ISIS police reveal insider abuse

Within the temporary extremist organization “Islamic State” (IS), there are many “female soldiers”. Among them, there are both “armed heroes” in uniforms and armed with AK47 submachine guns at the front, as well as logistics to manage internal affairs and chores Personnel, and little known are women police officers who specialize in torture.

Qatar Al Jazeera reported on the 27th that two women who had worked for IS and were responsible for torture told their story in the documentary “Islamic State Woman”. Aisha, who had lived in IS ’s base camp, Raqqa, Syria, said her husband was “martyrdom” and because of lack of money to live, she could only work for IS. After three months of training in recitation of the Qur’an, she officially took up her post: “My group has 10 women, 3 are assigned to the car, and 7 are assigned to the torture chamber. They will be tall and imposing Women are scary at first glance. ”A routine task of Aisha and other female“ law enforcement officers ”is to patrol the streets and markets, seeing women walking on the street, not accompanied by her husband or brother, or having The woman’s dress did not meet the IS regulations, so she had to be arrested and taken back to the police station. Sometimes there were 30 or 40 people in a car, and she never returned empty.

These arrested women will be whipped and detained for a few days, and some will be forced to buy the required clothing of six or seven thousand Syrian pounds (about RMB 100) before they can leave. “We once arrested a woman who applied nail polish,” said Aisha, “they removed her nails with pliers.” The cold blood of IS religious police did not stop there. Some pregnant women were rushing to the hospital to have children He was arrested for blindfolded on the way and aborted at the police station due to torture.

Faruk, a 45-year-old woman from Darzul, Syria, said that IS requires women to wear loose black gowns, which were initially allowed not to cover their eyes, but later they were required to “cover the whole body.” Things like sequins are illegal. Farouk also revealed that women who have committed minor moral crimes will be subjected to “bite sentences.” On one occasion, she bit a chest of an arrested woman and kept torturing her until she died. In addition to using teeth to bite, electric forceps are sometimes used.

Middle East media reported that IS attaches great importance to the recruitment of women, and 15% of IS militants sentenced in the EU are women, which is on the rise. Egypt’s “Dawn” said that the role of women has become increasingly prominent, and the resilience of IS has been increased to a certain extent. This is one of the reasons why IS is still difficult to be fundamentally eradicated despite the constant efforts of the international community.