Humans have a tendency to transcend humanity

 On October 1, 2019, a parade and mass parade ceremony to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, consisting of 100,000 passionate people, 15,000 armed men dressed in armor and a series of heavy weapons, was staged in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. .
  This is both a historical footnote for New China and a future for the new China.
  In the 70 years of long and full of resilience, China held 15 National Day military parades. Since the Spring and Autumn Period, the military parade that followed the “watching the soldiers to the princes of the dynasty” has not only strengthened the individual’s need for the country, but also made China’s narrative have a special meaning. Today, it becomes the world’s one to see China. Ways.
  The “seeing” of “the world sees China” is not from abstract nouns, nor is it a simple touch of sight. It is full of rich and specific people, landscapes, food and memories of past events.
  Today, the world that the world has seen has undergone profound changes.
  On the one hand, China is facing a huge disaster and is in a difficult exploration. Under the “one poor and two white” family, after the struggle of land reform, the struggle of the planned economy, and the embrace of the market economy, many characteristics of the Chinese, such as hardworking, Patience, tenacity, and peace of mind, after being presented one by one, created a larger living space for themselves, and the wind and rain did not change, all the way to life.

  Art and Shanhai share the same source, and the spirit of the game and the spirit of science are in the same breath.

  On the other hand, in the recent period, China is always creating economic miracles. The Chinese have changed their past reliance on stability, with a desire for new life, and in a strong liquidity, they have shown a timid temperament.
  Of course, despite this, we are still misunderstood and criticized. Because it must be admitted that any way of viewing is related to the background. No matter how we try to watch these seemingly universal words through “beauty”, “truth”, “genius” and “taste”, we must be influenced by knowledge and belief. And the limitations of knowledge and belief, the deviation is inevitable.
  This “mystery” existence, even after we entered the era of mechanical reproduction, is still a difficult problem to face, just as in the 19th century, Benjamin, known as “the last intellectual in Europe,” was sensitive. Recognizing the revolutionary impact of photography on art works, the era of the disappearance of the so-called aura is coming.
  But we can’t escape watching. The only thing we can choose is the way we see the world – less prejudice and more tolerance. Because the world is not monotonously divided, only by breaking the rigid boundaries and order, we can explore more ways out of chaos.
  We look at a group of people buying houses, buying cars and keeping alive, watching the food, animals and cultural life in a region. We look at the world, watching the morals and justice of things and the world, caring for life and death, creation and destruction, Past and future.
  Among them, we are actually hiding our doubts about the familiar modern city life, hiding our verification and thinking about the present world. We are a generation of traditional breaks. We know very little about the past of our own world. Now we have some desire to explore. The only correct way to open memories is to “see.”
  Art and Shanhai share the same source, and the spirit of the game and the spirit of science are in the same breath. When the world looks at China and China sees the world, we always feel that human beings have a tendency to transcend humanity.