Have a seahorse, in the old days of youth

  Winter Games, I decided to challenge the 1500 meters long-distance running, want to prove myself, who let the hippocampus say that I am fat, this time I must prove to show him! Strength and self-confidence, the champion is none other than me, but Murphy’s law says so: First, nothing seems so simple on the surface; second, everything will be longer than you expected; third, something that will go wrong There will always be mistakes; fourth, if you are worried about a certain situation, then it is more likely to happen.
  Anything that is bound to be inevitable will inevitably fail. After I ran a few meters, I was knocked over by the crazy players behind me. I was gloriously wounded, and the whole arm and half leg were worn out, and the flesh and blood were blurred. After the fall, the classmates sent me to the infirmary. At that time, I had a word in my head—healing, even crying and crying. After a long recuperation, the hippocampus helped me with a lot of notes, and his words have always been beautiful.
  Oh, yes, the hippocampus is my same table.
  60 days. The countdown to the college entrance examination on the back of the blackboard began to remind us of the fact that the moment of separation is coming. In those two months, I changed a lot, regardless of temper or character. I like the hippocampus. I really hope to get his approval, so I changed my image of the past.
  I didn’t seem to have any other friends except the hippocampus. Actually, I didn’t mean it. I just didn’t know if Li Fang was counted. It was Tuesday, the weather was fine, the breeze was noodle, and it was very comfortable. Li Fang wore a blue and white plaid shirt. She asked me with a difficult physics question. I haven’t solved it for a long time. Although my grades are good, my physics is my relative. Weaknesses.
  I am a little embarrassed, I don’t know what to say. She smiled very sunnyly and didn’t evade me at all. She said, “This question can’t be solved even by the physics teacher. It seems really difficult.” I asked: “Why are you still asking me?” Because I think you are more powerful!” I stopped.
  ”You look too fierce, they are afraid to come to you to play.” I asked: “How dare you?” “Hippo said that you are actually getting along very well.”… It was because of the hippocampus, me and her. It became the closest friend.
  One day, Li Fang asked me to go to the playground to run. We were very gossip about who was the most handsome in the class. Li Fang said: “I think the hippocampus is quite good.” I said: “Where is he good? I am angry.” Ignore me, there are boys who are so stingy, they don’t like him at all.” “Then why don’t you change the table? The teacher doesn’t like you very much, you can apply for the teacher to approve, or do you not want to? Let’s leave?” I braked anxiously and said to Li Fang angrily: “What’s going on with you, what do you say, how can I like him, I think you like it.”
  Then she slowly said: ” First, I didn’t say that you like him. Second, yeah, I like him.”
  I am in the same place.
  I don’t know if Li Fang was close to me to get close to the hippocampus, or really want to be friends with me. Anyway, I don’t know how to define “friends” at that time. After all, there are fewer visits to us. Maybe I feel that I have been used, I feel a little sad.
  In the first half of the college entrance examination, everyone was struggling to prepare for the exam. I was also, and the hippocampus made a very strange move at this time. I moved to the last row of the classroom and gave me a lollipop, seven colors before leaving. I haven’t been willing to eat because I have a fist. I questioned him why he wanted to move. He said that he wanted to calm down and review it. Once again, I became a lonely person, and my mood was unusually complicated. At that time, I had the habit of writing a diary. One article per day, how much content there was. I remembered that day I wrote: He seems to be getting farther and farther away from me.
  On Sunday, the clouds after the rain in the evening, I was stained with the red glow of the setting sun. It was especially beautiful. At that time, I remembered the scenes at the time. In the sunset, I sat side by side with the hippocampus. I asked him to use small paper. article. That day he wore a light yellow T-shirt, he was very thin. The hippocampus said: “Why do you always call me a hippocampus?” I muttered my mouth and said that I was stupid and did not answer him. I asked him: “Have you peeked at my diary?” He certainly didn’t like it. He tried his best to argue that he was not the kind of person who was personally guaranteed. “Who is interested in seeing your diary?” I said: “You have always been sick, stingy!” I whispered, he didn’t seem to hear.
  So how do you know that I call you the hippocampus, except in the diary, I never called it in front of you.
  The wind in the evening was a bit cold. I stood up on my back and sat on the other side of the hippocampus because it was able to leeward. The hippocampus looked at me and laughed and said, “Is so much fat, I am afraid of cold? Worried…” When he then did not have a chance to say it, I was beaten back. I asked why the hippocampus had to move. Is it what I did wrong?
  The hippocampus looked into the distance and said, “I am a repeat student. I didn’t get a good school last year. I am preparing for this again. I am under a lot of pressure.” “Just because of this?” I asked him. He was silent for a while, as if thinking about something. “Not all.” “What is it because?” He thought for a while and said, “You and Li Fang are friends. She said that you and her are very good.” I was a little wrong, I don’t know what he wanted to say.
  Seeing that I didn’t talk, he went on to say, “You don’t want to go with her in the future. She is quite boring. I said that you are a thief. Of course I believe in you…” Haima later said something, I don’t remember, I am very Stupid, I only think about one thing in my heart. Was he moving because he believed what Li Fang said?
  I sat on the grass in the back hills of the school for a long time. It was the first time I skipped classes in my life. Later I remember that the hippocampus came to me and I ignored it. He once moved back, and I moved again. Later, I didn’t bother each other.
  It would be great if he listened to what he was going to say at the time; if he worked harder at the time, how good it would be; if I was not so proud at the time, how good it would be.
  The day before the college entrance examination, everyone was quietly reviewing, but I couldn’t raise my spirits. The whole person was embarrassed and had no motivation. Open the diary and record all the bits and pieces in your life.
  April 12 Sunday
  Gee, dead hippocampus, the hippocampus bad, actually touched my face tonight. The pen slammed the pen, but the two men bowed their heads together and slammed together. The more annoying thing was that his hand slid gently from my face. I said sorry, hate, deliberate…
  April Wednesday 27th
  today in my seat in the hippocampus secretly put half an apple, look at this irregular gap, you will not be eating it too!
  Monday, May 3
  Hippocampus and today they ignored me, not that secretly harm you remove the stool fell to the ground yet, ooo, ooo ……
  May 25
  hippocampus did not pass the exam subjects, a little sad to see him, I should Consolation comforted him…
  Looking at the bits and pieces between the lines, I was already in tears. The squad leader asked me what happened, and the more I cried, the more fierce I was, the more I cried. The classmates in the class looked at me in confusion, and even went to the hippocampus to ask if he was bullying me again, but he did not answer and did not look at me.
  That year’s college entrance examination, more than 400 students in the school, I took the second place, super play, and the hippocampus, but the 220th.
  I was admitted to the university, and he did not. He had been married for a few years. The bride was a girl who liked him in high school. It was neither me nor Li Fang.
  Everything is settled. In the year of my senior year, I received an email from Li Fang. She said: “Have you forgotten the hippocampus? Why haven’t I forgotten it?” She said that she had confessed with the hippocampus, but he did not respond to anything. Through the lines, I can feel her disappointment and sorrow, I have been like that.
  She told me a lot of things, I remembered seriously, she said that she had seen the hippocampus secretly split the apples she liked to me during the lunch break, and then I thought about it and compared it with the red one. I put it in my desk, a man smirked and took the apple away; I saw the graduation party Shanghai Ma always looked at me, but I completely ignored the hippocampus… At that time, I was angry with the hippocampus, deliberately Very happy, actually I am very sad.
  The mood of that night could not be calmed down, and I always imagined that the hippocampus was by my side. The sports meeting was wounded. The hippocampus was the first one to come and lift me up. It was also the wound he had handled for me. He has been so gentle, and if he is by my side, it will be so gentle.
  I have graduated from college, and six years have passed. Even without the hippocampus, I am very happy. I think I have forgotten it, forgot his appearance, forgot every detail we got along, and forgot what day I found myself enjoying it. he.
  I went home last spring, and on the third day of the New Year’s Day, my sister and my friends of the same age were drunk after dinner. My sister was so drunk and flushed and said to me vaguely: “Sister, I have never had anything.” I said to you, I just have a chance today, I must tell you.” I am also drunk, but the consciousness is still sober, “said, today is a big deal.” She said vaguely: “You were hiding in the bedside cabinet. The lollipop that I didn’t want to eat was sneaked by me, oh.” I heard it, very angry. “No wonder I couldn’t even peel it from the film. I thought the drawer was in the water.” People laughed, I laughed too, but there was hidden tears
  in my laughter… This year, I am 24 years old, maybe I will be married in another two years, have my own lover, children, and a dull life, but If time can go backwards, I still want to ask him:
  Haima, did you peek at my diary in the first place?
  Haima, you said that you secretly went to my house to see me, is it true?
  Seahorse, have you liked me in those days when I like you?
  I think, in the old time called youth, perhaps I have left such a person, stay in the past, and stay in the depths of my memory.