Looking for happiness in the opposite side of misfortune

 When encountering misfortune, it is optimistic or pessimistic, perhaps it is the difference between one thought. The toast of a monastery is baked in the oven for breakfast. He bakes one side first, then turns over to roast the other side, once to roast a lot of toast in the oven, then on the plate, and to the monks waiting in the cafeteria.
  Occasionally, there will be cases where the toast is roasted black. But because it was a pity to throw away, the blackened toast was still taken to the cafeteria.
  Everyone follows the rules when taking a meal. Everyone takes a piece of toast from above and then passes the plate to the person behind. A monk saw the black toast and looked unhappy, took his own, and handed the plate to the next person.
  The next monk actually got a blackened toast and put it on his plate, but he turned over the toast and said to himself that only one side was scorched, which is great, thank you very much.
  Many times, we also need to turn things over and look at it. It may be blackened, but the other side may not be burnt. As long as you have the mentality of “only one side is scorched, it is so good, thank you very much”, in a sense is the secret of happiness. This kind of calmness will bring peace and happiness.
  Before you express your dissatisfaction, turn things over and see if you have room for it. If you look at the bad side, you will be complaining. From a different perspective, there will be new discoveries.