Fanmin also need to be a coordinator of national security

Against the background of the abnormal political environment in Hong Kong, the election of the Hong Kong District Council was successfully held and the opposition obtained a majority of seats. This result was recognized. This fully shows the sincerity of the country to abide by the “one country, two systems”.

More people from the populace have come to the grassroots establishment in Hong Kong, which means that they need to take responsibility for their constituencies. The general public has gained greater influence through democratic elections, which also requires them to assume greater responsibility for maintaining Hong Kong order. The rule of law is the core value of Hong Kong. No matter what is pursued, it cannot be done at the cost of undermining the rule of law in Hong Kong. The newly elected district councillors of Panmin should make their contribution to the consensus of guiding the reconstruction of Hong Kong society.

Loyalty to the Basic Law should be a prerequisite for all Hong Kong people to enter politics. This first means that everyone must express their political aspirations through the channels provided by the Basic Law and respect the purpose of the Basic Law.

The Basic Law provides for a high degree of autonomy in Hong Kong, and at the same time provides a solid guarantee for the implementation of the “one country” mechanism in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s pan-democrats must have a strong sense of responsibility and a sense of responsibility in promoting the coordination of “two systems” and “one country” in Hong Kong’s political practice. They must not push Hong Kong society in the direction of confrontation with the country, especially by not relying on external forces and Central game. We believe that most pan-democratic people have a “one country” consciousness and will not allow Hong Kong to become a bridgehead for the west to exert pressure on China’s strategy. This is the basic political ethics that they should adhere to.

This is also the collective EQ that the pan-democrats deserve. While promoting democracy in Hong Kong, we are also making ourselves a constructive force in maintaining national security, rather than playing a negative role in eroding national security. Only by straightening out this relationship can the path of pan-populations become wider and more sustainable.

In the past two years, there have been signs that the radical opposition in Hong Kong is cooperating with external forces such as the United States. This may have provided them with temporary benefits, but as time goes on, they will definitely pay for it. I hope that the pan-people power of the new entrants to politics will be farther away. “One country, two systems” is designed to “Hong Kong people govern Hong Kong”, not “Western people govern Hong Kong”. Beijing pays great attention to respecting Hong Kong’s autonomy. Interfere in Hong Kong affairs. To help expand Washington ’s intervention in Hong Kong affairs and give them a leverage to do so, if anyone plans their political career in this way, it will be dangerous.

Pan-People’s forces need to grasp their own political positioning in an era when the situation of the strategic game between China and the United States is becoming increasingly severe, and ensure that it is compatible with China’s national security. They need to be wise and capable to make this leap forward, instead of just being greedy for the short-term and cheap, but lost their sense of direction due to being misled in the big history and go with the flow.

As soon as the election results came out, a group of elected members of the district councils issued a joint statement, went to the Polytechnic University to support them, etc., all highlighting their political labels. District councils were originally institutions focusing on the people’s livelihood. District councillors should not be politically high-profile groups. Some elected candidates appear to put themselves in the position of legislators. If they want to turn themselves into the most active political force in Hong Kong, this will not be in line with the political arrangements made by the Basic Law.

Democracy in Hong Kong should strictly follow the Basic Law and coordinate with national security. It seems that this is something that Hong Kong society and the whole country need to explore together. “One country, two systems” is a new thing. Today, the international environment in which “one country, two systems” are practiced has undergone profound changes compared to that year. To maintain “one country, two systems” for a long time, the entire Chinese society, including Hong Kong society, needs to make more efforts. Face all kinds of new problems objectively and resolve them realistically. The future of Hong Kong will only be bright if the mainland society and the Hong Kong society work together more closely to do this.

The more popular the people are, the more politically calm they must be. In particular, young newcomers should distance themselves from traitors and harbours, and have the courage to explore a new political path that is truly in line with “one country, two systems.” Hong Kong will always be Chinese, not American or Western. Keeping this fact and reason in mind, and letting your words and deeds go against it, such a politics will be solid.