Desire to get your love

  Winter of 1942. It was a particularly cold day, but it was no different from other days in the Nazi concentration camp.
  I stood on the rusted barbed wire and couldn’t help but believe that I was involved in this nightmare. I am just a 12-year-old boy. I should play with my friends. I should go to school. I should be a future. I should grow up, get married, have a family of my own… but these dreams are only It belongs to a living person, and I am almost dead. I was brought here with thousands of other Jews. Each of us is asking ourselves every day: Can I still live tomorrow? Will I be sent to the gas chamber tonight?
  I walked back and forth around the barbed wire, trying to warm my thin body. I am very hungry, I seem to be hungry, and the food I can eat is like a distant dream. Every day, as we all die more and more, our despair is getting deeper and deeper.
  Suddenly, I noticed the other side of the barbed wire, a little girl who was about the same size as me. She looked at me with sad eyes and seemed to tell me that she could understand all of this. I want to look away, but I can’t do it, we look at each other quietly. For a long time, she reached into her pocket and took out a red apple, a beautiful shiny red apple. She carefully looked to the left, looked to the right, and then quickly threw the apple over the barbed wire with a triumphant smile. I ran over and picked it up, holding it with a trembling frozen hand. In this world that means death, this apple is the expression of life, the expression of love.
  The girl is gone, I keep looking at the direction she is disappearing.
  The next day, I couldn’t help but come to the wire fence and came to the place where I saw the girl yesterday. I longed to see her again. Sure enough, she is coming again. She brought me an apple and threw it through the barbed wire with the same sweet smile. I hold the apple tightly, her eyes sparkling, as if she is sympathizing with me. But I don’t care, I just watched her very happy. For the first time, I felt that I was so excited.
  It’s been seven months, and we meet like this almost every day. Sometimes she will bring me apples or other foods, sometimes just a few words, which gives me a lot of life power and hope. One day, I heard terrible news: we are going to be transported to another camp.
  This means that everything will be over and I can no longer see my friends. That day, when I met her next to the barbed wire, my heart was broken and I could barely speak. For a long time, I told her: “Don’t bring me an apple tomorrow, I will be sent to another camp.” I left the barbed wire, but I couldn’t help but look back, she stood there. Tears flow down my face.
  It has been several months since then, and every day is like a nightmare, but the memory of this girl has always supported me to overcome fear and pain. I saw her face over and over again in her mind, her loving eyes, gentle words, and the sweet apple…
  One day, the nightmare was over, the war was over, and all of us who survived Was released. I lost all the precious things, including my family, during this time, but I still remember this girl, she gave me a lot of courage to continue living. I went with a lot of people to the United States to start a new life.
  Many years have passed. It was in 1957, I lived in New York. A friend persuaded me to kiss her a female colleague named Roma, and I reluctantly agreed. The reason I agree is because he told me that Roma and I are also from Austria. We have one thing in common. After we met, Roma asked me tenderly: “Where were you during the war?” After the war, immigrants always greet them. I replied: “I was in a concentration camp in Germany.”
  Roma was silent, as if recalling some distant pains and sweet things. “What happened to you?” I asked her.
  ”I was just thinking about some of my past things.” Roma explained, “You don’t know, when I was a little girl, I lived near the Mauthausen concentration camp, where I met a detainee. Little boy, for a long time, I went to visit him every day. I often brought him to Apple. I would throw the apple over the barbed wire. He would be very happy every time.”
  Luo Ma sighed heavily and said: “I can hardly describe it. After all, we are still very small at that time, and we can only say very few words. I guess he was killed like many other people, but I can’t accept it. Guess, so I always try to remember the days he and I can meet.”
  My heart pounded, I looked straight at Roma, and asked: “One day, the boy said to you: ‘ Don’t bring me an apple tomorrow, I will be sent to another camp’?”
  ”Yes, that’s it.” Roma looked at me, she asked in a trembling voice. “But, Herman, how are you? Maybe I know?”
  I held her hand and replied: “Because I am the little boy, Roma.”
  We looked at each other and silenced for a long time. We can’t take our eyes off each other. After a little bit of time, we finally recognize the soul behind the eyes – the friend who once loved so much, we never stopped recalling each other. Finally, I said, “Look, Roma, I used to be separated from you. I don’t want to be separated from you anymore. Now I am free. I want to be with you forever. Dear, would you marry me?” ”
  Roma’s eyes sparkled with joy, then we hugged.” We have been eager to embrace, but the barbed wire has blocked us, and in the future, there will be nothing to stop us.
  Up to now, 40 years have passed. On Valentine’s Day in 1996, when I was 68, I took Roma to Oprah Winfrey’s talk show and showed her love on the national TV. I told her in front of hundreds of millions of people. Everyday feelings: “Dear, when I am hungry, you throw me apples outside the concentration camp, but I am still hungry, it is a feeling of never eating too much – I only want to get your love “