Ghost submarine

  There are two kinds of ghost submarines that are common at sea. One is a submarine that has been reappeared after many years of disappearance, and the other is a submarine that has disappeared without a trace. Although they are all known as ghost submarines, the nature of the two submarines is clearly different. This article focuses on collecting and sorting out submarines that have disappeared without a trace.
  According to records, during the “World War II”, the United States and Japan in a naval battle, the Japanese joint fleet and the US aircraft carrier “Kitty Hawk” was once tracked by a mysterious submarine. When it was discovered by the ship, it disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye. In the ocean near the Mariana Islands, when the US and Japanese fleets exchanged fire, the mysterious submarine suddenly appeared, but it was only watching the battle, not participating in the war. At first, both sides suspected that it had no intentions, or they could sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight. But neither side thought that it would save many soldiers who had fallen into the waters of both warring parties—using the mysterious waves to send the fallen soldiers to lifeboats. Watching the war does not participate in the war, saving people without name, this mysterious submarine is more mysterious.
  The speed and response of this mysterious submarine is astonishingly fast, and even in today’s so modernized world, no submarine can be created in any country. The US Navy has long called this mysterious submarine a ghost submarine, and believes that whoever gets the technology to make a ghost submarine will win in the future naval battle. To this end, after World War II, the United States, the Soviet Union, and many countries of NATO were ambitiously using their most advanced submarines to conduct careful searches in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and other related sea areas, but the results were all unsuccessful. The ghost submarine is like a myth, evaporating on the ocean, never seen again. To this end, many people question the authenticity of the ghost submarine.
  Until the end of the 1960s, in the vast waters of the South Pacific, people discovered the ghost submarine. It had tracked the submarine many times and sometimes exposed the entire surface. When the fleet sent the helicopter to approach it, it disappeared without a trace. In particular, when the US “Enterprise” aircraft carrier was preparing to counterattack after it was discovered in the Pacific Ocean, the ghost submarine suddenly disappeared in the positioning of the snoring. By the end of the 1980s, ghost submarines appeared in the Scandinavian waters and sneaked into some military ports in Norway and Sweden.
  In 1990, the ghost submarine made a public appearance in a large military exercise held by NATO. For this uninvited guest, many countries in NATO have great precautions and secondly want to intercept it as already used. As a result, more than 10 warships from many countries were enemies, and various shells and deep-water bombs hit the target like raindrops. However, it was silently disappeared in the bombing of the rain. When the ghost submarine surfaced again, all the radio communication systems, radars, sonars, etc. on the warships in the field failed, until the ghost submarine left, it automatically returned to normal. The military used the most advanced anti-submarine “killer” torpedo to track the target automatically, but unexpectedly, the “killer” torpedo not only did not explode, but disappeared without a trace. As a result, multinational military researchers and experts must not continually determine that ghost submarines are driven by aliens. Fortunately, the ghost submarine has no intention of attacking the military objectives of NATO, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.
  Even if an alien is driving a ghost submarine, there should always be a base on earth. At this time, people naturally think of the sea of ​​troubles–the Bermuda Triangle. So someone combined the information collected to assert that the Bermuda Triangle is close to the Bahamas. Under the sea of ​​the archipelago is the base of the ghost submarine. According to 1985, British underwater explorers found a huge underwater structure at a depth of 1000 meters in the waters near the Bahamas, which seemed to be roaring.
  This discovery, like a stone, stirred up a thousand waves, causing great interest from explorers. In July 1993, the US and French expert investigation teams discovered a huge seabed pyramid in this water. According to scientific measurements, the bottom of the tower is 300 meters long and 200 meters high. The tip of the tower is 100 meters away from the sea. There are also two huge holes in the pyramid, and the water flows in and out at an alarming rate, making the sea surface foggy. Many people think that the two huge water holes above the submarine pyramid are where the ghost submarine enters and exits.
  There is also a record to show that the ghost submarine and UFO are a pair of brothers. In the late 1960s, a ghost submarine was found frozen in the ice in the waters near the Inner Coral Peninsula in the Soviet Arctic Circle. When the Soviet military thought it was an American submarine that invaded the country, it quickly dispatched a large number of fighters to capture it. At this moment, the UFO came, and the communication, radar, and various instruments on the fighter plane all stopped running. The UFO flew to the ghost submarine to help it break through the ice and free the ghost submarine.
  The researchers also believe that aliens fall into the Earth and fall into two categories, one on the ground and the other on the water. Underwater aliens create ghost submarines and operate on the underwater pyramids of the Bermuda Triangle.
  It has also been argued that while humans are climbing from the sea to the land, one remains in the seabed. This seabed has long developed into a highly civilized and highly intelligent creature. The seabed is the closest neighbor of the Earth, so there is no intention to attack the Earth’s human beings. The Bermuda Seabed Pyramid is nothing but an electromagnetic network built by the seabed. The mysterious events that people have collected about Bermuda are masterpieces of the seabed. One day, the planes, boats and people who disappeared in the waters of Bermuda will be sent back to Earth. This is where people find floating in this area many times. The reason for the unmanned ship, or the crew who disappeared many years ago, has reappeared. However, after the crew members who disappeared many years ago returned to the surface of the earth, they did not remember the time of the disappearance. It was like what happened yesterday, and no matter how many years passed, the age of the missing persons did not change at all. Researchers of these phenomena have been unable to explain, they have to pessimistically believe that to fully solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and the ghost submarine, it is only possible to wait until the human beings are close to the civilization of the seabed to understand the driving of the ghost submarine. Whether it is an alien or a seabed. At the same time, I also hope that human beings will not be enemies with ghost submarines because of their own self-interest, thus burying human civilization, because the ghost submarine does not harm humanity. If there are people under the sea, human beings should protect the marine environment from pollution and maintain a good balance of the marine ecology, whether for themselves or for the people on the sea. Because human beings have only one home after all, then the earth.