Exercise leg and foot simple ten method

  As the saying goes: “The roots of the tree are exhausted, and the old feet are weak first.” So, how do you usually exercise to help your legs and feet be strong? The following simple methods are available for your reference.
  1. Jogging to choose a place with a flat road and fresh air. After a warm-up exercise, you can jog. When running, the forefoot and toes touch the ground, relax, and naturally swing between the two hands; the specific speed depends on the individual physique; each run for 5 to 10 minutes, rest for a while, run 2 to 3 times, physical capacity allows to run 20 to 30 at a time minute. Jogging is a full-body exercise, especially for the legs, knees and knees.
  2. The heel is not limited to the ground. The feet are close together or stand up slightly. The eyes are looking straight ahead, the left and right hands are naturally placed on both sides, and then the heels are lifted hard, and the two toes are still moving, keeping the posture (such as standing unstable and holding the wall) , guardrail, etc.) Put down the heel for 5 seconds, stop for 2 to 3 seconds and then lift the heel. Repeat this for 5 to 10 minutes. The focus of this method is to enhance the function of the toes, soles and calves.
  3. The telescopic foot is taken up or lying down, the legs are straight, and both hands are placed on both sides. First force the toes of the feet straight forward and stay for about 5 seconds; then tilt the toes of the feet as far as possible to the body for about 5 seconds. Repeatedly retracting the soles of the feet for 5 to 10 minutes, mainly exercising the functions of the thighs, calves, soles and ankles.
  4. Press the leg with a suitable height such as a railing, a chair back, etc., place one leg on the auxiliary, keep the knee joint as straight as possible, and support the leg to stay straight and relax. Then the upper body is tilted forward and pressed slowly to the leg, and the hand can pull the railing to assist the force. After several breath beats, you can deepen the front body tilt until the maximum tolerance, hold for more than 15 seconds, then change the other leg. This method enhances the stretching and contraction function of the leg muscles and knee joints.
  5. Squat your legs apart. When you squat, lift your hands forward and straighten. The trunk slowly sinks until the thighs are close to the calf. Then slowly stand up and take your hands back to the sides. Repeat this. The number of squats is from less to more, and gradually increases according to physical fitness. This method effectively activates the hip joint and increases the strength of the leg muscles and knee joints.
  6. Hit the leg with one hand to support the support (such as door frame, trees, etc.), keep the standing position with the same leg, the other leg forward, bend the knee joint, and gently push the calf back and forth, and hit the calf as much as possible. On the thigh, repeat 5 to 10 times, change the other leg to complete a group, and even do 5 to 10 groups. This method enhances the mobility of the legs and knees.
  7. Cut across the two feet and stand with your hands naturally. The right foot takes a big step forward, then slowly squats down, the right knee bends forward, and the left leg sinks slightly. When the chin is lowered to the lowest position, the legs are stretched straight up at the same time, the left foot is retracted forward, and the right foot is brought closer together. Then repeat the same action for the left foot and alternate 20 to 30 times. This method not only exercises the legs and feet, but also enhances the function of the ankle and back.
  8. Lame on the bed or sofa, with your fingers crossed and clasped your head, one leg is bent at 90 degrees, and the other leg is repeatedly slammed into the air for about 1 minute; then each time is about 1 minute; then Then lick another leg and alternately, each leg licking 3 to 5 times. This method makes the blood in the legs and feet smooth, helping to keep the legs flexible.
  9. Turn your knees together or separate them, bend your knees slightly, put your hands on your left knee, turn clockwise 10 times, then turn counterclockwise 10 times, turn left knee, then turn right knee. Repeat 2 to 3 times. This method can clear the blood of the legs and feet, prevent and treat lower limb weakness, knee pain and other symptoms.
  10. According to different venues, one hand supports the wall, the door frame, the table, the trees, and the lower leg is pushed forward, so that the toes are tilted up and forward, then the back is moved backwards, the toes are forced backwards, the feet are straight, and the legs are stretched. straight. First lick the left leg 50 to 80 times, then lick the right leg 50 to 80 times. This method can prevent lower limb atrophy, weakness and numbness in both legs, calf cramps and so on.
  Exercise your legs and feet, according to your actual situation, do your best, step by step, the range of action and force should be moderate, to avoid artificial strain on the bones and muscles.