Little lovers have their own misfortunes, and the rich woman gets medical treatment overseas

In recent years, overseas medical tourism intermediary companies and overseas medical consultation agencies have continuously emerged, attracting many wealthy people to travel abroad to spend thousands of dollars in foreign countries. It has also caused many criminals to greedy. Due to the industry’s irregularity and inadequate systems, many patients are Overwhelmed overseas, became a lamb to be slaughtered. Shen Jiazhen was a middle-aged woman who was in good health, but she was so faint that she came to Japan with the encouragement of her little boyfriend. After a shot, more than 1 million yuan was gone …

My boyfriend is next to a mysterious rich woman, her tongue is soothing to calm Fang’s heart
On the third day of the National Day holiday in 2018, Liu Tingting in Changsha stayed in a small rental house alone and was sullen. During the National Day holiday, everyone was unhappy about going out for tourism, and her boyfriend Chen Haofeng had evaporated.

“Overtime! Overtime! Isn’t it just a salesman at an insurance company, so busy?” Liu Tingting angrily threw a soft toy on the bed to the ground.

When women are angry, they love to vent their shopping. Liu Tingting strolled in the mall for several hours, holding the booty and feeling much more happy. Her feet went sour, she pushed open the door of a western restaurant, and planned to go in for something to rest.

Although this restaurant is not large, it is decorated in a very atmospheric style, and the music is flowing quietly. Liu Tingting took a seat, ordered a good meal, Fang raised his head and looked around. Only to find out that the guests are paired except themselves. But instantly, her smile froze. Isn’t Chen Haofeng, the familiar voice in a plaid shirt in front of her?

Although Chen Haofeng turned her back on her face, Liu Tingting really looked at her boyfriend. There was a pearly fat woman sitting opposite him. The diamond jewellery on his neck and wrists was dazzling, and a small wave curled up. My face was greased, but I couldn’t hide the traces of years at all.

At first Liu Tingting thought that she was Chen Haofeng’s insurance client, but after observation, she found that it was wrong, and the two were as close as a couple. One leg of the fat woman, from time to time, hooked Chen Haofeng’s legs under the dining table. From the perspective of Liu Tingting, she could see clearly.

It turned out that the boyfriend was next to a mysterious rich woman. Liu Tingting blew up her lungs, and she sent to Chen Haofeng on WeChat: “This is what you say is overtime?” Chen Haofeng stood up and looked away, hitting Liu Tingting’s cold eyes, his face changed, but he only said: “I follow you at night Explain. “After a while, I didn’t know what Chen Haofeng whispered to the rich woman, and the two hurried away.

Liu Tingting guessed right, this woman named Shen Jiazhen, 46 years old, was the original match of a big boss named Wang Lifa, who was engaged in the clothing business with a net worth of over 100 million and many industries under his name. However, after the development of men, it is unavoidable to seduce flowers. In these years, Wang Lifa can’t break young and fresh women, and rarely goes home.

Shen Jiazhen and Wang Lifa have only one daughter, and just went to college last year. Shen Jiazhen has been staying alone for many years. She doesn’t lack money, but she is very lonely. Countless long nights, the loneliness in her heart poured out like a tide, and the desire of her body bit her like a snake.

Chen Haofeng appeared in the sight of Shen Jiazhen at this time. He was selling insurance to her. Shen Jiazhen was not interested and couldn’t hold him back. He was 29 years old and strong and strong. So handsome and stylish. Moreover, Chen Haofeng was too talkative. Sister Zhen was long and sister Zhen was short, which coaxed Shen Jiazhen’s heart.

Accompanied by Chen Haofeng, Shen Jiazhen felt like a dying plant in the desert, and came a little bit alive. She bought Chen Haofeng’s insurance. Not only that, she also wanted to buy his time and his young and energetic body.

Chen Haofeng hesitated for a while, and then promised. After all, real money is too tempting for a young guy under 30. As for the girlfriend, she didn’t find the best. When she found out, he had his own set of rhetoric.

When I saw Liu Tingting in the evening, Chen Haofeng put on a three-inch tongue, “Dear, it’s not what you think!” Liu Tingting asked angrily, “Do you think I’m blind?” Chen Haofeng held her softly and said, “You want Too much, am I just acting on the scene? I ’m not doing it just for you. I ’m doing it for you! ”

Small fresh meat out of beautiful men’s scheme, overseas medical examination to make a fortune
Pull performance? Liu Tingting’s expression changed. These three words struck her heart. She worked for an intermediary company in Changsha. The company’s main business is overseas medical tourism, providing customers with various “medical + travel packages”. Experts consult, receive inspections, Tourism and sightseeing, medical examination expenses, living expenses, accommodation expenses, all services are all converted and packaged together. The cost is even greater if the client is treating overseas.

Because of the high fees for overseas medical examinations, the company’s customers are either rich or expensive. Liu Tingting has no connections, and can only obey the company to arrange to accompany him, earn a little hard work, and watch other colleagues draw high commissions, she is envious.

Chen Haofeng confessed to Liu Tingting that he had no substantive relationship with Shen Jiazhen: “How can I get a mouthful of such a fat body with oily flowers?” He said that he had been flattering with Shen Jiazhen and the snake. The reason he flattered her was nothing more than wanting Find some benefits. Liu Tingting’s mind was dizzy when he said that when he saw Shen Jiazhen as mud under his feet, he answered doubtfully.

After getting his girlfriend done, Chen Haofeng went to persuade Shen Jiazhen. At the beginning, Shen Jiazhen was unwilling: “What? Go to Japan for a medical checkup? I don’t have any serious problems. Japan is so far away, it’s unnecessary.”

Chen Haofeng said: “Sister Zhen, you don’t understand. Foreign medical equipment is advanced and medical technology is superb. Many people now choose to go overseas for medical examinations, especially those superstars and successful people. They are written in newspapers, 60% The wealthy Chinese have had medical tourism experience, and even Ma Yun was reported to have conducted high-end and sophisticated medical inspections abroad. ”

Chen Haofeng presented a stack of information, which he carefully collected. Shen Jiazhen seemed to have a little interest. Who doesn’t care about his body when he is middle-aged. As for the price, she can accept it, and she is not bad at money! But she still has questions: “Why choose Japan?” Chen Haofeng had already prepared. He took one of the materials and talked eloquently: “Japan is an aging society, its medical and health system is very complete, and Japan has always maintained world cancer The most advanced records of early detection, especially the PET health check, can detect and eliminate all of the more than 300 known early and early cancers, and can detect early cancerous tissues only about 10 mm. It must be known that domestic medical instruments have found Tumors are often above the centimeter level. “He cleared his throat, aggravated his tone, and said distressedly,” When the findings are all in the middle and late stages, how can we treat it? ”

Chen Haofeng told Shen Jiazhen that she has a cousin and she is in this industry. Her company has formal qualifications and has signed an agreement with Japanese medical institutions. Medical travel projects include early PET tumor screening, genetic testing, and spa treatment.

He wrapped his arm around Shen Jiazhen’s waist, put a hand to her chest, rubbed it thinly, put her lips against her ear and said softly, “Sister Zhen, if you don’t want to have a medical examination, I can accompany you Enjoy nature and recuperate in Japan with peace of mind. We both live under Mt. Fuji, soak in hot springs, drink sake, and watch cherry blossoms, would you say OK? ”

Under Chen Haofeng’s offensive, Shen Jiazhen failed. On December 18, 2018, Shen Jiazhen followed Chen Haofeng to go to Japan for a physical examination, and Liu Tingting played the role of cousin. For the first formal meeting, Shen Jiazhen smiled and stretched out her hand to hold her and said, “Your cousin is so good and kind It ’s like seeing it everywhere. ”Liu Tingting could only squeeze out a professional smile.

For this overseas medical examination, Liu Tingting quoted 280,000 because Shen Jiazhen trusted Chen Haofeng and entrusted him to handle it. The money was also passed by him. Chen Haofeng added another 100,000 in private and put the money in his own pocket. .

The company service was really good. Someone was greeted as soon as the plane was out. They paid attention to details and thoughtful manners. She stayed at a high-end hotel with hot springs. Shen Jiazhen was very satisfied, but she got unhappy with the room card. She shouted Chen Haofeng aside and whispered Mumbled: “Xiaofeng, why can’t you live with me in a room?” Chen Haofeng explained: “My cousin is a big mouth. I’m afraid she will spread it in front of relatives in my hometown. It’s not good for you or me, but you can rest assured.” He After blinking, she smiled at Shen Jiazhen and said, “I will find a way to accompany you at night.” Shen Jiazhen smiled shyly and understood.

During a week in Japan, Chen Haofeng accompanied Shen Jiazhen and took a look at the famous sights. He also did physical examinations. The hospital’s equipment did look advanced. The doctor’s attitude was good, but Shen Jiazhen did not understand Japanese and had to rely on Liu Tingting to translate.

Chen Haofeng tried his best to walk between the two women. At night, he sometimes accompanied Shen Jiazhen and sometimes Liu Tingting. Perhaps he was born with the potential to be a male publicist and coaxed both women into persuasion.

“Set-in-set” asks for money to continue his life, conspiracy defeats Huang Quan
In the night after Shen Jiazhen’s physical examination, Chen Haofeng went to Liu Tingting privately. The two loved each other. Liu Tingting snuggled up in Chen Haofeng’s chest and said, “After returning to China, let’s break with the surname Shen. This is not good after all.” Girlfriend asked, “What do you think of her physical examination result?” Liu Tingting shook her head: “She looks ruddy, not like there are any serious problems, and it seems that there is nothing wrong with listening to the doctor’s dictation.”

Chen Haofeng’s eyes flashed: “Can we let her find out the problem?” Seeing his girlfriend, he didn’t understand, he explained that he wanted to falsify a medical record and let Shen Jiazhen bleed more blood.

Chen Haofeng followed the temptations: “I checked it early, your intermediary company is not formal at all, and this kind of thing may not be done. You have been in the company for three years, dare to say without knowing it?” However, if you want to make more money, you exaggerate the condition of your customers and induce them to over-medical overseas or buy high-priced medicines. Well, people are rushing to get medical treatment, especially those with cancer, and they usually follow suit. But she was timid, and although she was familiar with the routine, she had never really done it.

Chen Haofeng was afraid of Liu Tingting’s concerns, and tried his best to persuade: “Shen Jiazhen is rich. Let’s make a million. It’s not much. The money we get is half of us. Otherwise, we mortgage the wedding room and pay the down payment! “Liu Tingting agreed, and the two were struggling to be calculated.

A few days later, Shen Jiazhen got a beautiful medical report, but she couldn’t understand. Liu Tingting sat aside and said solemnly, “This physical examination includes sophisticated cancer screening tests and found that you have a huge risk of developing lung cancer and breast cancer. The prevalence of cancer is over 90% and you must treat it early.

When Shen Jiazhen heard the thunder and thunderbolt, she pursed her lips and asked, “What did you say? Cancer?” Liu Tingting looked at her with sympathetic eyes, and said with certainty, “Yes.”

Chen Haofeng shed tears and sighed sadly: “Sister Zhen, how can you be so bad when you are so nice. Sister Zhen is sick, just like myself, I really feel bad. Tingting, whatever Whatever it takes, how much it will cost me to rescue my sister from death. ”

Liu Tingting said quickly: “There are ways to do this. It is a good thing that cancer precursors are detected. As long as they are treated and prevented in time, nothing will happen.”

Shen Jiazhen asked anxiously: “How to treat?” Liu Tingting replied: “You can inject a set of the most advanced anticancer needles in Japan to drive back cancer cells, and never relapse in the future! The price is 1.8 million. You know, this Life continues! ”

After hearing so much money, Shen Jiazhen was a little hesitant. Her money was from her husband, Wang Li. Using so much at once would inevitably lead to a shortfall. She said, “Why don’t I go back to China to rule again. Maybe I checked wrong!”

“It’s impossible to check errors!” Chen Haofeng was anxious, but he immediately realized his malady and slowed down his tone. “Japan’s medical level is indeed much more professional and advanced than domestic ones. How can it be checked? Sister, we Do n’t put it in this good condition, what do you do when you return home? Your life is yours! ”

Liu Tingting also banged on the side: “A person came to the medical examination last month and found a foreign body in the thyroid area. He had to go back to the domestic hospital for resection. But when he returned to the local hospital for examination, no foreign body was detected. It ’s because the foreign body is in its infancy and cannot be detected by ordinary domestic equipment. This cancer, it ca n’t be dragged! ”

For several days in a row, Chen Haofeng tried to persuade Shen Jiazhen to get an anti-cancer shot, saying that he really distressed her and did not want to take her a little risk. When it came to emotional affairs, he shed tears. Shen Jiazhen has never been cared for so much. She was moved, and coupled with the fear of sudden death, she finally transferred 1 million yuan from the bank to Chen Haofeng.

After returning from Japan, Liu Tingting happily invited Chen Haofeng: “You are satisfied now, you can leave that woman.” Chen Haofeng absently agreed, and this experience opened the door to his new world. With more money, he feels that the rich woman now is really cheating.

Shen Jiazhen wanted to find Chen Haofeng, but he always pushed for three reasons and failed to find a reason. She was anxious and tried to find his “cousin”, but Liu Tingting did not know where Chen Haofeng was. After returning home, he once again played missing. He did not give Liu Tingting any money from Shen Jiazhen, nor did he buy a new house mentioned.

Both women were looking for Chen Haofeng. In April 2019, Liu Tingting found that Chen Haofeng was with a rich woman again and his eyes were discharged. It turned out that he was doing this unsightly thing again! Liu Tingting was mad. Before she learned from Shen Jiazhen, Chen Haofeng was a man who betrayed the skin. The two had already rolled over the sheets!

Chen Haofeng was stunned and angry when he was smashed. He rushed to Liu Tingting’s rental house in the evening. Unexpectedly, Shen Jiazhen was also here. Her eyes spit fire and scolded him: “You liar! The hospital expert told me that the cancer was not Law prevention, injection and cancer prevention are nonsense. You pay my money back! “It turned out that Liu Tingting had already asked Shen Jiazhen and Pan for medical treatment overseas.

Two crazy women rushed towards Chen Haofeng. His fists were hard to beat four hands, and several blood lines were caught on his face. When he was a man, he quickly gained the upper hand, and pressed the weak Liu Tingting under him. , While pointing at the crooked side, panting, Shen Jiazhen smiled and said, “I’m scum, what’s wrong? Who told you to love me? Don’t you dare to sue me, aren’t you afraid your husband knows what happened to you?”

Shen Jiazhen was so speechless that when Chen Haofeng didn’t notice, she picked up a vase next to him and smashed it on his head … Chen Haofeng was paralyzed on the ground with his head broken, and the two women were frightened. emergency call. Chen Haofeng did not die, but his actions have been revealed, and what is waiting for him will be severe punishment by the law!

Post editor: Ms. Shen Jiazhen’s encounter is a warning! Because overseas medical treatment crosses the mainland, it will involve various problems. Therefore, many people will blindly believe that acquaintances go abroad for medical treatment. And travel abroad + overseas medical treatment are all free, this kind of pie drop in the sky, you must be careful to be deceived! According to the Ministry of Public Security, in recent years, there have been many cases of deceiving our citizens to go abroad to check their bodies, treat diseases, and then carry out fraud. Criminal gangs have carefully crafted fraud traps, and the criminal methods are deceptive, which has seriously damaged the legitimate rights and interests of citizens. Reached 650 million. Experts suggest that for the overseas medical tourism market, the supervision of domestic agencies must be strengthened to promote the healthy development of the industry.