Forever “never grow up” daughter

 On January 7th, I took the high-speed train from Kaohsiung to Taipei. Because it was an express train that was directly connected to Taichung, I leaned back on the back of the chair and prepared to rest and read.
  When the car was about to start, it suddenly heard a loud noise coming from the back entrance of the No. 7 car. Many passengers were disturbed by this unusual commotion and looked back. I sat in the last row, and the sound was close to my ear. It was a dull, near-squeaky voice, as if someone was kneeling beside the door and shouted, “Where are you taking me? – Where are you taking me?” ”
  then, the waitress seven-car look of panic appeared, leading the two entangled pull the passenger seat.
  The car started slowly, and the two passengers finally settled, just in front of my seat.
  One of the 50-year-old woman, very fat body, a little deformed face, continued to growl: “Where do you want to take me – I don’t want to go -” she is like a child, two feet Struggling against the floor of the car, slammed the back of the front seat with his hand and yelled “I don’t want to go -”
  Many passengers were horrified, and the passengers in the front seat sneaked to other vacancies.
  I have encountered aging people, physically handicapped people, blind people, people in wheelchairs, and Parkinson’s patients with hands and feet shaking on the train, but for the first time I encountered passengers with “mental disabilities.”
  I may have been scared too. The focus has been gazing at the mentally retarded woman. She suddenly turned her head and said to another woman who has been pacifying her. “I want to eat-”
  Another woman is about seventy. Between the ages of eighty and eighty, very old, wrinkled, dark and thin, but the body looks tough and strong. She immediately took out a bag of squid scent from a bag and handed it to the woman with mental retardation and said, “Eat, oh–” The
  mentally retarded woman can’t wait, tearing away the wrapped cellophane bag. A piece of fish like a confetti flew away and scattered around. The old woman hurried down and smashed it into the hands of the mentally handicapped woman.
  Some of them scattered on me, I picked it up and handed it over to the old woman. She turned back and said, “Thank you.” I smiled and asked her, “Daughter?” She nodded.
  Her daughter put the squid scented into the mouth, chewed it in a big mouth, and the fish clippings fell from the corner of the mouth, and the mother wiped her.
  The daughter seems to be quiet, but from time to time she will suddenly and horrifiedly ask: “Where are you going to take me?” The
  mother said patiently: “How about going out and boring at home? Are we not traveling by train? ”
  A mother who is nearly 80 years old, taking care of a mentally retarded, nearly 50-year-old daughter, what a long period of time.” I am leaning behind, doing the homework I should do. I know that I can’t do better than this mother.
  The mother appeased the daughter who was horrified, the daughter seemed to sleep, and the mother covered her with a coat. When her daughter fell asleep, she took out a small cylinder like a female brushing eyelashes from her bag, and took out a small brush with black cream to brush her daughter’s white hair. The light of the sunset outside the window reflects the faint hair, from white to black.
  I know that I have a lot of life lessons to do, more important lessons than art, and more important lessons than beauty.

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