remember it anymore.” She held back tears and added: “We called her every day, but she knew nothing about it.” Riley You must take detailed records every day to remind her of something.
The man bought two lottery tickets more than 30 million

   For Stu McDonald, he was an unfortunate person because he was diagnosed with cancer twice at different times. He is also a lucky man, who has been able to defeat cancer twice in a while. Recently, McDonald bought a lottery ticket and as a result won 4.6 million US dollars (about 32.55 million yuan).
   According to reports, Stu McDonald is from Portland, Oregon. Every time he bought a lottery ticket, his wife, Claudia, said, “This will win the prize.” This time, Claudia forgot to say that she did not expect their wish to be realized. On September 7, McDonald bought a lottery ticket at a coffee shop and won a grand prize of 4.6 million US dollars (about 32.55 million yuan).
   For McDonald, his good fortune in life is more than that. In an interview, McDonald said, “I’m a very lucky person. I defeated cancer twice in a row. I think I’m great.” You can get the full bonus, but you can only get 2.3 million US dollars (about 16.27 million yuan). McDonald chose to receive the award in one lump sum, after deducting taxes, it was finally USD 1.56 million (about RMB 11.04 million). In other words, he gave up $ 3.04 million (about 21.51 million yuan) on the spot.
   It is worth mentioning that the cafe selling this lottery will receive 1% of the total bonus as a reward, which is 46,000 US dollars (about 330,000 yuan). The head of the cafe said: “We are very happy to have sold a lottery winning ticket, and the money returned will be used to serve customers.”