Laughing girl

  In the literary society, I met a beautiful and lovely younger sister. She was kind and sincere, gentle and elegant, and her poetry was very good. She left a deep impression on her. Her smile is so bright and makes people feel particularly warm.
  However, such a beautiful and kind girl, one day, bad luck suddenly fell on her head.
  After repeated examinations, the major hospitals were reviewed, and finally she was diagnosed with breast cancer. No one can fight the disease. To pass this level, surgery must be done. Before entering the operating room, she smiled and said, “You wait for me.” For
  two long hours, everyone waited anxiously, and the anxious heart prayed silently: I hope she is safe. Unconsciously two hours passed, the operating room door suddenly opened, the doctor pushed her out, unexpectedly saw her smile at us, she said: “This sleep is very good.”
  Waiting The person outside the operation suddenly burst into tears, was infected by her emotions, and the hanging hearts were put down, and I paid tribute and admire her strength. She could laugh with such surgery.
  After half a year of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, we saw her again a few months later. When she described the procedure before and after the operation, the corner of her mouth still had a smile, like telling someone else’s story, she was still the strong and optimistic girl whose smile was hanging on her face.
  Whenever we are optimistic, independent, and strong, our lives will be positive.
  May the time be gentle, every moment will be an innocent beauty, her smile is very shallow, gradually hidden in the foothills of the sunset, looking forward to her early recovery, I am willing to make a sunset to wait for her only way .