How much water will be affected by the gravity of the moon?

  As we all know, the tide is mainly caused by the lunar gravity, and the tide is best on the edge of the river, the big river, the big lake and the sea. Does it mean that the gravity of the moon can only affect these large bodies of water? How much water will respond to the attraction of lunar gravity?
  In fact, every water molecule on the earth is affected by the gravity of the moon, no matter how many water molecules around it. However, the gravity of the moon is very weak for each water molecule, and it is often overwhelmed by other short-range forces, such as the interaction between molecules. Only when there are enough water molecules, the effect of lunar gravity can be observed.
  Lake Superior in North America is the third largest freshwater lake in the world. Its volume is about 11,600 cubic meters. In such a large body of water, the tide caused by lunar gravity is about 2 cm high. Tidal waves smaller than this are difficult to measure because they are often affected by weather conditions and river flows.

  Biometrics is a technology that recognizes you. If you compare a person to a computer, biometrics is a password, and you can access the computer by entering the correct password. The biometric technology that we are generally familiar with is DNA identification. DNA identification seems to be very accurate, but in fact, only a small part of DNA is detected every time DNA is identified, and in this process, the sample DNA is likely to be contaminated. So DNA identification is not as accurate as imagined.
  So what is the most accurate biometric technology? Is the tone, signature, fingerprint identification? Is the shape of the retina, iris, and ear identified? No, the most accurate biometrics are often superimposed in several ways, such as DNA identification and retinal and fingerprint identification. Because others may have the same retina, the same ear shape as you, but the chances of having the same DNA and the same fingerprint as you are very small. Therefore, several identifications at the same time can achieve the most accurate biometric identification.

  With a command, ignition, the rocket rose in the roar, with a dazzling light group slammed into the sky, after a while, about 100 seconds, you can see several spots out of the light group, falling down These light spots that fall down are the rocket’s boosters.
  The Rocket Booster is a power unit that provides additional thrust during the take-off and climb of the rocket. It is usually tied to the first stage of a multi-stage rocket. There are two types of liquid rocket boosters and solid rocket boosters. For the booster, boosting the rocket into a sky is like a skydiving. When the rocket reaches a certain height, the rocket booster can retire, get out of the rocket, and then fall. Boosters that leave the rocket will fall back to Earth, some fall into the sea, and some fall to the ground, and then there will be special personnel to recycle them.
  Today, SpaceX’s heavy rocket rocket booster can “go home”. The booster will be equipped with a “homing control system” that can be landed in a designated area by means of automatic control or ground control.

  The answer to this question is: Because the celestial body is almost impossible to run along a perfect orbit, it can only run along an elliptical orbit. The orbit of the celestial body is actually the result of gravity and the tendency of the celestial bodies to move along the line. If the two can reach equilibrium, they will get a perfect orbit. In other words, the planet can only make a standard circular motion when the speed of the planet just reaches a certain value and the direction of the speed and the line are strictly perpendicular. If there is a slight deviation, the trajectory of the planet will become elliptical. But this situation is almost non-existent, at least at present, scientists have not found celestial bodies running along a perfect orbit.
  Moreover, the quality of the celestial body is not static. In the process of mass change, the gravitation will change accordingly. Under such circumstances, if a certain celestial body has reached the condition of forming a perfect circular orbit at a certain moment, it will be very It is quickly broken and eventually runs along an elliptical orbit. The elliptical orbit is the most stable orbit of the celestial body.

  The answer is yes, humans can stop asteroids from hitting the Earth, but the process is difficult.
  Perhaps you think that the way to stop the planet from impacting an asteroid is to break the asteroid and disintegrate the large asteroid into a meteor. But in fact, this method is not the first choice. In addition to the huge energy required to crush the asteroid, the broken asteroid may be very large, and it will be dangerous after it has entered the earth. Therefore, the best way is to get the asteroid out of the established orbit and not hit the Earth.
  The method proposed by scientists is to use a space detector to launch an object with a certain weight to separate the asteroid from the given orbit, similar to playing billiards. In addition to the impact method, scientists have proposed to place a large airship directly in the orbit of the asteroid. The mutual attraction between the two flying objects will create a new orbit, which will make the asteroid deviate from the original flight path. So as to avoid it hitting the earth.
  However, in either case, it takes about five years to prepare, so it is important to observe and monitor the asteroids that may hit the Earth.