Face wash too hard to hurt the skin

  Many skin problems that women nowadays are caused by over-cleaning. Correct face washing is the key to keeping your skin healthy.
  Wash with water can also, over-cleaning anti-allergy
  Some people worry that air is not good now, in a busy day outside, his face does not know how many dirt, not completely clean, certainly not good for the skin.
  Li Li, chief physician of the Department of Dermatology, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, pointed out that clear water can clean the dust, metal or non-metal oxides deposited on the surface of the skin. Only use sunscreen products and cosmetics to remove makeup and cleansing. For example, a lady insisted on the habit of washing facial cleanser + night makeup remover many years ago, and changed her from healthy skin to sensitive skin. Moreover, the cleaning products are used too much, and the skin is often red and hot.
  The stratum corneum is beneficial to the skin barrier, repeatedly washing will destroy healthy skin
  which has a natural protective layer of skin – the stratum corneum. The surface of the skin is some keratinocytes that will fall off. These keratinocytes have a hard keratin. When it breaks, it releases a lot of lipids. It fills the cells and acts like a mortar in the wall to protect the skin.
  Washing the product once will wash the stratum corneum a little. The time it takes for keratinocytes to move from the basal layer to the stratum corneum is 28 days. The new stratum corneum has not yet had time to grow, and the old one is washed away. The thinner the horny layer is, the more it protects the skin.
  The face of the oil is not washed out, the need to adjust diet life
  , many women feel Wangwang his face all day, do not go see how people cleanser?
  Li Li pointed out that this is another misunderstanding. The oil on the face is not washed off by washing. The skin that often produces oil also needs to be adjusted in many aspects such as diet, life, and work and rest, and serious medication is needed.
  The correct frequency of face washing is to wash once in the morning and evening, but it is not necessary to use cleansing products every time. Because the milder facial cleansing products are used more often, the skin barrier will be affected and the original skin ecological balance will be destroyed.
  Due to the weak acidity of the surface of the skin in the natural state, the skin barrier is damaged if the pH is too high, so the cleansing product is preferably weakly acidic or neutral. Choose a moisturizing cleansing product that cleans your face and maintains skin barriers.
  How to use cleansing products correctly?
  General: Use only basic skin care products, or low-fold sunscreen, light makeup (powder, lipstick, eyebrow pencil), soak it with water for several times.
  Apply sunscreen or makeup: use facial cleanser or gentle makeup remover; use water-based liquid foundation, BB cream, CC cream, cream, high-fold sunscreen, oil paint stage makeup, etc. Use cleansing oil + facial cleanser.
  In principle, it is better to use lighter powders, powder cakes, etc. than to use powders containing a lot of oil.
  Should you wash your face with warm water, hot water or cold water?
  No water temperature is good for all skins, and the choice of water temperature depends on the specific skin type of the individual.
  Oily skin: hot water (not too hot), or first wash the oil with hot water, then shrink the pores with cold water.
  Dry skin: room temperature water or warm water.
  Sensitive skin: room temperature water or cooler water.
  Mixed skin: warm water and then cold water.