Jewels in the safe are lost. Who is the servant?

There is an old saying in the antiques industry: “If you have a lot of cheapness, you will have a lot to lose.” Under the temptation of huge benefits, since ancient times, it has been common for people to follow in the cultural play transactions. Without return, even those who know how to lose their homes are not in the minority. Because everyone knows that this line is inscrutable, so passing the risk to others has become an excellent choice for Taobao people.

However, one foot high and one foot high, people who buy goods want to pass on the risk to pass on to make a profit, and those who sell goods want to use the risk to pass on the bureau to dig. So, while some people were dreaming of getting rich, they didn’t know that the hungry wolf had already revealed sharp fangs, and even the pawns, which were otherwise normal, had played a new trick just because someone slightly manipulated them …

After sweeping the autumn wind and encountering the treasure
Shang Wei is a shop owner in Wenwan Market, Beigong West Street, Weifang City. He has been in the antique furniture business for many years. He can say that he is flexible and has never lost his hand in the business field of imagination. Even partnership trading always takes advantage Don’t suffer. In the north, there is a kind of cunning tricky man named “Wei You Wah”, which is difficult to catch. Therefore, everyone gave Shang Wei an nickname: “We have no wow.”

Everyone knows that he is too smart, so almost no one wants to rely on Shang Wei too often. But half a year ago, a posterity from the northeast called Chen Yang came to Shang Wei’s door and begged him to be an apprentice.

Shang Wei had never thought of passing his full belly to the world. Besides, Chen Yang’s clumsy appearance was not the material to inherit his mantle. However, looking at Chen Yang’s obedience and diligence, he took the initiative to help when he entered the door. He never talked about any salary, and made it impossible for Shang Wei to resign. So Chen Yang stayed as a specious apprentice.

Every year after the fall, Shang Wei has to go out to sweep the autumn wind: by walking home to collect a lot of inexpensive antique furniture. Most of the time he used to go out alone, and often had a lot of trouble in loading and unloading. This year, he wants to move ahead and collect a lot of goods early with helpers.

After learning that Master wanted to take himself to sweep the autumn winds, Chen Yang was a little surprised, and then he just made a request to fly solo: I have studied with you for so long, anyway, I want to open the shop sooner or later, so I can take this opportunity to practice …

Shang Wei laughed abruptly: Before he learned to walk away with himself, he wanted to fly, but the apprentice had already proposed that he saved himself from wanting to quit him. So he happily said: “OK, then we’ll go our separate ways.”

In this way, Shang Wei took Chen Yang to the car and went straight to Tongcheng, Anhui, where there are many celebrities’ former residences, which is a good place to search for Ming and Qing furniture.

Taking into account that he must receive more goods, Chen Yang must help, Shang Wei specially instructed: To ensure safety, the two people should not leave too far when receiving the goods, the scope should not exceed a village as much as possible, and must not be excused when the other party is needed. And meet as soon as the phone calls. The obedient and obedient Chen Yang thought that this was the master’s consideration, and he was overjoyed.

After arriving in a village, the two began to separate. Shang Wei collected antique furniture and used it lightly. After a day, he received a carved pillow and a plain desk. And Chen Yang didn’t learn anything about antique furniture, and he wouldn’t bid if he didn’t know the goods. He slammed like a headless fly, not only didn’t receive anything, but also accompanied Shang Wei to lift the table for a long time.

When he returned to the hotel for dinner in the evening, he no longer had the excitement when he first arrived. Shang Wei’s secret bliss didn’t show up: When the boy was completely discouraged, obediently go back to be a wage earner. He doesn’t want to cultivate competitors, even if he is from a foreign country.

One month later, Shang Wei had a lot of gains, but Chen Yang returned empty-handed, only to hang down with Shang Wei to unload.

When Shang Wei and the logistics company settled the freight, Chen Yang, who was out of town, suddenly called him. On the phone, he was pleasantly surprised: “Master, come here, I’ve encountered a big cargo!”

There was no harvest for a month, but I ran into good luck at the door? Although Shang Wei wasn’t convinced, after all, “I must not quit when I need the other side to help”, so I still went out and looked for the place Chen Chen said. After walking less than a hundred meters, I saw Chen Yangzheng talking to a middle-aged man all the way. Seeing Master coming, Chen Yang ran over in excitement, revealed the contents of her arms and said, “Look! Master.”

It turned out that the “big cargo” he said was a blue-colored stone with the size of a fan surface, not as white and smooth as Hetian Yu, and not as brilliant as jade, without even basic carving, and looked rough. Run for a leg for this thing, Shang Wei resentfully asked: This is the treasure you met? !

“It’s turquoise! ​​They were willing to sell it when they encountered difficulties!” Seeing the master disapproving, Chen Yang hurriedly explained: “I have a classmate who deals in turquoise business. I finished the inspection as he taught, and I promised it was wrong No way. ”

Shang Wei couldn’t laugh or cry: “Since you are already optimistic, what are you asking me to do?”

Chen Yang flushed, making an embarrassing request.

Pass on the risk
Chen Yang told Shang Wei: The main selling price is very high, a full 300,000 yuan, and he has only enough money to pay for half of it, so he wants to buy it with Shang Wei together, and share it after the sale.

Such a requirement made Shang Wei immediately vigilant. He looked around. It was a pedestrian-filled downtown area. There were no entertainment shops or even stalls. The sellers were ordinary clothes and were not like wealthy people. . In this “wild countryside”, why did the pie hit Chen Yang’s head? Don’t you lie? You know, there have always been no shortage of similar scams on the rivers and lakes. Besides, I have only played with furniture for half of my life, and I am completely an amateur to jade. In case it is not fun to be fooled.

Thinking of this, he flatly rejected Chen Yang’s request: “I will never touch this kind of goods that are not in the right way, and I advise you to better not touch them.” Seeing Master’s refusal, Chen Yang was suddenly anxious: ” Master, I promise not to look away. “But Shang Wei shook his head expressionlessly, preventing him from continuing.

Seeing that the negotiation could not be completed, Chen Yang pitifully pleaded: “Well, can Master lend me 150,000 yuan, and I will return it to you with interest after I sell the goods …”

Shang Wei laughed abruptly: You are my apprentice by default, because you are a cheap labor! Do you really consider yourself a family and want to kick your nose? I have been “wow” for half my life, how can I borrow so much money, what if I lose something? Therefore, he once again refused: “There is not much money left this time out. I can’t help it!”

Unexpectedly, Chen Yang just listened to the mystery of the incomprehensible words, and regretted the death reason: “I know that you have more than this amount of money left, and refuse to lend it to me, indicating that Master does not trust me …”

Seeing that he was so ignorant of current affairs, Shang Wei no longer took his face into account: “Yes, you are right, the boy remembered that in the business field, whenever you buy or sell money, your father and father must also beware. ! ”

The cold and cruel words left Chen Yang speechless, and the light in his eyes dimmed a little. He sighed, though he was very reluctant, but turned back to return the stone. Suddenly, he paused for a moment, then hurriedly walked to Shang Wei and whispered, “Master, there is a way!”

He told Shang Wei: He could be a hostage first, and let Shang Wei take the stone to pawn, and as long as he can do 150,000, he can buy the stone. If it doesn’t work out, then return to the seller no later.

Shang Wei agrees with this idea: as long as he doesn’t take a little risk, it is the best choice. As to whether the pawnshop will suffer losses as a result, it is their own creation. Although he still doesn’t believe that this broken stone can be worth so much, after all, it can’t always be impersonal.

There is a chain of Xinyuan pawn shops in Weifang. It is not too far away, and Shang Wei rushed over after hitting a car. Because he was helping others, he had no intention at all. After entering the pawn shop, he put the stone on the counter and said, “Hey, see if this stone can be used for 150,000?

This pawnshop has a wide range of operations. Valuables, gold, silver, jewelry, etc. are among the pawns. When they saw that the customer was jade, a middle-aged staff member took the initiative to come and inspected the stone carefully and replied calmly. “After asking about the pawn deadline, he quickly handed over the cash and pawn vouchers.

When the real gold and silver were in front of him, Shang Wei was a little hesitant: the pawnbrokers would not look away, and the fact that they did not even pay the price proved that the stone was very valuable, definitely more than 150,000. It seems that Chen Yang’s judgment is accurate, and the feathers are really going to fly to the sky.

After Chen Yang paid the purchase price, he rushed to call Zhang Luoqian. One by one, the phone urged Shang Wei to feel uneasy. He quietly checked the Internet and found that there was a lot of articles about turquoise that he couldn’t see: Most of the world ’s turquoise came from China, and China ’s turquoise Most of them come from Hubei. Since ancient times, the turquoise and simple, gentle and turquoise turquoise has been one of the “four famous jade” in China. Because of its “hue like sky”, it has been called the “jewel of the kingdom of heaven”. It has always been loved by the royal family and nobles. , Was listed as a royal monopoly jewelry, Yue Wang Gou Jian used it to inlaid that unique sword. In the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qianlong also deliberately listed it as an important ritual for the emperor to worship the moon …

Shang Wei regretted it: it turned out to be such a precious treasure, how could he let it slip away from his eyes?

Slightly dropped the pit
Shang Wei started to think of turquoise as an existing thought, but he never acted blindly until he thoroughly understood the details. While Chen Yang was still Zhang Luoqian, when he was off work the next day, he waited outside the pawn shop to receive his middle-aged salesperson, and then had to invite him for a meal.

At the banquet, Shang Wei thanked the man for his warm reception. Unexpectedly, the man told him in full: “You’re welcome, but I should thank you!” Saying he took out his mobile phone and pointed at the photo taken for the stone. : “This piece of turquoise is delicate and tight, with high hardness and porcelain. It belongs to the typical high porcelain blue. Because the owner often played with it before, many parts of the stone surface have been jadeized. It looks soft and the material is smooth. The extraordinary fairy is so beautiful. If I read correctly, this stone should be from Yajiao Mountain in Zhushan County. It is an invaluable material in turquoise. Such a treasure, when I meet and see it, looks to me It is a blessing. ”

Seeing him quite expert, Shang Wei was more eager to know its value, so he asked: “How much can it be worth if he dies?”

Because of violations of the rules, the man repeatedly said that he could not speak. Shang Wei took out a Chinese cigarette plug in the past, and he was short in hand. The man whispered to him, “It’s a million if you say less.”

Shang Wei was stunned: “Why is it worth so much?” The man explained: “Due to the successive shutdown of turquoise mines, the market has been in short supply. The price has increased by nearly 40 in recent years. Gold, that stone is more than five kilograms, and it is not surprising that it is worth millions. Our boss has locked it in the most secure safe! ”

That night, Shang Wei struggled to sleep. Early the next morning, Chen Yang was specifically called to discuss: “My master is going to have a ninety birthday. In order to be grateful, I plan to send him a gift. See, can you transfer that piece of turquoise to me?” In order to remind Chen Yang, he deliberately emphasized the word “grateful”.

After hearing this, Chen Yang suddenly felt a little embarrassed: “Master, you said a little bit late. My classmates already called the money over last night. Now it is a partnership business. I ca n’t do it alone, so I have to ask for it. Let me comment on your partner. ”

Shang Wei was a little panicked, but it only allowed him to seek advice first. Chen Yang made a call on the spot, and his unarmed appearance warmed Shang Wei’s heart. But after answering the call, Chen Yang said bitterly, “My classmate said that he had already contacted the big buyer, and he could sell 1.4 million if he talked less. Considering that you are my master, 1.2 million, it can’t be less.

Seeing the other party’s asking price was quite high, Shang Wei suddenly felt a little unwilling to buy it. Unexpectedly, Chen Yang’s next words turned things around: “After all, you taught me that if it makes no sense to earn Master ’s money, that half of me can decide, Master, you have to pay 800,000.”

Because he had the “wrong” first, Chen Yang was so sincere, and Shang Wei could no longer bargain. He bowed his head and weighed for a while, but still agreed with his teeth.

After the two had completed the transfer, Chen Yang immediately gave the ticket to Shang Wei. Seeing that the seal and the amount were correct, Shang Wei took it happily. While Chen Yang was giving money to his classmates, he couldn’t wait to redeem it.

Unexpectedly, he had just handed the pawn ticket and 150,000 cash, and the staff told him that this pawn ticket had been altered and needed to be temporarily detained. Alteration refers to altering the date, quantity, unit price, and amount of the original voucher, which is different from forgery.

In order to prove, the staff put the ticket and the stub with the same number on the counter, and pointed at the amount column to explain: the changer added the original 1500 yuan amount and added two zeros.

Shang Wei is a little confused: he has never fiddled with being a ticket! However, soon he even called “bad!” This was another ticket.

After all, for many years, he quickly pondered the tricks of the scammer: on the same day as his pawn, a scammer immediately walked into this pawnshop and pawned a piece of inferior turquoise for 1,500 yuan. After getting back the ticket, I changed the amount to 150,000. After I had two tickets in my hand, I waited for myself to catch the child. After I negotiated the price and completed the transfer, I gave this worthless ticket. Yourself.

The scam may seem simple, but it made Shang Wei plant it well.

Shang Wei, who took advantage of half his life, knows that most of the people who have suffered a lot in the cultural circle can only consider themselves unlucky, because it is difficult to find useful evidence, and this time he is afraid of exceptions: he thought that after the risk was passed on, There is no risk. He thinks that Chen Yang is just an honest man with a bit of wit. As everyone knows, it is these stable and reliable appearances that let him relax his vigilance and fall into the pit step by step. The scammer just changed the two tickets in his hand. , He threw him to death.

With a try attitude, Shang Wei called Chen Yang, and he secretly gritted his teeth: Even if he didn’t get the money back, at least he had to scold him. But after answering the phone call, Chen Yang only said one word that imitated him: “Money trading, even my father and father must beware of it!” Shang Wei’s chest seemed to be punched hard, and he couldn’t even speak words of curse. .